Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 463

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 463 Bubbles finally tells Jerome about her pregnancy, Hipolito plans to become an armed robber to survive

At the office of Bart, Coun Gee and her minions told him about the plans they have put in place to ensure his sure win. Flora was ready to submit her certificate of candidacy the next day. Wally brought the board design for the opening of Flora’s Garden. Gina and her minions danced to their tunes of “We did it before we could do it again.”

Delfin advised Diana to get  her guard up because she was Hipolito’s target and they expressed an urgent need to do something quickly to get hold of him. The Santo Niño people who were working at the palace got informed about a notorious snipper who was robbing and k!lling people.

Victor was thinking of means to continue his building project. However, Dante told him after their new mission he could do whatever he wanted. Victor assumed that to mean that would be their last mission but was surprised to hear from Storm that he was not planning to stop.

Bubbles presented food to Cardo and she went with Diana. She had a big appetite and ate more. Bubbles heard the voice of Jerome and Cardo said  they tagged along to see Ramil and the guys house. As Cardo went to usher his friends in, Diana and Alyana told Bubbles to talk to Jerome so she greeted Jerome.

Workers in the palace went to talk to Oscar to talk about the upsurge in crime rates. He admitted that crimes of different scales had been happening around them. However, they believed Cardo and the task force would be able to curtail the situation.

Cardo and his group also talked about their earlier mission which was to apprehend all corrupt cops. They vowed to bring all officers who were into illegal businesses like the selling of drugs among other things. Diana urged them on.

Oscar went to the room of Ana and Aye to find them asleep. He spelt out his mission to make the country a better place for children like them to ensure no child would ever experience what his children passed through in the past. Mrs Lee went to the precinct to thank the police for the successful rescue of her daughter.

Jerome went to talk to Bubbles to ask if she was upset with him for her to be ignoring him but she said that was not the case. She said she had kept a secret from him. When Homer abducted her, he abused her over and over again and now she was carrying his child. Jerome was shocked and Bubbles assumed that he would never accept her.

She walked out and Diana together with Alyana told her to give Jerome time. Rigor asked Jerome if everything was okay and he told the guys about the mark Homer left behind after raping Bubbles consecutively. He told his friends that he did not know what to do but knew that Bubbles needed him more than ever.

After they left, Alyana was glad to know from Cardo that Jerome would help Bubbles. Alyana used the opportunity to congratulate her husband. As they hugged, Major Romero also after watching news reports on Task Force Agila’s successful missions of arresting officers within their ranks engaging in criminal activities claimed that Cardo has a lot to prove to her.

Tricia still admired Cardo for his role in the successful mission. The Task Force Agila girls teased Tricia for her infatuations. However, they showed concern for their colleagues to be engaging in criminal activities to destroy the image of the force. Basco went to the spot where Hipolito was last seen.

Hipolito, on the other hand, encouraged himself that what he was passing through was just temporary. He would get back on his feet again. Basco and his team sent Hipolito’s face around but no one seemed to know him. Unbeknownst, Hipolito passed by them to join a car.

The officers came across Joma, the man who had provided Hipolito a place to hide. Basco did not trust in his words and followed him to his house. The police had a media briefing to officially announce to the public about the successful mission of the task force Agila to apprehend corrupt police officers.

He said the police rescued the daughter of some Chinese nationals whose daughter was kidnapped by a number of officers. Major Basco assured that the task force would ensure the police image was restored by cleaning the system.

In the car, the driver’s radio was on the press briefing and was sure the task force Agila would deliver its mandate. Hipolito swore to do anything to gain money in order to get hold of weapons. Alessandra apologised to Mrs Lee for her daughter to be kidnapped by a fellow officer. She urged her to continue to believe in the police because there were still honest cops.

After Dalisay was congratulated by his superiors, Alessandra gave him a weird look. Mrs Lee proceeded to thank Cardo for rescuing her daughter. She and her husband urged him to continue his good works. The girl she saved also thanked him. When the car was stuck in traffic, Hipolito got down and when the driver realised the passenger was not in, he wondered where he left to.

Dante and his gang were not slowing down as they prepared to go for new weapons, Dante watched the news and laughed saying he hoped the police would be able to wipe out all the criminals before he killed Cardo Dalisay.

Heeding to the words of her colleagues, Elizabeth prepared coffee to apologise to Diana for telling her about her suspicions of Lily. However, Diana also had her suspicions about Lily when she googled about her. She thought about what Lily could be hiding.

Lily called Lazaro to meet up with him while Hipolito was still roaming, looking for someone he would steal from as he was willing to k!ll and rob if that would fetch him money to get a hold on güns.


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