Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 560-564

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 560-564 Cardo and Lemuel had a bloody encounter, Oscar discovers the real identity of Lily

Following the advice of Flora, Cardo decides to make amends with Alyana over what happened with him and Clarisse. However, he bristles with rage when he overhears Lemuel fueling his dispute with his wife. Meanwhile, Lily’s plan to control Oscar goes overboard.

After beating Lemuel to a pulp, Cardo tries to fix his misunderstanding with Alyana. Despite overdosing from the enhanced drug, Oscar remains determined to push through with the press conference. With all eyes on the president, Lily and Arturo soon find themselves in a compromising situation.

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Oscar falls into a coma after overdosing on the enhanced drug given by Lily. With the president’s power hanging on the line, Lily and Arturo hatch a plan to retain their hold over the Palace. Cardo, meanwhile, tries to make up for his shortcomings to Letlet and Alyana. Getting on Cardo and Task Force Agila’s bad side, Lemuel arrives at a decision.

Humiliated after getting beat to a pulp, Juan unleashes his wrath on Cardo and his family. Delfin gets rushed to the clinic after vomiting in his cell. With her hold on power on the line, Lily makes the necessary preparations should Oscar pass away. Renato orders his henchmen to scout the city to find a body double for the unconscious president.

Escaping Task Force Agila’s pursuit, an injured Juan vows to exact revenge on Cardo and his family. Lily and Arturo take desperate measures as a looming takeover threatens their hold onto power.

Escaping Task Force Agila’s pursuit, an injured Juan vows to exact revenge on Cardo and his family. Lily and Arturo take desperate measures as a looming takeover threatens their hold onto power. Maj. Opeña arrives at the hospital to investigate the first lady and find out the truth about Oscar’s condition.

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Fighting to retain their grip onto power, Lily and Arturo carry out their plan to dodge the looming takeover of Vice Pres. Abellana. Continuing her probe in the hospital, Maj. Opeña uncovers the truth about Oscar’s condition. Despite finding no proof, Cardo remains convinced that Lemuel is involved in the shōõting incident, driving him to implement safety measures to protect his family.

Left with no other choice, Lily pushes through with her plan to have Mariano pose as Oscar. The first lady then takes measures to keep anyone from finding out that the president is still in a coma. However, an apparent setback looms for Lily when Delfin gets rushed to the hospital.

Victor and Major Opeña realize that one key figure can help them make a breakthrough in their investigation on the president’s real condition. Visited by Diana and Task Force Agila, Delfin exposes the person behind the horrendous attack that sent him to the hospital.

Taking charge of the government and the whole country, Lily seizes this golden opportunity to expand her illegal businesses. Victor and Maj. Opeña, on the other hand, joins forces with Capt. Salonga to find out Oscar’s real condition and investigate the real situation within the Palace.

Concerned for Cardo and his family, Victor and Task Force Agila plan to investigate Lemuel’s true identity.  As her dark plans gain momentum, Lily warns Juan against making another uncalculated move that can endanger her rise to power. Wanting to erase every threat to her crooked ambitions, the first lady sets up the perfect trap against Cardo.

Cardo finds substantial evidence that confirms his suspicion about the identity of the gunman behind the assassination attempt against his family. Growing worried over Cardo’s prolonged absence, Alyana decides to search for her husband. At the CIDG headquarters, Cardo’s colleagues get wind of the release of an arrest warrant against him.

Bent on executing their nefarious plans without any hindrance, Renato and Lily come up with a wicked solution to their biggest problem. By a stunning twist of fate, Cardo manages to escape from his hunters’ clutches through the help of an unlikely ally.

Upon learning about the serious threat to their safety, Alyana and her løved ones hastily vacate their beloved house. Things continue to spiral down for the suspended police captain as Lily  and Arturo’s smear campaign against Cardo hit the headlines. Unknown to them, a beacon of hope for the entire nation is slowly rising from the ashes.

Fed up with their failure to get rid of Cardo, Arturo and Lily turn to Renato for advice on dealing with the elusive police captain. Finding temporary safety at the Arevalo residence, Cardo reveals to his løved ones his fierce encounter with Lemuel and Clarice’s role in his survival.

Soon, fear strikes the cop’s heart upon learning about the assassination plot against Delfin. Left with no time to spare, Cardo seeks help from his trusted allies.


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