Fella Makafui and husband are childish couples Ghana has ever produced!

The entertainment industry is characterised by acts and stunts that make people famous without a blink of an eye.

People who have enjoyed such special treat in the industry are Akuapem Poloo, Efia Odo, Efya Schwarzenegger among others.

Many people in the entertainment fraternity after gaining fame do everything in their power to stay their names in the lime light.

Against this backdrop, persons like Medikal, the AMG Business rapper and wife Fella Makafui who is an actress have never stopped to stunt people to make them trend.

For the past week they have been trending on social media for one thing or the other, which were trivial just to make their names more popular.

The couple have not stayed out of news, each day Fella  Makafui update her followers about everything that happens in her life including her relationship with Medikal.

Recently the actress wave the industry with two hip hop singles to chalk her name on the music book.

She released a song titled  “no size” yesterday which she urged her fans and that of her husband to subscribe to her channel for more songs, she also announced that she would be releasing an album soon.

“No size” is a song that comes after her first single “Over” which many people compared it with Emelia Brobbey’s “Fame ko.”

Based on this, Spot On News had an interview with some Ghanaians on Thursday in Accra to have their take on the couples action, although some found their acts as amusing others also saw it otherwise.

Some of the people said Fella Makafui was noise maker and was making fame very cheap.

Hannah Arthur described Fella’s action as “childish” and stated that her blood boils whenever she sees the lady posting unnecessary things including cars her husband buys and houses her husband builds for her on social media.

She bemoaned that there were things that had to be private, stressing that the actress was getting marriage all wrong and was joking in her marriage.

Joseph Eshun urged Fella to find someone to advice her in order to make her marriage special.

He noted that she was losing her home sense all based on fame.

Mr Eshun observed that fame was beautiful but a time would come that no Ghanaian would pay attention to her “noise,” thus reminded her to treat her marriage with integrity.

Fella Makafui and Medikal got married on March 7, their marriage became a talk on social media and was named “PTA Meeting Marriage.”

Many people came out to speak against Fella for deceiving the world into making them believing that the AMG Business rapper was very rich and was showering her with wealth, sweets and fortune.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

I am An Entertainment Columnist, Content Writer, Blogger, Novelist, Poet, and a Publicist.

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