Rhodora X Episode 25

Rhodora X Episode 25 Angela discovers her fiance is marrying her kid sister, Rhodora and Joaquin consume their marriage night after their wedding almost gets ruined by Angela’s presence

Angela was upset that her parents didn’t search for her and abandoned her to her fate without waiting for her return. She wept bitterly, feeling all alone in the world. After they settled in the new mansion, Joaquin decorated the house with a painting which Rhodora gifted him.

Rhodora thought it was not the best for it to be used for decoration but Joaquin reminded her that she was special and he got the painting from her that was why he used it to decorate the place. He told the Ferrers that he would not stay with them in the house since he earlier slept and got Rhodora pregnant and this time around, he wanted to do the right thing.

Derick was glad that he had that respect for Rhodora. Nico was happy and told Brian that Angela now has admitted her family abandoned her so he would now have Angela all by himself. Brian realised Nico was rather obsessed. Rhodora and Joaquin had a photoshoot while Nico promised Angela to always be by her side.

A servant mistakenly dropped a newspaper containing the announcement of Joaquin and Rhodora’s wedding. Angela who was exercising went to find it and saw the news. She shed tears, when Nico got there. She has confirmed that her family were still in the country and asked him whether he knew about it and that of Rhodora’s wedding to Joaquin.

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Nico admitted and said he did not want to hurt her feelings that was why he failed to mention that Joaquin deceived her and her sister, Rhodora also betrayed her. He said Joaquin was just like his family, his grandmother also deceived his father years ago. In his narration, Nico said Joaquin’s grandmother tricked his father to know his business ideas after signing a partnership contract with him.

Once the business flourished, after a year, she deceived him and got rid of his father like a trash. She had the business all by herself. His father in agony d!ed from depression and his mother struggled to cater for him and Brian. According to him, it took years and hardwork before he could get on his feet. Angela asked why he was telling her now. He said the apple does not fall far from the tree.

He now confirmed that Joaquin was as bad as his grandmother. Panchang arrived from the province to attend the wedding of Joaquin and Rhodora. She asked about Rhodora and Lourdes said she has already explained Rhodora’s condition to her and if she would continue like that she should go back to the province. Rhodora didn’t like that they were fighting due to her and calmed the air.

Elsewhere, Angela wondered why her family would allow Rhodora to marry Joaquin and described all of them as traitors. She decided to attend the wedding to witness it herself because she doubted Cita could give her approval. Nico told Angela that he would not go with her, he asked Angela why she wanted to hurt her feelings.

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Rhodora told Joaquin that Panchang was still upset with her and was willing to amend things with her for them to get along. She also asked Joaquin whether he still lõved Angela and he said he only lõved her not Angela. Rhodora stumbled on her grandmother coughing and she helped her with medicine.

Panchang was impressed that irrespective of how their relationship was, Rhodora still cared for her. Rhodora sat her down and begged her for how she acted rude to her when she was Roxanne. Panchang understood her and prayed she had really recovered.

Soon, the special day approached and as Rhodora was receiving her makeup touches, Panchang came in wearing her turquoise blue and white dress. She passed down a bracelet which she inherited from her grandmother to Rhodora. As she hugged her, Derick and Lourdes came in to see them and was happy that the two have sorted out their differences.

Rhodora showed the diamond bracelet to her parents. The subsequent scene that followed was at the church and all those in blues walked majestically in, starting from Pia to the mother and the bride. Joaquin also ushered Angela to the place. The couple were made to exchange vows.

Rhodora thanked Joaquin for accepting her as part of his life even knowing her past and mistakes. Joaquin said she brought him happiness and he lõved her for who she was. He promised to always be around her since she was the source of his happiness and he put his ring on her finger. As he k!ssed his bride, Rhodora realised the presence of Angela and ran out.

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Everyone ran after her, thinking she was having an episode. Rhodora searched around and could not find Angela. She was sure to have seen her but Joaquin said it was not possible because Angela was deàd. He believed Rhodora was seeing things because she was thinking about her sister and told her that her sister was her guardian Angel, she helped her to recover.

Angela arrived in the safe house and cried out in her bedroom, asking why her family, most especially Rhodora and Joaquin did that to her. Rhodora and Joaquin left in a car for their wedding reception. He still showed concern for Rhodora’s earlier claims of seeing Angela and he asked whether she was fit to go to the reception.

Rhodora said they planned their wedding for long, she wanted them to go to the wedding reception. Joaquin teased her whether she was also fit for the honey money. Lourdes and Derick were very worried about Rhodora.

Lourdes believed she was still feeling guilty that she was marrying a man her sister would have married to. Derick said they have already cleared her mind on every mistake she did since Roxanne was the culprit. Derick was scared that Rhodora’s feelings might evoke the Roxanne in her to show up and suggested they send her to see Dr Ferds for a check up.

Lourdes said they have to talk to her before because she was going to have her honeymoon so they should give her time to decide. Nico told Angela to open up her heart to him since he was the only person she had in life and was willing to wait for her to reciprocate his feelings. Angela thanked him for everything and leaned on him.

During her honeymoon night, Joaquin was about to make lōve with Rhodora but she snapped out and said she had to first call to check on Jenna. Jenna was also giving her grandparents hard time because she wanted to be with her mother. She talked with her and Lourdes told her to concentrate on her honeymoon while she and Derick take care of Jenna.

Elsewhere, Nico still spike Angela against her family, saying all of them left her and did not care about her. He told Angela that they should make memories and forget all about them.

Lourdes told Derick that when she spoke with Rhodora, she was fine and now believed she was just stressed. Derick cried that even though it had been a year yet he still could not forget about Angela. Lourdes told him to see it like their daughter was at ease because she had to go through a lot.

Joaquin could not believe that Rhodora was finally his wife. His best friend and all and Rhodora also reaffirmed her lōve for him. They consumed their marriage night in the hotel which they were having their honeymoon.


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