Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 419

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 419 Romulo declares intentions to propose marriage to Diana, Lucas sends his goons to k!ll Buena and Cruz after setting his captives free

Buena and Cruz returned inside the lair for Margie and the rest of the detainees. Buena told Margie that Flora and Adonis reached out to him for his rescue. Margie was happy that finally she was free and told Virgie how her wish of reuniting with her family has come to pass. For her, she would also return to her sister and niece.

In the palace, Damien informed Lucas that the police have discovered the detention facility and have set free all his detainees, much to Lucas’ surprise. JP wondered where they would go to keep them safe from the Cabreras.

Javier and Baldo were able to kidnap more men to replace the workers who Homer k!lled and they informed Homer about it. They also planned to recruit more men from Sto Niño. The Vendetta woke up to the cool breeze of the new year to wish each other happy new year.

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Aye and Ana how’d the sounds of the fire crackers they lighted the previous night was good enough to scare all the evil spirits away. Aubrey believed so and urged them to learn and also to follow everything that their elders would teach them.

As part of his new year’s resolution, Jerome would be cooking along with Bubbles to know how to prepare food. Cardo also cooked and Alyana woke up to tell him how lucky she was to be his wife. Damien carried out his job to ensure the detainees did not destroy Lucas’ image after they were set free.

Lucas feared when VP Hernandez’ words scared him about his two detractors who were set free and might be bigger threat to their administration. Buena and Cruz sent the Arevalos to a safe house which belonged to a colleague family who were travelled abroad. Virgie believed she would fully recover there especially having JP, her biggest doctor around her.

The two officers told the family never to hesitate to contact them whenever they needed something. The Vendetta gathered around one table for their breakfast. Ramil was really happy with the place as it was cool and peaceful unlike the noise in Manila which made the place more chaotic.

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However, Jerome said they should remain high alert and Romulo said it was the reason they had to be prepared at all times because their mission wasn’t over yet. Presently, they ate without the presence of Cardo and Alyana. Charlene and Denise began to work on their new year’s resolution to be of good of service to all those who helped them.

Surprisingly, she received a call from Margie, Flora and the rest especially Elmo who earlier stopped Charlene from picking the call were baffled.  Cardo and his wife as they left their hut talked about making kids. Alyana wanted them to father a child and Cardo told her not to worry when they give birth, he would ensure no one hurt the child like what happened to Ricky boy. Alyana told him not to blame himself for what happened to their son.

They joined the rest of the Vendetta and the group said they did not wake up early. Alyana announced to the group that they did not wake up late, actually Cardo woke up early to prepare food for them so they ate. Cardo added that they also did some laundry. Margie arrived in Flora’s house to meet her family.

Adonis was there with her and they thanked Adonis for his help in locating Margie. Charlene feared that Lucas would come for them again. Margie expressed preparedness to fight back with the rest of the detainees as she has grown more confident this time after what she and the rest went through in the detention facility. Now did not have an iota of fear to challenge Lucas.

Adonis assured to support her in the fight. The Vendetta went to their post and while strolling on the street as part of their patrol job, they saw the place quiet and no diet on the street as if they did not celebrate the new year’s eve midnight unlike Manila that they would see firecrackers littered around and that harmed many people.

Cardo was so happy that they were in Sto Niño. They went to the town’s hall. They told Counselor Marsing that they started the new year in a good foot. Since they did not want to be complacent, the Vendetta told Marsing that they would be patrolling on the first day to ensure that the peace in the place would be observed.

As they went, they passed by a glossary shop and Tadpole showed interest in Glorious so the rest teased him. He arranged to have a private talk with Glorious. He told the group that trying to be with Glorious was a move which could help them to even gain free snacks. As they were walking around, Romulo revealed his intentions not to waste time any further, he wanted to get married to Diana.

The group became happy. Ramil told him it was a good idea and they would help him in his plans. The group chanted “love is in the air.” After Aubrey expressed her fears of returning to Manila for her father to get his presidential seat, Oscar had a sober reflection and knew Aubrey was right but he was willing to take the risk.

He found it as an obligation he owed the citizenry, therefore he had to return to Manila to make things straight even if it meant that he had to put his life at risk. He said if it was left with his happiness and that of his daughter, he would have remained in Santo Niño.

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However, if he continued to hide without helping the citizenry, Lucas would keep on tormenting them while adding on to their plight to destroy the peace of the country.

“People will never be safe until I reclaim the presidency from Lucas Cabrera.”

Secretary Hipolito called Gascon to demand for the payment but Gascon said the operation just started and they only got some pieces of diamonds. He requested for them to wait till they dig up the treasure but Hipolito refused since that was not their initial agreement. Gascon informed Señor and suggested they do down payment of 50,000 pesos to get the government from their back at the moment.

Gustavo found Hipolito and Lucas as greedy corrupt officials and accepted to give them the down payment till they get the treasure to pay the rest.The Vendetta kept looting and chanting “lōve is in the air.” Cardo suggested since they were finding lõve it might be time for them to settle down. The guys planned on helping Romulo to propose to Diana without her suspecting the surprise.

Lucas addressed the media to deliver his new year’s message and still blamed the Vendetta for the problems and the incessant abduction of humans as well as the chaos the country experienced for the last 12 months. He called for the country’s  support to end the terrors of the Vendetta and thanked them for their unwavering support. Gina supported Cabrera and also blamed Vendetta for the atrocities.

Teddy in his safe house with his sick wife and son said though Lucas was a major threat but there were still fearless people including him and with the help of the Vendetta, they would defeat Lucas. After his presidential duties, Lucas held meeting with his cabinet members to get an update on their illegal business.  Some of the drug syndicates have paid 150 million some over 200million but Hipolito still had no result to show.

The Venom members tried to talk to Homer to caution him about his action since they were not in their territory. Homer took consolation in the fact that he was linked to a powerful resourced men so he threatened to bury Baldo’s group if they tried something shoddy. Least did he know that Javier was scheming against him especially now that Tyson had switched to take the side of Homer. Javier swore to make Tyson pay for switching position.

Lucas then discussed the detention facility which was raided by the police. He planned to blame everything on Vendetta. Since they did not know the whereabouts of Teddy, Hipolito believed the police officers were keeping the Arevalos. In Sto Niño, food was ready and the ladies were happy to hear the voices of the fraction of the Vendetta who went for patrolling approaching.

When they came in and were asked to join the table Greco said the food were not plenty and they could not wait to have a feast like the previous night. As the guys were happy talking about it, Diana in amazement asked if there would be an upcoming feast. They said yes, Tadpole could not wait to get married to the daughter of the glossary shop operator, Glorious.

They teased Tadpole and Alyana and Diana were happy. Diana was impressed as she told Tadpole that every woman becomes elated when they are getting married and Romulo asked if she would be happy to get married again and she said yes, if only someone wanted her to. The group laughed and Delfin told Romulo that Diana wanted to be proposed to. The group made fun.

Buena joined Cruz at the safe house and presented food to the Arevalos. Teddy was grateful for caring for him and his family. Buena saw that as the least he could do to help him. He told Teddy not to worry now because there were lots of people protesting against the Cabreras. Teddy then turned to JP to follow what they earlier discussed for him not to join any rally.

Buena asked Cruz to leave since he would take over but Cruz left his keys. Least did he know that he was ambushed. Sounds of gün shõts were heard so Buena made the Arevalos hide. Cruz exchanged fire with the goons of the Cabreras but fell once he opened the door. Buena took charge and asked the Arevalos to pass through the backdoor while he faced the goons.

No sooner, in the middle of the crossfire, Buena was shõt down while the Arevalos had hit the road running to save their lives.


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