Irreplaceable Episode 8

Irreplaceable Episode 8 Emman and Celine got missing in an isolated Island, Bernie abandons Nick in Alcala

Sam and Caloy made their way inside the port. Sam blamed Caloy for not keeping an eye on Celine. Caloy said she got away from them and instead of Sam to take care of Celine, he rather kept her eyes on him.

A goon suddenly launched an attack on Sam and Caloy went to Sam’s defense. They took the goons down. However, in a careful plot, Franco’s lackeys were able to punch and abduct Emman. Franco who was escaping with Robbie called his goons not to k!ll Emman immediately, they should squeeze the truth out of him to know what Emman and his cohorts knew about their syndicate.

After that, they should torture and k!ll Emman. Robbie pleaded on his father’s behalf to spare the life of his father. He cried and they put a gag on his lips. The goons beat Emman to force him to talk but Emman refused. Celine spotted them and secretly rushed there. Sam thanked Caloy for saving her and asked where he learnt that from and he said prison.

Major Francisco went to Gabo’s office to inform him that he has fired Sam for working on unofficial assignment. Gabo asked of the kind of assignment and he said she was helping Emman, a former NIA agent to find Robbie. Gabo told him to take critical look at Robbie’s case, perhaps it could be related to the other missing children and for Sam, he would deal with her issue himself.

As they reached a deàd end, Sam and Caloy saw a car approaching and they took cover. They saw it was Anton but Sam did not know him so Caloy told him to drop her gün and said he was Celine’s fiancee. Anton said Celine informed him that they were helping her find her son. He asked of her and they said they did not know since she followed Emman.

They saw a boat far and Sam was sure the goons had the two in. Anton called Franco secretly to ask and he said his men only had Emman not Celine. Meanwhile, Celine went to save Emman from the goons and both had to jump off the boat into the sea since the goons were shõoting them. Celine and Emman got to a certain Island. Sam and Caloy were worried about the two.

Sam knew Emman was tough and Caloy admitted that. Caloy said only Celine could eliminate him. Later, Sam was interrogated by the police and she told them about the missing Emman and Celine and said they could be on the boat which was on the sea going. Caloy went to see Sam in her hotel to ask whether the police would press charges against her.

Sam said she was ready for the consequences of her action but now they had to concentrate on finding Robbie and to also find out if Emman and Celine were safe. Anton was worried that something bad had happened to Celine when she jumped off the boat. Amelia said that was out of their league. Anton went to the coastal guard to increase the search for Celine.

Amelia spoke to Araceli and wished Celine would d!e. She said Celine would not stop till she finds out what had happened to Robbie. She later spoke with Anton to tell him that they were both in the same situation, they had lost a lōved one. Anton failed to believe that Celine was gone. He said he would do everything to find Celine and Celine’s case was not like Lester’s father.

Amelia tried to get on his nerve, saying their only hope was Emman so Anton should pray that when Emman threw himself into the sea to go after Celine, he was able to save her life. On the Island, Celine asked Emman of his plan but Emman broke down that he was unable to find his son. Celine told him not to lose hope and should fulfill his promise to find Robbie.

Emman said sorry for giving up earlier. He said he would keep his promise. He also said he could not afford to lose her too. When she jumped off, he was scared that something bad would happen to her. They began to search for a way out of there but to no avail. Anton went the hotel  and recalled how Celine saved his life as a nurse when he was abusing drugs.

He said he could not afford to lose her. Linda overheard that her daughter was missing and she said it was Emman’s fault. Emman got some fruits  and told Celine to wait while he search for help. Celine followed  him. She spring her ankle, Emman tried to k!ss her and she pushed him. Emman said he wanted them to fix everything so that when they find Robbie, their family would  be whole again.

Emman said if only she had believed in him,that would not have happened. Emman said after he was released, he searched for her. Celine also said  she searched for him too.

A flashback showed that she told Linda that Emman had been acquitted but Linda claimed Emman was a criminal and she should not believe he was innocent. She insisted that Emman had a lots of connection so any of them could have helped him to be out of jail.

Celine said Emman was a good person and would never do what he was accused of. She was just carried away that was why she did not believe him but he was a good person. Linda warned her not to get back to Emman but should concentrate on Anton who would give her and Robbie a good life.

Celine went to search for Emman and he was in another woman’s company. Emman explained to her that he was in the lowest point of his life as she and her son had left him so he was inconsolable.

Elsewhere, Linda went to take care of Arnold and Arnold did not understand that she was a nurse but abandoned her duties just to become a nanny while she would have earned good sums of money if she was working in the USA. Linda said she volunteered to do that for his family since she owned them a lot of gratitude.

Maroquez told Francisco about the abandoned house that the kidnapped kids were in and the boss asked him who tipped him off. Elsewhere, Bernie gave his father his savings for the jeepney. Nick refused to take the money and did not understand his son. Bernie said he did not want to become a burden and he did not understand why he took him when his mother d!ed.

He said his mother’s relatives could have taken care of him since when it came critical, Nick chose Emman over him. Besides, he was not a bad person but the only criminal was Emman. He was the reason their family’s reputation was ruined. He went to pack his things to leave the house.

Nick did whatever he could to stop him but Bernie’s mind was made up so Nick said if he believed he could make it on his on then he should leave and he left. That saddened Nick, already Emman could not be found and Bernie was also leaving. Arnold was discharged and he was told not to get into any physical activities and also seek the help of a psychologist if he ever has a nervous breakdown.

He questioned the nurse whether his mother was behind that. He engaged in his regular banter with Analyn, the nurse. Elsewhere, Fernando aka Andoy made a call to someone to take care of his children while he decided to finish up unfinished business to get justice for his wife who Anton murdered in cold blood.

Emman fetched for woods in the forest to make a raft for him and Celine to get our of there. He broke out into tears when he thought of Robbie while holding the handkerchief that he wrote Jaranilla Port on. Celine watched him.


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