Rhodora X Episode 30

Rhodora X Episode 30 Angela and Joaquin have an intimate k!ss during Cita’s birthday party, Rhodora throws Angela out from her house for betraying her while Derick mercilessly beats Joaquin

Nico sent Angela aside when he saw her. He questioned her on the reason she had failed to pick up her calls. Angela spilt it on his face how he manipulated her to stop trusting in her family, making her think her family never lōved her.

Knowing Angela was breaking away from him, he reminded her of how Rhodora betrayed her but Angela made it clear that her sister was actually having mental problems and she did not lie to her. Angela described him as a liar and ended the relationship.

Jenna was throwing tantrums so Rhodora went to inform Joaquin that she was leaving. Santi saw that she was leaving so early and she said Jenna wanted to sleep. Joaquin made Peter drove her home. Before leaving, Rhodora told Joaquin that Angela stepped out but she could not find her so he should find her and bring her home.

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In frustration, Nico forcefully dragged her into his car but he was not lucky, Joaquin set eyes on him and he went to Angela’s defense. Nico asked him to stay away from his issue with his girlfriend but Joaquin insisted that Angela did not want to go. The two men exchanged blows and Joaquin made the security throw Nico out of the party.

Angela and Joaquin went inside the venue when all the guests had left. Joaquin reminded her of what he had been telling her about the scoundrel, Nico adding that he was not to be trusted. Angela emotionally voiced out the reasons she got involved with him. In her narration, Angela said she felt so shuttered after she woke up to know everything that had happened.

Rhodora had married him and her family supported Rhodora when she was framed. Her name had been ruined for a crime she did not commit. She felt so abandoned and felt that no one believed in her innocence so Nico was the only one who believed and search for her at the cliff. She saw him as trust worthy but it never crossed her mind that he lied to her just to keep her.

The two got emotional while drinking and Joaquin comforting her, both took solace in eachother’s arms and sealed their emotions with passionate k!sses. While Rhodora was at home, her wedding picture in a frame suddenly fell and she got so worn out, feeling something bad had happened.

Following her intuition, it was late, yet, her husband was still not in the house she returned to the event venue and told Peter the myth behind the falling of a picture. She was ready to save her family from pending danger. As she walked her way inside, Joaquin lips still locked up with the lips of Angela as they enjoyed eachother’s saliva, rolling their tongue in eachother’s mother, swallowing the saliva from eachother’s tongue.

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Rhodora reached there and the two had suddenly separated from eachother’s arms. Rhodora was so happy to see her sister in her husband’s company but to her surprise, Angela wanted to run and leave them. Rhodora pulled ger back and told her to join her since Peter was there to drive them home.

Soon, they reached home, Joaquin made lōve with her and countlessly told her about his lōve for her. The next day, Angela had a whole moody attitude and her parents wondered what was wrong with her. Derick and Lourdes asked Rhodora if she had fought again with her sister but none of that had happened.

Since Angela was in the company of Joaquin the previous night, Rhodora deemed that Angela might have told him something so she went to ask her husband. She then went to talk to Angela to inform her that Joaquin had told her what happened and Angela began to say sorry to Rhodora. Rhodora was perplexed seeing Angela begging her.

She told Angela that she should have been the one to apologise since she was not there to save her from Nico. Angela was relieved since it was not about what she was obviously thinking. Angela after informing her family about what Nico did, the family now decided to go to Pampanga as soon as possible but Rhodora was against it.

Angela told her that she wanted to start afresh so the change of environment would be of an emense help to her. Since Rhodora failed to change their minds, she talked to Joaquin to stop Angela from leaving them. Joaquin hesitated to do that, explaining that he could not stop Angela if she wanted to leave.

As lōving husband as he was, Joaquin gave in and had a talk with Angela to keep from going. As they were making things straight, they talked about their solemn k!ss the previous night and Rhodora happened to hear them. She got so upset and wanted Peter to drive her. Joaquin stopped Peter and Rhodora said she would drive herself but Joaquin denied her access to the car.

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The tension between the young couple made the family realised that there was a fire on the mountain. No one could calm Rhodora, she was so furious and stormed into the room of Angela to declare her readiness to fight her in saving her family. She slapped Angela for betraying her and called her a traitor. She reminded her of the sacrifice she made so that she and Joaquin could get back together.

However, both Angela and Joaquin assured her that they have gotten over eachother, not knowing they were fōõling her right under her nose. Angela explained that they were drunk and it was a mistake and asked her for forgiveness. Rhodora said she broke her trust and wanted her to pack and leave her house.

Rhodora stormed her own washroom and Joaquin followed her. She was quick to lock the door on Joaquin, the frustrated husband demanded that they talk about everything. He knocked the door and told Rhodora that he k!ssed her by mistake and nothing else happened between him and her sister.

Rhodora wept bitterly and called herself a fõōl for being lied to once again. Derick and Lourdes went to talk to Angela in her room and learnt about everything. They got upset with Angela for being the other woman to destroy her very own sister’s family. Lourdes questioned her whether that was how she trained her to destroy others marriage.

Angela cried out that it was a mistake. Derick could not believe it and asked her whether her lips and that of Joaquin were magnet for it to attract. On a second thought, Derick saw that Angela was not the only person to be blamed. He asked her whether Joaquin forced to k!ss her and she gave a negative answer. Derick warned Lourdes to talk to her daughter.

While Lourdes was confronting Angela for her act, Joaquin also looked for a spare key to unlock the washroom door. To his dismay, someone pulled him suddenly and hit him with master punches. Rhodora quickly opened the door to go to her husband’s defence. Derick told him to thank Rhodora for stopping him, otherwise he would have gotten it to the core.

Joaquin then pleaded with Rhodora to forgive him because he was drunk and k!ssed Angela by mistake. He assured that nothing else happened. Meanwhile, Angela was also packing her things to leave the house.


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