Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 401

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 401 Brandon increases his vices since the media is protecting the Cabrera administration, Señior Gustavo recruits Baldo’s paramilitary for his upcoming mining work at Sto Niño

At the palace, Lucas told Brandon that since he was the the head of the Justice for the Vendetta victims foundation, he had to engage the people and hug them if the need arises. Damien agreed with Lucas and told Brandon that the act would help him to build his image.

Brandon wondered what he meant by that and Lucas made it clear that Damien was right. His intention was to build his image while grooming him to be lõved by the people for him to become the next President. Hipolito was not happy to hear that. Lucas told Brandon that he did not only want the public to fear the Cabreras, he also wanted them to be lōved.

Elsewhere, Tyson sent Baldo to see Señior Gustavo at Mount Monica. The man reached a deal with Baldo who claimed that Santo Niño was his territory. Señior told him that he wanted to settle in Santo Niño to mine some treasures which the Japanese soldiers left in the area and since the place was crawling with soldiers, he wanted Baldo to join force with him to counter the military force.

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In return, he said he would share the treasure with him. Baldo said he has been in Santo Niño all those years but has not heard of that treasure. The man who gave Señior Gustavo a hint said he inherited a map from his father that showed that there was a hidden treasure there. Señior added that he would come there to mine minerals like diamond and gold.

Cardo told Grandpa Marsing to give him and his comrades temporary shelter. Marsing said there was no need for the temporary shelter while they could in fact stay there for their entire lives. Ambo and Caloy sent the Vendetta to the spacious shack. At the canteen, while Gina was bothering Flora with Vendetta issue, her crook officer came there.

Margie alerted Flora that the cop with Gina had been coming there along with one other cop consistently and she suspected something fishy. Wally asked if she was thinking they were working in cohort. Gina who was surprised to see the cop asked him about his colleague and he said he was patrolling. Gina told her workers to serve the police man.

At Sto Niño, the Vendetta were happy with their new home and they helped Ambo to clean up their room to fix the place. After Baldo and Señior Gustavo reached an agreement and was being escorted, he warned Tyson that he and his boss should not take him for granted. Tyson assured that they would not deceive him, reason he actually contacted Baldo since he trusted him to deliver.

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Hipolito told Lucas that he could not believe how he always give Terante chance upon all his failures. Lucas explained that Terante was bringing him money from all the illegal businesses. Hipolito said that money could not reach the amount the mining company would bring. Lucas asked where the money was, he wanted act not promises.

At the City Hall eatery, the police took money from Counselor Gina and while Gina wanted to make the encounter to be like customer encounter so that Flora and her allies would not be suspicious of her, the officer thanked Gina for giving him money while he bought nothing. He abandoned the food he was served and the scenery made Gina felt bad that the police did not help to cover up when she gave him money claiming it was his change.

Patrick told the Vendetta that he had a hunch that Rosa was the one who ratted them out for the bounty. He wanted to see his family and Cardo said he couldn’t because the police would be on the look out. Terante got upset to hear from the officer that they couldn’t trace the Vendetta. The officer said they had erected some checkpoints at all the exits.

Terante was furious he knew he had to find Cardo by hook or crook since Lucas was losing trust in him. Tadpole told Greco that the place they were now residing was like mountain Karagao. Greco admitted and said they had been in Sto Niño before but there were some rébels who were fond of doing bad things.

Jerome and Rigor on the other hand introduced themselves to Ambo and told him just like Cardo, they were also cops who saw the light, reason they aligned with the Vendetta. JP ran to follow Teddy who was going to meet the cops who called to meet them to talk about PO1 Morales. Terante and his goons beat Guzman, Chikoy and Mark.

Terante gave the three officers punches for blood to ooze from their mouth and nostrils just to demand the location of Vendetta and Borja from them but the three cops refused to give Terante the answer he needed. When Terante left, Guzman and his guys thought of means to free themselves from the bars.

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Chikoy believed if they did not do anything, Terante would torture them till their lives snap out of their hands. Teddy went alone to meet the officers in a secluded place and they told Teddy that they did not know where Morales went but they have hunch that Marquez had him. Because, the General suspected he was working in cohort with Guzman and his two colleagues to protect the drug syndicate.

They said things had become unbearable at Camp Crame as many eyes were on them.  They revealed to Teddy that anyone who was against Terante and Lucas administration were arrested but they did not want to give in to their threats. They were counting on Teddy to help expose the administration since he was the father of Alyana and would not be swayed by Lucas and his influence on the media.

The Vendetta decided to plant vegetables in the spacious field there to help themselves and those in the area. Bubbles was wishing that Hidalgo would return to the palace to change the system to ease the suffering in the country.

Romulo said wickedness has its limit and Lucas would slowly fall from the position in which he stole. Lucas was upset with the article that Teddy wrote. He told Terante that he would not lie low for any journalist to write against his administration.

Elsewhere, Brandon was at the funeral of the officers who lost their lives during the ambush at Beseco . He told the victim wife that the government aside shouldering the funeral expenses would also pay the tuition of her children. He went to six places and Adonis was moved by their act and told Margie that the Vendetta had destroyed many lives.

Margie could not believe that Dons had fallen for Brandon’s act. She talked to Flora and wished Lucas and his son would be exposed soon. Baldo returned to Sto Niño to inform his brother, Javier and his lapdogs about the deal Tyson and his boss, Señior Gustavo offered. He said the wealthy boss of Tyson needed men who would help in the mining and also to protect them from the military.

In return, they would get shares from the minerals that would be mined. Javier was so happy and celebrated. Teddy told Jonathan, his editor about the information which the upright officers told him and the next article he would write. Alyana prepared food but Doray and Elizabeth brought food to the Vendetta and Alyana was happy since the food she cooked might not be sufficient to feed all the mouths.

Brandon after the funeral went to a club to have a good time with women. Brandon wanted to be with a particular woman but the lady refused and a guard at the place tried to stop him from harassing the woman. He punched the security for him to fall. Teddy’s story was printed for the next day publication which would be on sale. The story made it to the front page and the editor shook hands with him for a good job done.

The next day, Brandon was carried to the palace and his father queried him on where he spent the night. He was not happy that Brandon was having hangover while that day they would hold an inauguration ceremony for the Vice President. Brandon said he could attend since the media was on their side, he could go without the public noticing.

Lucas said not all media was on their side and they have a name to protect. He warned Brandon to be careful about his act. Teddy got to the house and Virgie asked him to sit for a breakfast. He asked of JP and Virgie said JP was called to his former school as he has gotten a job at the accountancy office. Teddy knew his son lost his job due to the connection the family have with the Vendetta.

Teddy now said everything would be for the past as things would change now that he was exposing the real criminals. He showed his wife the front page. At Camp Crame, Terante was worried about the article and wondered how the journalist knew they had been sharing money with the officers. Marquez now confessed that Morales communicated with the journalist and he has already disposed the police officer.

Terante wondered who the journalist was and Marquez said he already knows the identity of that journalist and he was no other than Teddy Arevalo, the father of Alyana Arevalo, Cardo’s wife.


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