Los Bastardos Episode 5 Alba fights Don Roman for choosing Isagani's product over his son's own

Los Bastardos Episode 5 

Los Bastardos Episode 5 Alba fights Don Roman for choosing Isagani’s product over his son’s own

“Metteo you are our greatest weapon in the Silverios family to ruin the Cardinals.”

At the kitchen, Sita prepared food for the guests who were invited to the Cardinal mansion. Alba arrived asking Joaquin about  the agenda for the day.

Joaquin replied that he had least idea of what it was since Don Roman did not reveal to him anything but if his suspicions were correct he was sure he would introduce his brandy to the investors making Alba happy.

Don Ramon came to tell the investors about a new product which would be introduced to mark the company’s anniversary.

He introduced Isagani’s Cocoa Brandy which surprised Joaquin, Alba, Lucas and the others. The investors tasted it and liked it.

Later, Joaquin visited Don Roman in his office and he asked if he was upset that he did not choose his product over Isagani’s own. Expressing his displeasure, Joaquin told his father that he could have informed him earlier before making him feel disgraced at the sight of the people.

Don Roman then explained to Joaquin that his wine was good but it lacked some essential thing which made it not hit the right spot for him.

As Isagani was packing drinks, his foster father came to inform him that Lucas wanted some so they arranged some for him.

Back to the office, Joaquin asked Don Roman if his decision was based on only how he felt, he said the cocoa brandy had all the package and the taste he and the investors were looking for. Joaquin then left in disappointment.

Very enthused about how things went, Isagani drove delivery truck. However it developed some fault so he checked it out, yet the problem persisted. Joaquin left the house on his motorbike angry.

Alba confronted Don Roman for choosing a product from a different person other than his son but he reiterated that it was business and wanted quality.

She told him to give Joaquin everything he desired to make his life comfortable but Roman fumed asking her never to question his parenting. Alba asked when he would learn to love her and he left.

On the road, the breaks to Isagani’s truck failed as Joaquin rides by, He asked him to join his motorcycle. He saved his life as the truck crashed into a tree. Isagani thanked Joaquin for saving his life.

They introduced themselves but Joaquin looked shocked while he heared his name. Joaquin asked him not to take it personal because he would save anyone in danger.

Isagani told Joaquin that he came there to deliver some drinks for Don Roman Cardinal.  Joaquin asked if it was about Cocoa brandy and he asked why he did not sell it to the Silverios since they were living in the same town. Isagani said Don Roman loved the product.

At the Silverios mansion, Maddie admired her sons photos as she she remembered his childhood days. How the wine business started and Menandro forcing her to give him half of her lands.

It turned out She has a daughter, Dulce and it was the same girl whose picture Isagani was admiring in his wardrobe. Matteo appeared making his mother happy about his appearance.

Isagani’s parents did not want their son to be caught in the rivalry between the Cardinals and Silverios. Joaquin tried convincing Isagani to sell his drinks but he said what was important to him was promoting the drinks. Joaquin said for a company to raise another one must fall.

Madeleine had breakfast with Matteo and asked how his presentation went Menandro appeared to urge him to continue winning their streak.

He added that only one person did not have the Silverios spirit and that was his sister who he stated was going around with her unnecessary humanitarian activities, making Madeline angry.

Matteo swore to take care of their name and would defeat the Cardinal distilleries.

Isagani and Joaquin arrived at a mechanic shop with the daughter of the owner flirting with Joaquin. He told them to fix Isagani’s truck while they went to the mansion, she watched him with admiration.

At the factory, Don Ramon told Lucas that he could work without Joaquin’s supervision and asked about Joaquin and Isagani, immediately Lucas received a text informing him that they at the workshop. He told Don Roman he would pick them up right away.

Lucas met up with Isagani and Joaquin at the mechanic shop and brought them to the house.

At the Silverios mansion, Matteo and his dad tasted his latest brandy, Menandro advised him that he was at a war front and if he wanted to win and be better than the Cardinal’s that alone  was not enough. He had to go to the extra mile  to tarnish their reputation to the investors.

“Make sure they don’t recover.”

Isagani arrived at the mansion, with Alba and Sita he felt some warmth arriving at the mansion and meeting Don Roman.

At sea, Conner was being chased on a jet ski as he dived into the water escaping,
those after him continued to chase him but he deceived them changing appearance.

Matteo told Menandro that Silverios distillery would be the best as he left for his meeting.
Conner was still being sought after as he escaped in a car while recalling his childhood days when his mother Pilar was referring to him as a “bastard” and maltreated him.

Back at the Silverios, Maddie tried to bond with Matteo but he made excuses whiles Menandro laughed.

He told Madeleine to have dinner with her dog instead since she was invincible to her own son and Menandro was the only one Matteo considered as his parent since he owned her son as he laughed.

Roman told Isagani that he inherited the mansion from his father but it didn’t come easy. He said he worked hard for it. Don Roman praised Isagani, that got on the nerves of Joaquin as Lucas comforted him.

Meanwhile, Matteo did his presentation to his investors.

Back at the Cardinal mansion, Don Roman told Isagani how much he admired him and offered a partnership deal.

Alba came there, and Don Roman called her a lapdog for always eavesdropping. She introduced herself to Isagani as they stared at each other.

Matteo continued his presentation, however the investors said they did not consider his vision matching that of the Cardinal distilleries so they could not risk it. They left the room making him angry.

Los Bastardos Episode 5

However, Alba continued her whining and talked against Lucas.
Lucas cried to Sita so she hugged him. Alba asked Roman what his definition of dirt was.

She further stated that she got disturbed with people who ain’t welcomed to her house. Don Roman moved the the conversation to his office, this upset Joaquin and Alba.

Matteo arrived home angry for failing to get the investment deal. Madeleine asked the maids what was wrong as she saw her son in so much rage fearing for what might happen next.

Connor told his dad that he got 2.4million worth of diamonds leading to a debate on its originality.

Madeleine tried to calm down Matteo as he showed his superiority, saying he lost asking her to back off and stop bothering him. Menandro overheard the conversation and he asked Matteo if he failed, looking angry.

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