Legally Blind Episode 17

Legally Blind Episode 17 William resorts to weak tactics to win his family over, Grace and Charie face off over a discovery of dating Villareal boys

While in a outing with Grace, Edward told her that William needed second chance and was quite sure that Grace would do same for Charie once she also returned.

On his room still in an intimate mood, William told Charie that he did not return for nothing. He would do everything to ensure that he gained everything he wanted.

In so doing, the next day, he stormed Edward’s office to ask for loan. Edward signed a cheque for him. He spotted Grace at the entrance of Edward’s office and went to confront her for playing hide and seek with him, adding that he did not hope that Grace wanted to mess up with her future brother in-law.

Edward and Grace later left the office while they were descending down the stairs, Grace realised she left her phone so Edward decided to go into the office for it, leaving Grace to wait for him at the stairs. William saw Grace accidental dropping her walking stick. Grace was picking it but realised someone was also touching the stick. She accidentally pushed William and he fell off the stairs.

Grace tried helping him, William said it was all his fault he was just helping Grace to pick up her stick. Grace said sorry and cried for Edward. Edward appeared and rushed William off to the hospital. In the hospital, William was discharged by the doctor. William spoke with Charie to confess to her that what he did was part of his plot to get close to Edward and the family so that he could continue his evil plot against the family.

Charie got jealous that William was getting close to his brother’s girlfriend so she rushed to the hospital. William spotted Charie and quickly he drove Marissa, Edward, Grace and Nina away while he met Charie to confront her for behaving like his wife. He told her to comply with his plan since he has already discussed the plans with her.

Soon, William appeared in the Villareal’s mansion to offer a gift to his father. Anton was not ready to open his doors for him but Edward tried talking to his father to accept William and give him second chance. Grace also spoke to Anton using her sister, Charie as example of a person who did something terrible against her, although she was upset with her but since Charie was her sister she did not cast her aside.

Anton decided to get along with William and his first son made arrangements to make him, Edward and Grace meet his girlfriend. During the outing, Grace bumped into Charie at the washroom and later realised she was William’s girlfriend. William was surprised to know that Edward and Grace knew Charie and Grace explained that Charie was her sister.

Anton then asked Grace if Charie was the person who ran from home and she admitted but excused them to speak with Charie. They went to the washroom and Charie started to smoke but Grace controlled herself in order for her not to have any crisis. Grace tried to make them understand eachother so that the Villarreals would not be caught up in their issue.

Charie was so upset to know that William and Edward were related as that would mean that she would be close to Grace, something she did not like. She did not want to be anywhere near Grace, but Grace said she could not also leave Edward since she had known Edward for that long. Charie said it did not matter the number of years Grace had known Edward she was not ready to leave William.

Grace made it clear that she was not interested in Edward due to his family prestige or the money but she truly l*ved him. Charie was not ready to call a truce for them to live in peace and amicably.


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