Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 414-418

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 414-418 Cardo and the Vendetta celebrate Christmas in Sto Niño, Teddy attempts to k!ll Lucas for abducting JP and Virgie

Excited to celebrate Christmas peacefully after a long time, the members of Vendetta enthusiastically help the people of Sto Niño in preparing the town for the holidays. Unbeknownst to them, Lucas and his allies have no plans to take a break in carrying out their vile plans.

Charlene and Denise receive horrifying news from Adonis. At the same time, a group of masked men turn the Arevalo residence upside down to find clues regarding Teddy’s whereabouts. Gina tenses up upon finding out the people she is working with are more dangerous than she thinks.

A surprise prepared by Alyana and the rest of the members of Vendetta await Cardo and the barangay police officers of Sto Niño as they come home from duty. Little do they know, their lõved ones back in Manila continue to struggle for their safety. Teddy pleads with JP not to put himself in any more danger.

Virgie meets Margie in the cell where she is being held captive. Elsewhere, Amor confides in Gascon her plans to betray Gustavo. Growing anxious as he remains clueless about Vendetta’s whereabouts, Lucas orders his men to extract information from Cardo’s lõved ones. Virgie receives a beating for keeping her mouth shut.

Mark, likewise suffers greatly under the wrath of Cabrera’s men. Elsewhere, not wanting to test Gustavo’s patience, Tyson orders Baldo, Diego and their men to speed up preparations for the mining site. Gascon struggled to refuse Amor’s tempting offer.

The paramilitary group leaders demand for their mining wealth shares. Despite the absence of a guaranteed amount, Diego, Baldo and their men resolve to focus on the mission at hand. Soon after, the poor men from the neighbouring towns of Sto Niño are forced into mining labour.

Meanwhile, Margie’s lõved ones fervently pray for her freedom before Christmas. Elsewhere, Chikoy and Mark’s desperate attempt to escape hits a snag. Now that they are one step closer to unearthing the promised treasure, Gustavo and his forces start to work double-time. However, Baldo’s and Diego’s men become rattled by the sudden arrival of the members of Venom.

As the two groups face off for the first time, even more tensions arise. Amidst all this, the man who is supposed to supervise the pit is currently preoccupied, blaming the syndicates’ inefficiency all on one man. Teddy fearlessly delivers a message to Lucas.

Teddy acquires additional protection following the vicious threats against him and his family. Unbeknownst to the journalist, President Cabrera is squeezing information out of JP in the cruelest of ways. Though falling short, the current administration resolved to flex its muscles further to hush up its staunch critic.

Amid her and JP’s suffering, Virgie desperately cries to the all-powerful God for help. The members of Vendetta bring yuletide cheers to the streets of Sto Niño. Tyson follows all of Homer’s orders to get on his good side. He even dances in front of him, amusing the members of the venom.

Javier, on the other hand, remains unperturbed by Homer’s attempts of intimidation. The two group’s endless altercation, however, comes to a halt as exciting news from the mining pit reaches them. Flora, Yolly and the kids decide to help Adonis in preparing a special treat for the children in the orphanage.

After learning about the deàth of another activist, Denise and Charlene once again fear for Margie’s safety. To prevent the young ladies from worrying, Flora tries to divert their attention by inviting them to join the delivery of gifts for the children in the orphanage which is organised by her and Adonis. Elsewhere, the members of the Vendetta and the people of Sto Niño excitedly prepare for their Christmas Eve dinner.

Gustavo, on the other hand, receives thrilling news from the mining site. Amidst his celebrations, he remains oblivious of the traitors lurking around him. Determined to put an end to Lucas’ atrocities, Teddy begins to execute his plans against the corrupt politician. Armed with a gùn and a fake press ID, he discreetly heads to an outreach programme the president is scheduled to attend.

However, when the perfect opportunity arises, he falters. Meanwhile, JP becomes horrified as Virgie’s condition continues to worsen. Unaware of all the commotion in Manila, the members of Vendetta and people of Sto Niño gather at the Chapel for Misa De Gallo. Despite missing some of their lōved ones, Flora and her family still manage to greet Christmas with smiles on their faces.

Likewise, the people that tore them apart are also enjoying the successes of their vile schemes. Lucas and his allies look forward to another prosperous year for their businesses. Gustavo, on the other hand, shares a feast with his underlings. However, Amor continues to plot her betrayal against the old man and seduces his most trusted subordinate behind his back.

Lucas boils with rage after almost getting assassinated by Teddy. As such, the incumbent president carries out a ruthless revenge plan involving the journalist’s family. Teddy, on the other hand, acquires massive information regarding Virgie and JP.

Determined to save them before it is too late, Teddy decides to take the law into his own hands. With the help of Buena and Cruz, they break into the hidden detention center to battle with the guards in order to save Virgie, JP and Margie. Will that mission be successful? subscribe to the site for more updates.


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