Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 41-45

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 41-45 Clarissa discovers Lester is Leo and Amelia’s son, Arnold, Bernie die while Emman kidnaps Anton to make him pay for k!lling Bernie

As Emman and the NIA’s attempt to stop the grand auction falls short, Colonel Manzano pays the price. Despite Linda’s objection, Celine insists on her plan to gain more access to the Hernandezes in hopes of finding Robbie.

Amelia getting frustrated with Emman’s persistence in sabotaging the organ trafficking syndicate, Leo tries to unearth the extent of his knowledge about the organisation. With just two weeks left before her wedding, things get more complicated for Celine because of Linda’s theory about Nestor’s deàth.

This, however, fails to stop her from wrapping Anton around her finger amid Emman’s warning about a brewing problem for the Hernandezes. Arnold’s world comes crashing down upon discovering his family’s dark secret.

Finding himself one step behind his enemies, Emman begins to lose hope in locating Robbie. Celine, meanwhile, notices Anton’s unusual behaviour. Fed up with Clarissa’s emotional issues, Leo tries to convince Amelia to make their affair public.

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Amelia’s reign comes crashing down as she suffers the consequences of Emman and the NIA’s raid operation. She then demands Leo to ensure the deàth of Robbie. Still disturbed over Arnold’s demise by his own hands, Anton grows alarmed upon discovering that a spiteful person is inching closer to the truth.

After seeing his boss and Amelia together at the same hotel, Nick suspects that Leo holds vital information about the organ trafficking syndicate. Analyn grows worried about Arnold as he remains unreachable. Later, Bernie makes a shocking discovery upon sneaking into Hernandezes’ house to find the answers to his endless suspicions.

Bernie informs Emman of his shocking discovery about Anton only to fall into the latter’s hands. Perplexed by Amelia’s strange reaction toward her marital woes, Clarissa comes to a realisation. Yearning to become a father to Lester, Leo makes a difficult decision.

Emman tries to exhaust all possible leads on Bernie’s location following his suspicious disappearance from the Hernandezes’ mansion. Wanting to rid himself of another problem, Anton orders his men to have Bernie eliminated. Clarissa confirms her speculations when she catches Amelia in a lie.

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After catching them in a lie together, Clarissa confronts Leo about his affair with Amelia. Amelia, meanwhile, stops Leo from admitting their affair and seeks his help anew in protecting her family’s interests upon learning the extent of Bernie’s knowledge about the organ trafficking syndicate.

Filled with rage and sorrow over his youngest son’s untimely demise, Nick takes the law into his own hands. Tension escalates between Emman and Anton when the latter visits Bernie’s wake. Nick and Caloy look for any piece of evidence linking Anton to Bernie’s untimely demise.

Unable to bear the pains of her best friend’s betrayal, Clarissa decides to confront Amelia. An unsuspecting Lester bears the brunt of Clarissa’s anger, leading her to finally discover the depth of Amelia’s betrayal. Much to Leo’s dismay, the doctor remains firm in her decision to keep Lester in the dark about his real father.

As the Salvadors grow hellbent on seeking accountability for their sufferings, Sam vows to exhaust all legal means to bring justice to Bernie’s demise and prove to Emman that the rule of law will prevail. As Sam convinces Emman to put his trust in the law upon finding means to subject Anton against them.

This soon causes tension to escalate between the two archenemies, leading to a court order. Losing faith in the law and with Anton’s words hitting him hard, Emman grows more determined in making the Hernandezes pay for their sufferings by all means. Clarissa stands on her ground despite patching things up with Amelia, leaving Leo stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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To make matters worse, the doubts of Leo’s colleagues resurface as the DNS general’s affair with Amelia becomes known to the public. Failing to incriminate Anton for Bernie’s deàth, Emman takes matters into his own hands.


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