Irreplaceable Episode 27

Irreplaceable Episode 27 Clarissa catches Leo and Amelia, Linda confronts the Salvadors for ruining the reputation of the Hernandez

At the NIA office, Gabo told Franco that he was not a VIP so he should mellow. Franco saw himself as an asset rather than a mere person since he confessed and pleaded guilt. Gabo informed him that the parents of the children he trafficked had filed cases against him so he would be arraigned.

Elsewhere, Celine wondered where they could have sent Robbie. Araceli apologised to Amelia and told her that she could read her mind and heart and knew how much Amelia cared about their family.  Araceli said she was retiring and left everything in the hands of Amelia in order to be at home to be closer to her grandson Lester.

She did not want to be absentee grandmother. Emman’s camp thought of means to get lead to where the kids might be held as hostage so Caloy told them about where he tried to escape from while at the A Hernandez Hospital.

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Amelia and Leo went to their usual secret rendezvous to scheme up. Since Leo said he had the full trust of Emman, Celine and Nick, he would ensure that the Salvadors would not get any evidence. Clarissa called Nick to know where Leo was and went there to find her husband. She saw that Leo was there with someone since there were other plates.

Clarissa got upset and questioned him if he was there with his mistress. Leo tried denying and Clarissa began to make a scene, forcing Amelia to come out from her hideout to save the day with a lie that they were planning a surprise birthday party for her. She explained that Leo called her and Leo admitted, saying he did not know how to organise parties so he called Amelia to think of the party.

Clarissa felt sorry and apologised. Amelia said she ruined that surprise. Clarissa kept begging her husband for her action. They then ordered a wine. Meanwhile, Arnold began to probe into what he heard Bernie telling Analyn and told Linda about the suspicions of the Salvadors about his family being involved in the organ trafficking syndicate.

Celine planned to go to the hospital with only Caloy but Emman was against it. He wanted to join but Celine believed that would jeopardise their plans should Anton sees him. Caloy promised to take care of Celine and advised Emman to stay behind to take care of Sam. However, Emman said Sam could protect herself unlike Celine.

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This got Sam upset and walked out. Emman followed her to ask if he said something wrong. He tried to mend things but Sam was heartbroken that Emman still could not see her efforts of doing everything to be with him. Sam lamented that she had wished that their allegations about Anton wouldn’t be true so that he and Celine would marry, yet she did not stop to expose the family of the Hernandezes so that Emman could obtain justice for Robbie.

Emman apologised for hurting her feelings and she also apologised. Once she left, Linda also stormed the Salvadors mansion to confront Emman for spreading lies against the Hernandezes. She termed Emman as desperate who was hellbent on destroying a reputable family just for his own gain of getting Celine.

She warned him to stop turning her daughter’s head against the Hernandez family. Nick tried to come in between to stop her from saying that to Emman. He said it was not their fault that Celine was suspicious of the Hernandez. Bernie appeared in the scene and Linda rushed to attack him for spreading rumours among the staff at the hospital.

She blamed Bernie for getting Arnold involved in his family’s problem. She warned Bernie to stop spreading lies and called the Salvadors gossips. Bernie refuted her claim that he was a gossip. He said Arnold rather eavesdropped when he was talking to Analyn so she should rather go and blame Arnold for his bad habit of listening to others conversation. Nick threw Linda out of his house. Linda did not leave without warning Emman to stay clear off from her daughter.

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Anton called Celine for them to go out the next day. Celine refused and used her work as an excuse but Anton told her that he could talk on her behalf to get a day off. Celine stood on her point that she would not go, explaining that they were understaffing. She then went to think looking at Robbie’s picture while she recalled Emman warning her to keep her distance from the Hernandez unless she lõved Anton.

Celine admitted lõving Anton and had been praying everyday that her suspicions shouldn’t come to pass that Anton had a hand in her son’s deàth. She recalled zipping the dress of Araceli and saw a tattoo mark at her back. She was trying to figure out if she  was the person Emman shõt at St John’s.


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