Two Wives Episode 1

Two Wives Episode 1 Victor drowns in debts after he unknowingly invested into an illegal business, Janine offers Victor a carpentry job

A couple shared vows in the church as they got married. Soon, the wife, Yvonne woke up next to her husband and after giving him a k!ss, she headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and got her son, Marcus ready for school.

In a bid to secure his family, Victor secures a job in Manila. After talking to Yvonne, his wife over the phone to know how the job went, his boss introduced a new business idea to him.

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Victor quickly embraced the idea and came home in happiness to tell his wife and son about it. They became optimistic that they would soon become a millionaire, build their dream house and buy the cars they wanted.

In so doing, Victor and Yvonne sold toys and were able to save money. They also took a loan to purchase a truck for Victor to become a partner in the business in Manila. To his dismay, he went to work with the new truck he had purchased only to discover that the business he wanted to venture was nothing but an illegal drug business so his boss was arrested.

He became affected by the development and lamented to his mother how life could be cruel with good people. He was now consumed in debts so Yvonne explored other means to help her husband in paying off the bank loan. After she sent her son to school, she saw a job opportunity as a cook and applied.

Victor tried to get an advance salary at the new work but his request was not granted. Due to Marcus school fees, Yvonne made a painful decision to sell off her wedding ring so she told her husband about her decision. Victor also removed his to give to her to sell for other expenses of the house.

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He then devoted his time in making more toys and went to sell them. However, the market was bad although people saw his toy horses as nice. He was there till evening when everyone had closed, he remained there. Luck was not on his side, it began to rain and Yvonne became so worried about him.

Finally he came home and his wife showed him a job application from Dubai where she could earn $700. He vented his anger on his wife for her plans to escape to Dubai. He felt that Yvonne was seeking an easy way out but he got to understand her and accepted.

He took the application and when he went to sell the toy horses, he overheard a conversation about a woman whose daughter was working overseas just to help her pay for the expenses of the house so he filled the Dubai forms and applied for the job instead.

Janine decided to give her daughter a presence for her drawing. Her daughter wanted a pony. The hardship they were facing did not deter Victor from getting intimate with Yvonne when their son went to his grandmother. That night, Audrey had a nightmare and wanted to be with her father.

Janine was compelled to search for a pony and came across Victor. She bought all of the ponies and told him to deliver to her farm. Elsewhere, Marcus had an episode and Yvonne rushed him to a hospital. The nurses were not willing to admit him since Yvonne was not holding money.

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She told them that she has money and she went home for the money. Soon, Marcus was getting better and when Victor was going to do the delivery, he received a call from his wife who informed him about their son’s condition. He wanted to head home but Yvonne refrained him so he delivered the horses.

He was however tired since Janine’s house was far from the bus stop. Janine called him to ask why he had kept long and he told her he was almost there. Janine told him that she forgot to tell him to call her when he reached the bus stop. When Victor got to her house, Janine was impressed by his craftsman skills and offered him an extra job.

Her daughter was about to celebrate her birthday and she wanted to surprise her by making a barn for Aubrey’s horses. Victor accepted the offer and he was promised fair compensation. Janine while at work was introduced to a certain woman who happened to know Janine’s mother. The woman said Janine’s mother was her ex-husband’s mistress and told her to extend her regards to her mother.

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Janine rushed into her car and stopped herself from crying. She told herself that she could not be blamed for her mother’s mistake. Victor told Yvonne about the carpentry job he has gotten in the rich woman, Janine’s house. He said he would be paid $340.

His wife got jealous and he told her that Janine was married and rich so there was no way she would look in his way. However, Yvonne reminded him that he had all that every woman would need, though he was poor.

The next day, he began working at Janine’s Flower Garden to build the playing field for Audrey. Janine saw him having a conversation with his wife over the phone. Yvonne called constantly and Janine was happy with how he and his wife were.

He showed him the picture of his son and wife and said his son was well trained by his mother. He told Janine that Marcus would be Seven years old soon and Janine also told him that her daughter was five years old getting to six but was happy their children were almost at the same age.

That night, Janine overheard Victor’s conversation about his Dubai job application. He told Janine that he applied for a job at Dubai and he was told to report to the agency next week to undergo physical exams and fix his papers. Janine was shocked to know

he would leave his family behind. She later, went to her room to find her daughter crying in her sleep and seeking to be with her father.

Victor went home and told his wife about the call from the agency. Yvonne was sad though she was the one who proposed he applied for the job but she said she would not be able to live without him.  She thought of applying for a job in Dubai in order to join him.

Marcus also said he would also go to Saudi Arabia since his parents were going to Dubai. The couple laughed as they embraced him.


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