Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 399

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 399 Vendetta holds hospital staff as hostages to get injured members treated, Rosa and lõver k!lled in a revenge for the Espinosa family

Romulo drove Patrick, Diana and other injured comrades after the group escaped from the clutches of Terante. Patrick was brooding over everything that has happened. He was sad that his family lost their lives during the ambush. At the palace, Hipolito told Hernandez that Vendetta had outsmarted Terante again.

He said lots of civilians lost their lives during the ambush while the Vendetta got away. Albert said they could pin the blame on the Vendetta. Terante and his officers could not find the Vendetta and Brandon saw him as incompetent.

As the bodies of the officers who were k!lled were being retrieved, Brandon called Lucas over the phone to question him for choosing an incompetent person like Terante as PNP head. Gido went to Captain Gina to tell her that she would give Grandma Flora heart attack with how she confronted her.

While at the canteen, the De Leons were concerned about how event was unfolding. They wondered how Borja would return to the force since he was now aligned with the Vendetta. Elmo said he never thought there would be a day that General Borja would become a member of the Vendetta.

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Wally talked about Guzman and his colleagues. He was hopeful that the Vendetta would rescue them. Shirline appeared and they quickly kept quiet, leaving Shirline to wonder whether the discussion was about her. The body of Melba, Efren, Nicko and Marie were retrieved. Brandon could not understand why Cardo was always fortunate to slip from their hands.

Terante talked with Lucas to inform him that his officers were under lookout since he believed Vendetta had not gone far. Rigor was worried about the police car they were using and Ramil said once they got their injured comrades treated, they would find a new car.  The Vendetta stormed a health facility to explain their condition to the staff and the people present there.

They took their phones and told them that they only wanted their injured comrades treated so they should cooperate. Oscar and Aubrey covered their faces so that they would not be identified. After retrieving their phones, they marched them to a room. Margie saw the two police officers paying Counselor Gina a visit and she went to Dons to talk about her suspicions about Gina.

The officers were there to extort money from the counselor for protecting her illegal business. As Margie was telling Adonis that the police might be  paying Gina visit frequently due to the alleged illegal business, Gina got there to inform them that Cardo and the Vendetta had k!lled so many police officers which would be difficult for the country to get an officer to protect them.

After retrieving the CCTV footage to know the Vendetta escaped with the police cars, Terante was hellbent on finding the group to make it up to Lucas. Hipolito believed the group had already hidden since the footage was an hour ago. Lucas got upset with Terante and sided with Hipolito. Cardo sent some of the members to stand outside the health facility to get them informed once there was someone approaching.

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He did not want them to be trapped inside. At Santo Niño, Cardo’s friends began to worry about him since he had not returned with Alyana ever since. Caloy hoped Cardo was not arrested, Ambo hoped not. Doray told Marsing to go and eat. Doray told them that she missed Cardo and Caloy said he was talking about him with Ambo and they wished they would return soon.

Patrick blamed himself for losing his entire family and wished he d!ed instead since he was the criminal. Rosa while in her room with her lōver heard a bang and thought it was the police who were there to give her the bounty to her surprise, someone appeared with gün. Bomb shõt her lōver and Rosa began to plead for her life. He equally shõt her multiple times.

“Don’t worry Patrick I just avenged your family’s deàth for you,” he said.

One of the hospital staff had an opportunity to call the police to inform them that they were kept as hostages by some group of people who he believe to be Vendetta. Ramil saw him and went to attack him but Cardo went to stop him and took the phone to realise the police was on it and was verifying if it was Vendetta indeed. Cardo urged his group to leave.

Already the injured members had already been stitched and were doing fine since their wounds were not fatal. At the City Cafeteria, Counselor Gina returned to the place to hear Wally talking about her. Gido told Wally that they were late but would open the eatery. Gina then told Flora that she did not understand why they were painting her to be the criminal while Ricardo Dalisay was on k!lling spree. He has k!lled innocent police men and advised Flora to listen to the news.

Teddy was worried about PO1 Morales since he did not show up at the meeting place. Least did he know that Morales was in the grisp of Terante’s goons. He asked some of the police at Camp Crame but Marquez came. Flora watched the news and heard that the police have erected check points at various areas. Meanwhile, Virgie was worried about Teddy.

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She called her husband and told him that she saw the news that Vendetta’s hideout was raided. Teddy said he heard the news too but assured their daughter was safe since Vendetta got away. Virgie believed their daughter was not safe. Cardo went to tell Alyana and rest who were recuperating that they had to live. Quickly they ran while Alejandro Terante was informed about the new lead on the Vendetta’s location.

Flora ordered her family to close the eatery for them to go home since she was affected by the news on the Vendetta. On his way, Terante called Lucas that he has gotten an information that Dalisay and his men have held some hospital staff as hostage so he was on his way to the place.

“You won’t get away this time Dalisay!” Terante said.

“You won’t be able to escape that easily because some of your men are injured.”

“I will corner you and end this confront for today.”

When Terante and his force went to the hospital, Cardo and his group were no where to be found. Cardo decided to send his comrades to safer place at Santo Niño and were riding to the place. Terante called Lucas to inform him that Vendetta got away and promised not to allow the group to slip away from his hands next time.

Lucas was furious that upon all the resource and changes they made in the police force none could bring him the head of Cardo Dalisay and screamed that he needed him in his office right away.


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