All Of Me Episode 2

All Of Me Episode 2 Lena and Manuel fall for eachother

After Manuel carried Lena inside the shelter to sleep, the next morning, she asked him whether he was the person who carried her inside. She asked of his name but he did not mind her. She told him that she was starving and he gave her plate and spoon for her to serve herself.

Lena went on to ask whether his name was Roland, Gio or Dante. Since Manuel kept quiet she asked where his wife was. Manuel urged her to eat otherwise her food would get cold.

Later, Lena eavesdropped to listen to Manuel to discover that his wife, Dianna has kicked the bucket and he was losing his personality due to his lost. Manuel decided to move on just like Dianna wanted. However, an ant bit Lena for Manuel to realise her presence.

She offered orchids as a peace offering for evading the privacy of Manuel. Manuel shouted at her and Lena mistakenly broke the picture frame of Manuel and Diana. Manuel vent his pains and anger on Lena for breaking the picture frame. This led to an argument between the two. Lena offered him money to repair the broken frae.

Fast forward, Manuel went to the garden to read from Lena’s diary which she left behind. He went back to his shelter to discover someone inside it. He took a weapon, thinking the person could be an intruder or a thief. He rushed in to only discover that it was Lena and her friend, Princess.

Lena introduced her friend to him and said she was there for her diary. Manuel returned her diary and added her money to it. Once they left, someone delivered something to him and realised Lena had reframed what she broke. Soon, Manuel went to the market of the near by town, San Antonio to buy foodstuffs. As he was speaking to a certain lad, one of the vendors, Bebeng collapsed and he went to her aid to carry her to the community clinic.

The woman reminded him of his mother, Rosita so he took care of her. Lena and her family rushed to the community clinic to discover that her handsome grumpy man, Manuel was the one who took care of his mother.

She ran after him to thank him for taking care of her mother and told him to work at the community clinic since there was no doctor there. She later went to the garden to surprise him by introducing all her family members to him. They became so close, they cooked and eat together.

Lena kept talking to him to help the San Antonio community by becoming their doctor as Lena managed to make Manuel let go of his past to embrace the world again, Manuel digged out the cremains of Dianna and threw ashes inside the waters after recalling his promise to Rosita to be a doctor to save others life.

He went to San Antonio and in his medical uniform ready to follow the path he earlier chose. Lena was so happy to have him help the town’s people. While helping the town’s people, Lena’s family blind folded him to San Antonio where they had a surprise for him. Lena gave him a citation for his contributions in solving the health care needs of the people.

Manuel delivered a heart warming speech after receiving the citation and promised to continue to give life to the people. A party was held to climax the celebration. As everyone was enjoying and dancing, Lena pulled Manuel to the dancefloor to dance with him even though Manuel was shy to dance with that 20 years immature lady.

Later, Lena visited him and gifted him with a T-shirt which she also had its feminine one. Manuel, no doubt was falling for her but was consumed with uncertainties due to the age difference. He was willing to move on since he has found the right person. However, he was filled with hesitation on pursuing his feelings despite learning that Lena had already fallen in l*ve with him.

At the Island while sleeping, Manuel overheard Lena and Princess screaming as they were held at a gun point by some armed men. He engaged the men in a fight and got them arrested. One of the men threatened him at the police station. Lena and Princess were grateful to him for saving their lives. Princess narrated how Manuel kicked their attackers to the family.

Manuel kept taking care of the townspeople and led them on a keep fit exercise. One night, Manuel acted tired when Lena arrived and he fell asleep. Lena confessed her true feelings to him, caressed his hair and wanted to ki$$ him. Unknown to her, Manuel heard everything that she said.


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