Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 398

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 398 Don Emilio narrates how he survived and changed his identity to Señior Gustavo, Marie, Efren and Melba tragically d!e during an ambush by the police

Terante address the police force to do everything to capture Dalisay and the Vendetta. He promised them huge amount of money if the mission was successful. He advised them not to let the other unit of the PNP know about it.

He believed there were other officers in the PNP who have not adopted to the new system yet and might tip Borja off. He planned to take care of those officers when the need arises. The eatery of the De Leons was still affected by the issues involving Cardo and the Vendetta.

However, Yolly was optimistic and did not want to entertain negativities in their business operation. Flora was glad that she was not giving up and had the zeal to continue fighting. Counselor Gina kept on with her charade. Jonathan, the editor of Teddy advised Teddy to be careful now that Cabrera was leaving no stone unturned.

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Teddy was not ready to back down. He said his life had been threatened several times but he would not be swayed till he get the desired result. At the mining site, the midget sent some of the gold to Senior Gustavo who was no other than Don Emilio. His girlfriend told him to tell her a little about himself since he was still a stranger to her after several days of being with him.

Gustavo narrated his life story. He said that he had always been a successful man but someone attempted to k!ll him. Fortunately, after Cardo shot him in the woods for him to roll down the cliff, a hunter by name Noah stumbled on him and saved him. His one eye was affected by that encounter with Cardo. He said Noah taught him about the mining operation and he kept his eyes on it for it to flourish.

His girlfriend said it was a good thing that Noah saved him otherwise she would be struggling with other men. She expressed her profound lōve for Gustavo. The De Leon Kids cleaned the house and asked Flora about Grandpa Delfin. Flora said he might be safe wherever he was and told the kids not to worry, things would be okay.

Meanwhile, Alyana told Bubbles about her frantic dream of Terante finding out about their hideout. Bubbles considered that as mere dreams and believed the opposite would happen and charged her not to worry. Terante went to the palace to celebrate with Lucas and Brandon but the Cabreras refused to celebrate until they were sure the Vendetta was defeated.

Some officers believed Guzman, Vargas and Rivera were innocent of the crime they were accused of. They believed the three officers were set up due to their loyalty to General Borja. One told them that the officers who sided with Terante were given special bonuses but one advised them not to sell their integrity. They should always uphold what was right.

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Guzman and his colleagues were also sure that all the officers who would not side with Terante would be treated like them and thought of something up. Efren went to find the Vendetta planning on a mission. Borja told him that his hunch was right their enemies were taking down their allies so they were planning on a mission to save them.

Diana said they were being cautious as it could be a trap to smoke them out from their hideout. Melba said it would be better for them to lie low for a while. Terante while leaving the palace called for reinforcement team and told them that he would follow as well. Brandon approached Terante  saying he would be joining the mission. He told Terante that he wanted to seek justice for the deàth of his brother, Marco and also see to it that Vendetta and Cardo were completely wiped out.

Terante was scared that he would have issues with the president if he followed but Brandon said he would inform his father later. Teddy went to Camp Crame to talk to the three detained officers but was not allowed as the detainees were off boundaries.

Flora tried reaching Attorney Gonzalez, but the woman failed to pick up. Yolly believed the attorney was scared after what happened to the ombudsman. They were going out and bumped into Elmo and Wally who went to the bus terminal to sell food. They were glad that Wally’s ideas worked and planned to be doing that all the time.

The police were led by Rosa and her boyfriend to the safe house of the Vendetta. Lots of people took to their heels seeing the arrival of the police. Rosa pointed the place Cardo and the Vendetta were. Aye and Hannah entered and told Alyana and Bubbles that Aubrey had been taken good care of them.

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Marie woke up and called them to follow them to have breakfast. The Vendetta and Melba’s family sat and ate together on one table not aware of the harm which was approaching. The police secured the entire neighbourhood and even stood on roofing while they raced towards the direction Rosa was showing them. At Camp Crame, PO1 Morales stopped Teddy and was able to him identify him as a reporter.

He wanted to ascertain whether he was indeed a close family friend of Guzman and he said yes. Morales said the three detained officers were his friend and were framed up. He asked of Teddy’s mission and Teddy spoke the truth that he was there to interview them for an article. Morales decided to help him but said they had to meet somewhere safer to talk.

Elsewhere, Counselor Gina got on the way of Flora to provoke the woman but Flora paid no attention to her and left with her family, shaming the trouble maker. The police got the house of Efren surrounded and began to open fire which the stray bullets ended up in Efren, Melba and Marie.

The group could not do anything to save the kind family as they mourned Marie, Grandma Melba and Grandpa Efren. Cardo and the Vendetta got their armour and fought back. They traded shots with the police to make their way through. They dragged Patrick along to escape with him together with Aye and Hannah.

Patrick stumbled on Rosa and threatened to have his revenge for getting his entire family k!lled. Rosa cried that she never knew the police would do that to them. Cardo and some of the group members passed through the rooftop while escaping. They managed to k!ll all the police who got on their way.  Bubbles who was in Jerome’s company got shõt so Sir Jerome carried her along.

Anton was also shot from Ramil’s fraction and was held along while General Olegario who was in Romulo’s fraction of the group got shot as well and Romulo dragged her along. The kids together with Aubrey and Oscar were in Cardo’s company. The kids were scared by the sounds of the shõt. While Terante and Brandon were on their way there, the vigilante group were able to escape with the police cars.

In the palace, Hipolito told Lucas that Brandon went with Terante and asked the reason. Lucas said Brandon had always wanted to have his revenge on Cardo for k!lling his brother. Hipolito believed Brandon doubted Terante would be able to accomplish the mission that was why he followed to ensure it goes well. However, he told Lucas to hold Terante accountable should anything happens to Brandon.

Later, President Cabrera spoke with Damien to tell him about his fears. Damien was sure Brandon would survived and he might arrive there late and it would be over by then. Terante and Brandon together with the reinforcement team arrived at the neighbourhood. Terante screamed out Cardo’s name when he saw most of his men deàd. He began to hunt for Vendetta and ordered his team to split out.

Teddy called Morales to inform him that he was already at the place which he told him to meet him. As he was leaving, he bumped into some superiors and he told them that Marquez has sent him on an errands but they watched him suspiciously even when he was granted the permission to leave. Terante asked the civilians where Cardo was and none knew where he went.

Cardo told Romulo through the walkie-talkie that they had to find a nearby hospital to send their comrades who were injured. Hidalgo was really concerned about those injured since they were losing blood and they had to find hospital very fast to get them treated.

Cardo feared that Oscar might be recognised but the president was ready to take that risk. Terante searched for Cardo till he reached a deàd end. Once again he screamed out Cardo’s name.


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