Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 462

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 462 Task Force Agila arrest several corrupt police officers, The police deepen their search for Hipolito

The Special Task Force ladies went to the building where Mrs Lee’s daughter was kept hostage to lure the men who had the girl. They posed off as sluts who were there to give them a good time. Once they got the upper hand they took the goons by surprise. Cardo led troops to secure the building.

They k!lled the goons securing the building. Once those who were inside heard the commotion and the girls who have lured some of the men to a private room in the building shot the rest of the goon and untied the girl to save her.

Mrs Lee also sent the ransom to the place she was told to drop the money into the bin. The corrupt cops kept watch and went for the money. They celebrated in the car for being rich. Least, did they know that PACTAF had been monitoring them.

Patrick and George who were following them communicated with Dalisay and his team and they ambushed the cops to arrest them for abusing the law. The Sto Niño people found Aye and Ana running around the palace. They stopped them and told them not to be roaming. The kids said they wanted to speak with Miss Lily before she left the palace.

Elizabeth sacked them and told the rest that she did not have good intentions about Lily, there was something off with her. However, the others did not support her but she insisted. Dianna appeared in the scene while General Borja went to the CCTV room and was approached by Lily’s link in the palace. He told Borja that he was in charge of the footage but he did not see anything odd.

This got Secretary Borja to become surprised. Lily left home in order to give the money to those doing her dirty job. Joma after getting the necklace and realised that Hipolito was a fugitive. Renato had a deal with him to make him hide him in the place for him to recover his stolen money. He promised to give him a share.

Dante and his goons watched the news which reported Hipolito’s encounter with the cops which several cops d!ed. Dante goon told him that Hipolito was slippery like him, they were never caught by the police. Lily gave the money to be delivered to the security guard in the palace who deleted all the suspicious footage.

Lazaro after watching the news reminded Cedric on what he said concerning Hipolito that he would not allow for him to be caught alive. For now, Lazaro knew it would take a long while for him to recover but he knew Renato would come after him first and expressed the need to prepare for that. Cedric told him that he has found a way for them to get to Lily.

Diana asked Elizabeth what she had against Lily and Elizabeth said she might be mistaken but she had seen that Lily was getting so close to the kids and the president. Some officers went to buy drugs from a certain ghetto but they were unaware that there were spies who called the task force to the place.

During the operations, Task Force Agila arrested four officers and some civilians. The fortunate news was that no civilian was caught in the crossfire. That was Cardo’s report to the media. In the palace, Oscar had a meeting with Dela Cruz and Basco who told Oscar that Renato managed to get away and k!lled the officers they sent after him.

However, Basco indicated that they have erected various checkpoints at the exits. The good news to Oscar was that they were able to smoke Hipolito from his hideout. Diana suggested they make the public aware of how dangerous Hipolito was because now that he was under loose, many lives were at risk.

Yolly called Flora to watch the television since Cardo has appeared in the news. Bubbles was beaming with smiles. The lapdogs of Coun Gee scared her when they told her she might be the next in Task Force Agila’s list. However, Nick said they would bring down the bigger syndicate first. Coun Gee said they have to ensure that Captain Bart wins the election so that they could continue their illegal operations.

However, Yolly in the house  also threatened Gina to watch out since Flora was coming as the Captain. Flora was happy with the good works of Cardo and wanted to replicate it in the neighbourhood to achieve peace and order. Jerome and Billy told Cardo that they wanted to visit to know the house he and Alyana were living in as well as the guys.

Cardo felt embarrassed since his house he rented was not all that big but Jerome told him not to be embarrassed because they have stayed in slums before. Alessandra was listening to the conversation and called Cardo for a talk. She congratulated Cardo for the successful Task Force Agila’s operation. She said that confirmed the rumours she heard that he was a skillful cop.

Cardo did not take all the credit and said it was team work, his men helped him to accomplish the task. When Cardo left, Alessandra told herself that she wanted to know Cardo more and how he was able to deliver. The Task Force Agila guys were impressed by the successful mission during their first day at work and vowed to continue doing great as officers to eradicate crime.

Cardo got home to hear from Alyana that Flora went to the office to secure a permit only to bump into Ema and was being bribed by Gina and Bart to  evict her. Cardo got upset but Alyana calmed him and told him not to get worked up.

Basco did not want the task force to go after Hipolito and told Dela Cruz that he made a promise and he would accomplish it by ensuring that he and his team caught Hipolito. Cardo while eating told Alyana that it was appalling seeing those who had to enforce the law rather,  destroying the image of the police.

As the news caster reported that the government has increased check points at various exits in the country, Lily was reminded by her mortal rival and  planned to deal with Hipolito before he destroyed her relationship with the president. As if in a cue, she received a call from Lazaro who introduced himself to her as an old friend of Renato but now enemies.

Lily queried how she might be of help to him and Lazaro said she would rather need his help.


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