Love Of My Life Highlights Episode 26-30

Love Of My Life Highlights Episode 26-30 Isabella demands Niks to marry Kelly, Adelle cries from broken heart as she solemnly admits to Stefano that she loves Nikolai, his younger brother

After Stefano reveals himself to Adelle, she goes back to the Gonzales mansion. Kelly confronts her for causing problems with her sudden decision to leave the mansion. Adelle has a quarrel with Kelly calling her cheap as she declares that she can’t be like her.

With Arsing curtailing the situation, Adelle is assisted to her room. Learning that Niks left because of her, she visits Niks to inform him to return to the big mansion. As Niks refuses, she also hears Niks saying he reveals his feelings about her to Isabella.

In curiosity, she becomes interested in knowing Isabella’s reply to that. Unfortunately, she learns that Isabella protests against Niks feelings for her. She feels hurt, yet acts up and continues to ask Niks to return to the mansion. Not ready for Adelle’s drama, Niks throws her out.

At Gonzales Group of Companies (GGC), Kelly discovers that the famous Fred Enrique who she is supposed to work with for an outdoor programme is no other than Edong, her father. Kelly wastes no time in firing him. However, when the issue reaches Isabella, she reinstates Fred.

Kelly, soon, finds out that her father remains the dancer and he even threatens her if she dares to fire him again. Sick and tired of her father’s behaviour, Kelly confronts him. Elsewhere, Adelle prepares a lunch and attached note to it in order to make up with Isabella for being upset with her for leaving.

She comes to find Edong harassing Kelly and she goes to Kelly’s defence, thinking Edong is a pervert. The commotion attracts attention and when Isabella comes into the scene, Kelly wastes no time in blowing her father’s cover to Isabella and Janice.

Isabella believes Kelly has a hand in her father’s action and questions her. Kelly becomes surprise that after she fired Edong and even exposes him, Isabella thinks ill of her. She comes home to find Adelle gossiping about her and she packs her things in order to leave the mansion.

However, Isabella is able to stop her from leaving since she has an ace under her sleeves. She quickly relays the information to her lawyer and Edong is to face court for his crime. This created another tension between Edong and Kelly.

In order to prove her lōve for her father, Kelly moves the heavens to raise some of the amount Edong got from Isabella and pleads with her not to get her father behind bars. Isabella fails to take the money as she insists that she is not doing that for the money Edong extorted from her but for him to pay for the crime he committed.

Kelly gets on her knees to beg on her father’s behalf and when all her pleas fall on deaf ears, she begins to call Isabella names making the Gonzales matriarch slaps her for calling her self righteous witch.

Isabella after stressing the case, finally gives in to Kelly’s request and pardons Edong. She reveals to Edong how his daughter, Kelly lõves him and threatens to get him behind bars if he doesn’t appreciate his daughter for the care and support she has been given.

Realising how Kelly breaks her neck to raise the money for her father’s supposed cancer treatment, Isabella finds the need to also appreciate the lõve of Niks and had a lunch with him.

Soon, Adelle is consumed with the memories of her late husband, Stefano as his birthday lingers. The Gonzales throw a private party to celebrate Stefano’s birthday. During the celebration, Isabella rewards everyone including Osang, Arsing, Janice, Kelly, Nikolai and Adelle.

Isabella begins to notice changes in Kelly. Niks shows concern about the baby Adelle is expecting and Kelly asks if he really likes kids. Least did he know that Kelly is actually pregnant for him.

Later, Adelle joins Niks at the pool side as he drinks to celebrate his brother. In his conversation with Adelle, he promises to help her throughout her pregnancy to delivery and be part of her child’s life. Adelle plays with Niks and even lures him to feel her baby’s kick in her stomach.

Upon sober reflection, Isabella concludes that Kelly is pregnant and plans to find out from her. Unbeknownst to her, Kelly is seeking for means to finally break the news about her pregnancy to Niks so she first goes to Adelle to know her actual feelings for Niks.

Since Adelle claims she only has heart for her late husband, Kelly informs Niks about the pregnancy and she even plans to settle down with him but Niks is not ready for that. Niks reminds Kelly that she has always said she is not the marital type.

However, Kelly says time changes and she wants to settle down. Niks finds it hard to digest the issue since he hasn’t gotten over his feelings for Adelle yet. Kelly tells him that Adelle is not having same feelings for him.

Nikolai keeps getting on her nerve so Kelly slaps him. As she is going to her room, Adelle runs after her to ask her to join her to see the the magazine she is reading, which is written for expectant mothers but Kelly says another time. Adelle begins to annoy Kelly for her insistence.

Realising Kelly has a problem, she insists on knowing so Kelly said her problem is her. Their screams attracted Isabella and she comes to call Kelly to her room. There, she asks about her pregnancy. Kelly confirms the pregnancy and also admitted that Nikolai is the father of the child.

Thinking Isabella might not believe her, she is surprised to know that Isabella already trusts her and plans to make Nikolai marry her for them to give the child a brighter future. Nikolai, on the other hand, begs Adelle for Kelly’s reactions and blames himself for that. He then reveals to her that Kelly is pregnant and he is responsible for the pregnancy.

Isabella brings the three together and had a talk with them, demanding Nikolai to marry Kelly. Nikolai refuses his mother’s request and claims he is not a teenager for his mother to decide for him. Isabella makes him realise that she was expecting much from him by protecting himself since he was not a teenager.

She says if he has done that they will not be facing the current problem and urges him to take face the consequences. Kelly gets offended that her pregnancy is seen as a problem and walks out. Adelle later informs her friends about the problem at home.

She then begins to cry when she is heading to her room, realising that Nikolai is finally out of her league since Isabella wants him to marry Kelly. She goes to her room to cry for falling in lōve with Nikolai. As she recalls the k!sses she had with Nikolai, his promises to her and also telling her that he is the father of Kelly’s baby she is expecting, Adelle finds it impossible to believe that she can’t get over Niks.

She apologises to Stefano for failing to keep her promise to be faithful to him and cries. Heeding to the advice of Osang, Kelly dresses in lavish manner to turn Niks attention to her. Though Niks did not have any intimate encounter with her but he found her attractive and got tempted.

Fast forward, Niks comes over to the big mansion to care for Kelly, Adelle seeing the two feels jealous and rushes to the bathroom to brood about it. Later, Kelly needs Niks and realises he fails to come all due to Adelle and goes to the house of Niks to lure him.

Unknown to her Mr Arsing is also in the place, she removes her clothes and pants to entice Nikolai. To her surprise, she turns to find Mr Arsing who also catches glimpse at her nakedness, making Kelly to scream.


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