Irreplaceable Episode 22

Irreplaceable Episode 22 Clarissa begins to suspect Leo to be the father of Lester, Celine discovers the Hernandez’ contact part of Dr Gomez’ secret call lists

Agent Chavez had to leave the funeral with Clarissa as duty called. The Hernandezes were swing him off and Amelia advised Leo not to stress himself so much. He should take good care of himself. Clarissa said he has been busy with lots of issues especially the issue of Robbie and he barely comes home.

Since Clarissa complained that he was always coming home late. Araceli suggested he gets himself a guard and Leo said he was not used to be followed along. Arnold appeared in the scene and Leo told him that he had spoken to Gabo about his application to join the NIA.

Some affected families who also lost their children to the organ trafficking syndicate protested outside the wake. They talked to Agent Chavez to ask for his help to curb the recent menace. Leo told them that his office together with the police, NIA and the military were doing everything possible to ensure they seek justice for them while bringing the organ trafficking syndicate to book.

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Celine and Emman eulogised their son. However, Emman swore to make the mōnsters who deprived him of saving Robbie would pay miserably for what they have done. Their lives for his son’s life, Anton looked worry listening to Emman. At the Salvadors house, Caloy was sad for his inability to do anything to help the Emman with the house expenses.

They including Nick decided to search for a job. Emman applied many offices but the employer saw his past criminal records and he explained that he was exonerated from the crime. The lady told him he would hear from them. Nick also searched for a job as a jeepney driver but did not get some. He went to a certain office to find an available job but the job had a age limit.

He then received a call to Agent Chavez’ office. Elsewhere, Arnold was scolded for filing NIA forms without letting his family know. Araceli was upset with him since it was Leo who made her aware. Arnold said nothing would stop him from working as an NIA agent. Bernie had a date with Analyn and the cost was on Analyn.

Bernie promised to find a job but Analyn advised him to concentrate on his studies. Araceli was worried since Celine had not been showing up after the funeral. Amelia saw that as a good sign since that meant that she would not suspect her family again. Araceli was still worried that she might be plotting against them.

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Anton told them not to worry because Celine was only mourning and she would return. Amelia asked Anton if Francisco had called him and he said no. That meant that the NIA had no lead to them. Later, Celine stumbled on Emman at the columbarium and the latter told her that he went there after a long search for work. He took the wreath from Celine.

Celine asked for an update and he said he had no information yet. Sam was still on it. Celine said she had stopped going to the Hernandezes since they suspected them for their son’s sudden deàth. Emman said nothing has come from his job hunt due to his past criminal records even though he was acquitted. However, his father and Caloy have gotten a job. Nick was a personal chauffeur for Agent Chavez.

While Bernie and Analyn were coming out from the restaurant, Analyn bumped into Arnold and the content in her cup poured on Arnold’s shirt. Arnold headed to the washroom to wash his shirt, leaving his date behind. Analyn followed him and begged him for her clumsiness. She wanted to make it up to him by washing it but Arnold did not allow her. They pulled the shirt till it got torn.

Bernie got there to tell Arnold not to pick up on Analyn as her act was not intentional. Arnold went to his car to change his shirt and while his girlfriend was complaining about Analyn not looking her way to pour her drink on him. Arnold sacked her when he saw Analyn was alone. She was abandoned by Bernie and the beggar came to beg her for food and she gave the package in her hands to him.

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She and Arnold had a time together in the restaurant and apologised again. After meeting with organ buyers, the Hernandez saw Celine and invited her to Araceli’s birthday which would be goin on that evening. Marquez couldn’t get any active number from the SIM card but Sam was hellbent on finding more leads to it.

Marcello was scared for his life and Sam said he was acting so paranoid. Caloy reached there to deliver a coffee to Sam. Sam gave the coffee to Marquez instead. Arnold went to see Agent Gabo to talk about his application. Gabo did not understand why he would risk his life while he was coming from a wealthy family and could work with his family to save lives.

Arnold said he wanted to save lives as well by fighting crime. Gabo realised the boy was determined. Celine called Emman to ask for the number he retrieved from Dr Gomez’ sim. She said she saw Anton using different phone during Robbie’s wake and she thinks he might be using different lines.

At the party of Araceli, Amelia wished her mother happy birthday. Leo and Clarissa arrived there to celebrate the occasion with them. Amelia realised Nick was the chauffeur of Leo and he said his commander, Clarissa made him employ Nick to be his driver. They brought some toys for Lester so they went to see the boy. Lester was glad to see them.

When they stepped out, Anton came in with Celine. Lester told Celine about his dream on Robbie. He said he dreamt that they were playing and Robbie said suddenly that he had to return home because his mother was searching for him. He then asked Celine whether Robbie would not be back. Amelia was having a weird look when her son said that. Celine remained quiet and devastated.

Emman told Sam that Celine had taken the numbers to investigate but Sam was scared for Celine. Emman said Robbie was equally Celine’s son so they should trust her that she would be able to deliver.

Clarissa, on the other hand, told Leo that Lester looked like LJ and was happy that the boy was smiling again. Leo gave a look when his wife said Lester resembled her deàth son. Clarissa said if she had her way she would have adopted Lester. Leo played along and told his wife that they could borrow the boy from time to time and he believed Amelia would not care. The couple smiled.

Anton followed Celine out and he told her that he felt like slowly losing her. Celine said she needed time to mourn. Anton had a call and Celine said she would be in the washroom. Celine went to try the numbers which Emman gave to her and heard the phone ringing in a room close by. She followed the sound to the room.


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