Irreplaceable Episode 41

Irreplaceable Episode 41 Colonel Manzano shōt for intercepting Amelia’s grand auction, Arnold runs from home following his discovery of being a reserved donor for Anton 

Linda called Celine to ask her if she was going to go by the plan to talk to Anton and she said yes. Linda looked so worried but Celine was hellbent on carrying out her plans to find the Hernandezes secret. She went to the office of Anton but he was not around. The secretary allowed her to go and wait inside Anton’s office.

Sam and her team while in a bus going to the grand auction called Gabo to inform him so Gabo made Marcelo get the team ready to serve as backup. When Sam and her team got to the venue, Emman did not stick to the plan to wait for the NIA backup. He was not ready to wait to make other children pass through what Robbie passed through.

He disregarded all warnings of Sam, and did not care if he was signing his deàth treaty, he took a gün from Sam and told her and Caloy to wait for the backup while he would take the lead to help the kidnapped kids if they were kept in that place. As Celine was in the office of Anton, she was itching to find something and luckily she heard a phone ringing and she followed the sound to discover the alternate phone which was inside his drawer.

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She saved the contact from India and also saw a Google search information. She recalled when Anton was making a suspicious call during Robbie’s wake and knew Anton was up to no good. As the call kept coming through, she finally picked it. Silently, she listened to the caller who was from India, Mumbai demanding for his money after the transaction.

Celine became so suspicious of the call. Anton gave Arnold rules to carry out on a particular task as an accountant and warned him to be careful since he and Amelia cared about him. Once Celine took her seat, Anton got there and they had a talk. Soon after, they announced to everyone at the hospital about their upcoming wedding which was two weeks from the announcement day. The workers were happy for Celine and Anton.

Meanwhile, Amelia delivered her speech on how the Second Life Foundation was providing an alternative hope for many who needed kidney, cornea, hearts among others to make them live once again. She talked of how the foundation trafficked children and made them believe their parents were either deàd or careless about them to make them believe in them as they fed, clothed them and made them feel happy once again.

Those spare parts as she termed the trafficked children, she said were in good shape as they believed they have found second reason to live. Emman was also inching closer to the conference room and attacked all the guards securing the place to make his way into the facility.

Marcelo informed Gabo that Sam had told him over the phone that Salvador had already infiltrated the place so they have to be there as soon as possible. Gabo told the driver to step on it, Marcelo informed Sam that they were five minutes drive away from 101 Victoria Avenue.

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General Chavez was notified by the NIA agent who he had threatened earlier during his surveillance job on him. The guy tipped him off about the NIA emergency operations led by Colonel Manzano at the Victoria Avenue to intercept some operations.

General Chavez quickly called Franco on the phone to tip him off about the NIA agents operation. Amelia opened the for the auctioning. She projected her victims from the Second Life Foundation and the bidding began with an amount of $50,000.

Franco stepped in looking frustrated and he signaled her. The sounds of gün firing accompanied his notification and the guests were scared, seeking for cover. Amelia strived to calm the nerves of her clients and ordered Franco to evacuate them.

Sam and Caloy also took action to back Emman up. A moment later, Emman made his way into the conference room to find it empty. Just as Colonel Manzano and his men arrived outside, Franco managed to evacuate Amelia and sped off with her a crucial moment before Emman catched up to them. Sam took out a couple of goons in conjunction with her fellow NIA agents.

Emman regrouped with the NIA to inform the colonel of how the others had gotten away. Over the phone with Leo, Amelia lamented over how Emman had ruined her reputation with all their VIP clients and partners. Emman subtly took phone and wallet from a random fallen goon which no one seemed to notice. When Colonel Manzano asked whether he was keeping something a secret, he replied in the alternative.

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Unbeknownst to them, Franco aimed his gün from a distance. Colonel Manzano noticed Franco and deftly shoved Emman out of harm’s way, unfortunately, the bullets hit the colonel and he suddenly fell off before he could shõot Franco. Sam rashes to his aid while Emman and some of the NIA agents took Franco on a chase.

Franco managed to escape this time around too. At the Dalgado’s house, Celine revealed her discovery about Anton’s shoddy dealings and was suspicious that he could have a link to his mother’s syndicate.

Since her wedding with Anton was scheduled to take place in two weeks time, Linda feared for her daughter’s safety but Celine was hellbent on being glued to Anton in order to fish out all the necessary information that would aid in her investigation to find Robbie.

While Colonel Manzano was being treated at the hospital, Emman informed the team about the intention to carry out his own investigation to save it from being manipulated by the higher-ups. The goon’s phone was password secured so Caloy decided to take it to a tech savvy neighbour  to unlock it.

Over the phone, Nick got berated by Clarissa for failing to spy on her husband as requested. Amelia lashed out at Leo and Franco on an account of how Emman ruined her maiden major auction as a leader of a prestigious syndicate.

Leo assured to fix the mess. Emman received a phone call from General Chavez and a moment later, he showed up at the DNS where Leo commended him for the major role he had played in the recent operation of the NIA. Emman denied having found anything that could support their investigation but insinuated that the syndicate still had links to the higher-ups protecting their operations.

General Chavez staged another performance to cover his involvement and swore to bring the syndicate members to book. Amelia, on the other hand, also played along with Anton’s reunion with Celine and their upcoming wedding. Later, Linda cautioned Celine about the obvious pretence of Amelia to be happy with her and her brother’s wedding.

She once again voiced out that she did not believe Nestor could have been capable of k!lling Araceli. Celine was appalled and believed Nestor might have been k!lled for knowing the dirty secrets of the Hernandezes. A moment later, Emman called Celine on the phone to notify her about the progress in the case.

Emman urged Celine to stay away from Anton as he believed that Anton was involved in the entire brouhaha. Celine noticed Anton was coming over so she deliberately argued with Emman in Anton’s favour, insisting that her fiancé had nothing to do with what had happened to Robbie. Emman was shocked as Anton took delight in the scene.

Anton, later, argued on the phone with Amelia about their worries for Arnold’s safety. Arnold happened to overhear them saying he was reserved as a backup donor for Anton once his heart failed. He was broken down into pieces by the dreadful secret. Anton turned to notice Arnold and he made a pathetic attempt to reach out to him. Arnold ran out of the house and Anton chased after him.

Emman had a talk with Nick about the syndicate, looking forward to expose Anton in order to keep Celine far from danger. Amelia had a reflection on the failed auction and Araceli’s deàth. She then called Leo on the phone.

At DNS, General Chavez dismissed Nick as he wanted to drive somewhere by himself. Caloy showed up and Nick decided to have him followed the  General. Arnold drove off in tears and Anton followed suit.


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