Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 461

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 461 Renato escapes Lazaro’s deàth trap, Cardo arrest corrupt police officers, Elizabeth begins to suspect Lily, Flora expresses interest in being the captain of the jurisdiction

Renato found a way to pounce on Lazaro’s goon to shōõt Lazaro and escape in the available vehicle. He vowed to make Lazaro pay for stealing his money. In the palace, Oscar told Cardo about their first assignment to arrest all police officers who were abusing the law.

Anyone who gets in the way, he told Cardo that he knew what he should do. Cardo promised on his team behalf that they would not let him down.

“You’re a real bastard crow!” Renato hissed while driving.

“You act like you don’t know me.”

“I won’t let anyone bring me down.”

“I am going to take back everything you stole from me.”

“I swear I will get my revenge and take back everything that you worked hard for.”

“I will make sure you regret betraying me Lazaro!”

“I will make you pay, you bãstård!”

Lazaro woke up and was in pain after he sustained a bullet wound on his shoulder. He stormed out and ordered his goons to go after Renato.

As Cardo was leaving, he stumbled on his friends from Santo Niño. Cardo told them that he came there concerning the group’s first mission as officers. Oscar appeared in the scene and Oren thanked Oscar for inviting Cardo and the group there.

Oscar told them that Vendetta was invited to the palace anytime. He said the group was no longer called Vendetta but PACTAF (Presidential Anticrime Task Force). He formed the group to eradicate crime and apprehend criminals in the country. They were also tasked to protect the people and were under the CIDG.

Ambo, Caloy and the people of Santo Niño were happy and hoped the crimes would be eradicated.

Elizabeth told Cardo to invite them to his house. They have missed chatting with Alyana and Bubbles also Flora had promised them her special karekare. Cardo told them not to worry once the eatery of Flora was set, he would invite them over.

Lily overheard Diana and Delfin talking about the CCTV footage and planned to get rid of the footage before her secret would be revealed. She now claimed she was looking for the children’s room to send them out and she rather went to the CCTV room. Unfortunately, Elizabeth saw her and went on with her lies.

Unknown to her, Dante and his group were also plotting against her to rob her after seeing her picture in newspapers when she inaugurated her charity project with the help of the president. Cardo went to a local precinct to make enquiries about the number of officers there.

When the officer asked if there was a problem, he introduced himself and the group as the Presidential Anticrime Task Force.They were in charge to ensure officers discharged their duties fairly. As Cardo was being escorted to the senior officer at the precinct, the rest of the officers checked around.

Tadpole talked with some of the prisoners and they said they were starved and were not given water to drink. They cried that they were maltreated. Earthworm and his faction stumbled on officers who were not in their uniforms while on duty and he schooled them. Ramil and his faction saw some officers gambling in a room.

The officers did not care and Ramil wondered why they would be gambling during office time. They wanted to brandish their güns but Ramil and his group were faster. They made them surrender and told them they were the reason the police force was losing its good name and escorted them out. George and his team also told the officers who were not wearing their uniforms on duty that they were late and brought them out.

Major Rector and his subordinates were sleeping when Cardo led Jerome and the rest of his team there. The officers after waking up wanted to take Cardo on and the latter warned him. He said they were there to inspect and arrest corrupt officials like him. Major Rector claimed he was a superior and wielded power so Cardo could not do that to him.

He threw a blow but Cardo caught his hand and punched him. He wanted to brandish a gün but Cardo and his team were quick to brandish their güns to compel them to surrender. They escorted them out and together with the other corrupt officials Ramil and his comrades caught, they sent them to the headquarters in order for them to be replaced by good officials.

The prisoners looked cheerful that the corrupt officials were caught in the act. Flora was still concerned about what Counselor Gina would do against them if Captain Bart should give them a permit. Gina embarked on free water distribution to the people of the neighbourhood to campaign for Flora and Bart.

Gina was happy that the project was great and the public were happy to get free water and she called Bart to inform him that his election would be a sure win to kick the De Leons out from their neighbourhood. Unknown to her, Flora was also planning to stand as the captain of the area. She was tired of the corrupt officials abusing the law.

Elizabeth found the act of Lily odd and told her friends that she stumbled on her roaming at the palace while she already knew where they are stationed and where the children were.

Hipolito came across a checkpoint and she shõt an officer to escape but the rest of the officers followed his car and in a race, he tried to swerve but the officers never gave up.

Lazaro and Cedric believed he would be caught since the news report stated that there were checkpoints erected. In a second thought, knowing his friend well he said Hipolito would not allow the police to catch him alive.

Meanwhile, Lily managed to squeeze the means on how the footage review would be done. Diana wondered how she knew the footage would be reviewed and she told her that she overheard her conversation. Knowing that it would be done but by bit, she heaved a sigh of relief and left. She had already lied to Hipolito that she couldn’t send the kids out since she was called by her staff.

Elsewhere, Hipolito could not go far. He was surrounded so he was forced to come out of the car. She shõt an officer and fled while the officers followed. He stumbled on a particular building and went to hide in. Major Basco received a report that Hipolito was found but he escaped. Basco told them to investigate the owner of the car and who helped him. He planned to inform the president.

Hipolito relaxed in the shelter. The owner came to find him and he pleaded with him to make him stay there. The owner asked for payment and he took off his necklace. In the palace, Lisa led Aye and Ana to present flowers to Lauren to wish her happy mother’s day. Lauren also wished her mother a happy mother’s day. When Elizabeth   and Doray got there the kids also gave them flowers to wish them.

Oscar went to brood over Marissa and wished she was there with the kids for them to wish her happy mother’s day. The one in charge of the footage operation was bribed by Lily to delete where she appeared in the footage so the guy executed it. Lily in her house got the payment ready and celebrated for narrowly escaping with her money.

As they were discharging their duties, the Anticrime Task Force group came to a certain house where a woman by name Mrs Lee whose daughter was kidnapped by some police officers who were seeking ransom. Cardo made Mrs Lee lead them on and gave them a place she would give them the money. Cardo and his team then took charge to go to the place.

The corrupt officers unknowingly, also went with the police cars to meet Mrs Lee for the money.


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