Science has established that lesbians have better $3x than straight women

Science has established that lesbians have better $3x than straight women

Science has established that lesbians have better $3x than straight women


Science has established that lesbians have better $3x than straight women

Several studies have shown that women who have $3x with their fellow women do have better and enjoyable $3x than straight women.

In 2014 report from the Journal of S3xual Medicine found that 75 per cent of lesbians had orga$ms during $ex, compared to 61 per cent of heterosexual women, the site notes.

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Another larger survey from the Kinsey Institute found lesbians orgasmed 86 per cent of the time during $3x, while only 65 per cent of straight women did.

Claire AH, a Toronto-based LGBTQ+ matchmaker said there were many reasons why the results favoured lesbians.

She explained to Global News that women understand their bodies better than their male counterparts.

“Everyone who identifies with masculinity, are fed a very narrow idea of what $3x is, and it doesn’t often include much outside of penetrative $3x meant to display skill and virility leading to their own orgasm,” Clair said.

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She indicated that “$.3.x needs to be paired with a lot of nuance and understanding of what each individual partner wants, needs, likes and dislikes.”

Matty Silver, a $3xual health therapist based in Australia told the Guardian that women knew their own bodies and knew where to explore to excite them.

“Lesbian women know where their klit)rix is and know what to do with it to get an orga$m. They don’t need to show their le$bian partner what to do, which means their $3xual satisfaction is higher,” he told the site.

Claire further indicated that having $.3.x with people who have similar bodies to their own could lead to more familiarity, adding that  “knowing exactly what stimulates you doesn’t happen overnight. And because not all women have a clit)ris, $3x should be about getting to know what works for each individual.”

S3z education, she explained is mostly terrible, and depictions of s3x in pop culture often focus on the male orgasm.

“Our current heterosexual script does not leave much room for s3x outside of its norms.”

“We need to do away with the concepts of foreplay vs. real $3x. It categorises acts, creates a hierarchy of importance, and encourages a focus on activities which are generally not necessarily pleasurable or even desirable to everyone involved,” Clair said.

She added that $3x is most exciting when people are creative, communicative, and untethered from societal expectations.

Talk about what you want, explore together, check in, feel free to do things in a way that feels “out of order,” and don’t centre on one person’s orga$m as the de facto end of the $3zual experience.”


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