Rhodora X Episode 19

Rhodora X Episode 19 Joaquin returns to Philippines, Rhodora finally gives birth

Derick and Lourdes had a misunderstanding due to Rhodora. Derick was hellbent on digging deep with the evidence that got missing which he believed was taken by Rhodora. Lourdes stopped him from pursuing his plans, however, a call from the hospital made them rush to see their daughter who was believed to be in danger.

Isabel returned to the cell to find Angela about to slash her wrist with a broken mirror. She stopped her and comforted her. She advised her to put her eyes on her parents and her. She promised to always be there for her and urged Angela not to break down because some day the truth would eventually come out.

Derick and Lourdes arrived at the hospital in desperation only to find out that Rhodora attempted to commit suicide. Derick looked stunned while Lourdes told her never to do that again. She asked her what was exactly wrong with her for her to do that. Rhodora said she only did that to stop she and her father from fighting over her.

Derick suspected that as a show to prevent him from digging out the truth so he walked out. The doctor came in to inform Lourdes that Rhodora was fine but they had to send her to see a psychologist for her not to breakdown due to the pressures around her, especially now that she was pregnant.

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Rhodora was cheerful once she heard that while Lourdes was dumbfounded since Rhodora has not introduced any man to the family. Rhodora told her mother that she never knew that she was pregnant and named Joaquin as the father of her child.

Lourdes went to inform Derick and also warned him not to carry on with his plans, otherwise he would not only lose a daughter but a wife as well. Derick went to the city jail to inform Angela about Rhodora’s pregnancy but failed to tell her the father of the child. Angela wondered how it happened.

In all, she urged her father to take care of Rhodora so that she would not have a miscarriage like her. She also asked an update about the suspect her father told her about. Derick told her that his suspicions was wrong and apologised.

Later at home, Derick recalled his relationship with his daughter Rhodora as a child and he felt sorry how they lost her and did everything to get her from her kidnappers. When Rhodora got discharged and came home with Lourdes, Derick apologised to Rhodora and requested for a fresh start. Lourdes felt so sad that Joaquin could do that to her children.

Derick got so upset that Joaquin took advantage of both his daughters and swore to deal with him once he appeared to them. He now understood why he suddenly disappeared. In her room, Roxanne was happy that the parents of Rhodora were on her side. She made it a point to make Joaquin know of the baby once he returns.

However, Rhodora was against Roxanne’s plans. She found Roxanne as crãzy for trying to snatch Joaquin from her sister. She tried to make her understand that she was hurting Angela. At the precinct Isabel was upset that her aunt was not taking good care of her child. Angela too had not been seeing her parents and she believed it was because of Rhodora.

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She told Isabel that Rhodora was having a delicate pregnancy so her parents were rather looking at her. After coming from medical checkup, Derick suggested they go to the precinct to show Angela the scan of Rhodora’s child. Derick told Rhodora that Angela was happy once she learnt of her pregnancy and wold be really happy to see her and the scan.

However, he cautioned Rhodora not to reveal the identity of her child’s father to her. Rhodora suddenly feigned a headache to spoil their plans of visiting Angela. She was rushed home and when she was alone on her bed, Roxanne showed the scan of the baby to Rhodora in the mirror and told her that, that was their baby.

Now all their dreams would come to pass. They would gain everything while Angela would lose everything. She said the child would be their key to get Joaquin back into their lives. Rhodora began to shed tears and Lourdes came in with a medicine. She saw Rhodora crying and she asked her why she was crying. Rhodora said she wished she was the one in the cell instead of Angela.

She told Lourdes that Angela did not deserve what she was passing through rather she (Rhodora) had to be in jail instead of her sister. She apologised for making Joaquin to get her pregnant. Lourdes seemed surprise with Rhodora’s act and asked her what she was talking about. She then snapped out and mood swung to Roxanne.

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Roxanne explained that she was just sad for Angela and wanted to shoulder the burden of Angela and be in her place instead. Lourdes knew Angela would also do same for her. She began to sing their favourite lullaby for the baby. Six months later Rhodora had a baby bump and was singing for the baby while she was caressing her tummy.

At the precinct, Angela had a visitor and it was her attorney. She came to remind her about her case and she said they would go to court the next day. In the morning, the Ferrers dressed up to attend the hearing. However, Derick wanted Rhodora to go with them only to find out from Lourdes that she attended her culinary classes.

Lourdes made Derick understand that event at the hearing might affect Rhodora and her child. Elsewhere, Roxanne went to see Bianca and her friend showered her with complements that she looked good with the pregnancy. Roxanne said the best thing that ever happened to her was her pregnancy. She could not wait to use the baby to get reconnected to Joaquin.

Joaquin returned home and Santi went to fetch for him at the airport. Angela at the court room couldn’t stick to the story which her lawyer concocted for her to say. She told the court that she was not the one who k!lled Trisha. This sent shivers to the Ferrers camp since her insanity plea might be compromised.

Santi while driving Joaquin home, told him that he was looking good. Joaquin said he has always looked good. Looking at the streets, he said things have changed. Santi then asked about his heart, whether it has also changed. Joaquin claimed he no longer lõved Angela. Santi then asked him whether he had an affair with Rhodora because when he left, she came to the mansion, looking so furious when she learnt he traveled.

Lourdes got home to inform Rhodora about how the hearing went. She said Angela couldn’t stick to the insanity story but chose to tell the truth. She said they were scared that it would lead her into jail so Derick went with her to the precinct to talk to her. Roxanne was glad and wished Angela would be confined in prison forever.

When Lourdes overheard her, she pretended and changed her statement that she wished Angela would be set free. Her water broke so she was rushed to the hospital. While Derick was assuring Angela that they would find the truth to back her statement, he received a call from Lourdes concerning Rhodora.

He informed Angela that her sister was in labour so he rushed to the precinct. After several minutes of pushing, Rhodora finally gave birth.


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