Two Wives Episode 3

Two Wives Episode 3 Janine gains business deals for Victor, Victor beds Janine on the night of his wedding anniversary

Janine prepared herself to go to work but her friend kept asking her whether she was preparing to meet Victor. After dressing, Victor asked permission to go home early since his son Marcus would celebrate his birthday.

Janine accepted but told him that it was the nanny’s off day. She went to have a drink with her friend and failed to pick Victor’s call. Marcus waited for his father and failed to go to bed. He called his father and Yvonne took the phone to talk to him.

Victor told her that his boss was stuck in traffic so her kid was with him. Yvonne told him that he was not the child’s nanny neither was he her father. Later, Janine came home drunk so Victor helped her to her room. There, Janine told him to be hers and k!ssed him.

Victor couldn’t get the k!ss off his mind and smiled. Yvonne was extremely upset with him so she did cleaning in the house but Marcus told her not to be upset with his father. Marcus went to sleep. When Victor arrived home, Yvonne pretended to be sleeping and he went in to sleep next to his son.

The next day, he sent a message to Janine that he would not come to work. He sent his wife and son out to celebrate the birthday. Janine texted to ask the reason he would not come to work and called him several times but he did not pick it. After eating with his wife and son, they bought lots of things and when they came home, they MN Ade lōve.

As he was k!ssing her, he recalled the k!ss with Janine, making his wife ask what he was thinking and he said nothing. They made lõve and the next day when he returned to work, he taught Audrey how to become polite. When he set eyes on Janine, he advised her to make Carla drive her home if she was drunk as she might be raped by someone.

He told her that she was attractive, beautiful and also k!ssed him so if he was a pervert he would have taken advantage of her. Janine said he should be thankful for getting a k!ss from her. Janine got him a deal and while he was driving her, Janine began to play with his mind.

That evening, Victor got home late and told his wife about the deal. He fell asleep when his wife was talking to him. The next day, Janine sent him to meet a woman who was interested in his handicraft work. She gave him two weeks but Janine said a week. Victor doubted if he could meet the target.

Janine told him that sometimes one needed to be pushed beyond his limit. He admitted and thanked Janine for helping him and wished he had met her early, he wouldn’t have been swallowed by debts. He began the work and went home late. He told his wife about the job. Yvonne asked him if he was cheating and he said no.

The next day, he did not go home. Yvonne went to buy new rings for the anniversary party after ten years of marriage. Soon, he finished the work and together with Janine they delivered the toys. He got paid and he sent Janine out and the bill was on him. He was so grateful to Janine for helping to bring him on top. He said he was deeply in debt but things have changed.

Janine also thanked him for being the father of her daughter as that has improved her daughter’s school performance, social life and psychologically. She invited him out for a company outing the next day. He went home and the following day, he left home early forgetting that it was his wedding anniversary.

His wife wondered if he did not remember anything. Yvonne was very worried and crafted a text to remind him but she deleted it. The company outing came on and Victor asked permission to leave early. However, Janine found a way to get him busy with her daughter.

Yvonne, on the other hand, planned a surprise anniversary celebration and all her guests including her mother-in-law waited in vain for Victor so they left. Her mother-in-law was the last to leave the house and she promised Yvonne that she would talk to Victor but Yvonne said she was okay.

As Yvonne waited desperately for her husband, unbeknownst to her, Janine who has had some few drinks lured Victor to get him to bed her.


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