The Better Half— Episode 9

The Better Half— Episode 9 Bianca and Marco marry in a grand wedding

All too soon, Bianca arrives to find Marco seated on the bed, dazing. The wind seems to blow, Marco begins to shiver, she warms him up with a blanket.

Being a mother for the first time, she went shopping for the baby and the family, “ngaaaa, ngaaaa, ngaaa” wait! Is that the cry of the baby? She begins pulling things from the shopping bag, showing the stuffs she had bought for the day.

Unhappy how Bianca’s father was raising her, Clarita complained and advised Alfred to cut off the amount of money he has been sending to Bianca.

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Holds back his anger, Alfredo did not want to engage in a fight with her, it might been jealousy! Oh women, he thought!

“The money is meant for my granddaughter’s christening and it is nowhere near the money Juancho has stolen from our company,” he sniffs the rest of his cold words. This definitely will not go down well with Clarita. She could only stares in disbelief.

Finally, the Queen of the story, Camille who seems poor but rich when it comes to luck with men got all that she wanted! Her dream has come to pass. With the touch of love her problem is solved… magic! Now her preschool is finally built.

As a loving husband who could go any length to secure his wife and family,  Rafael approved all the decisions made by Camille to manage the school.

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Helen presented a playground set to help them use in the furnishing of the school.

Knowing the character of Helen, Camille smelt war, she wondered the plot her mother in law is forming against her.

Already, Helen had been describing her as gold digger, her eyes seemed confused, “that might be an insult” she turns her eyes to Rafael.

“This is not part of the plans i approved,” her weak voice echoed to Rafael.

Rafael promised to talk to Helen, perhaps for her not to support his family again. That is the “Can do” spirit every man with family flaunts to the society.

At work, Rafael presented an eco friendly project to the board and proposed a partnership with Alfredo’s company.

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As a business partner, his father assures him that they would look into it and adjourned the meeting.

Rafael called on Luicito to talk to Helen  to discuss things with them before she gives such gifts to his wife even when she meant well. Luicito knew his son was right, he is a big boy and he can fix everything, especially his family and finances. He promised to talk to a character he calls a wife.

Karma they always say is a b*t*h, Bianca looks agitated, her face and that her devil look! Marco is not in bed again. Tears almost dribbles down from her face, he must be searching for ways and means to get in touch with Camille. Sad! She is paying a heavy price for her deeds.

What goes around certainly comes back around! No she stood from bed, her eyes was still heavy as she just woke up from her sleep. She searched for Marco and accused him for looking for Camille, Marco turns by event; “Why are you upset?” Bianca looked over his computer only to find out that he had been looking over furniture designs. Marco said that he was looking for designs to furnish their daughter’s room. She looked surprised, that awkward face to realise what she had been thinking was not true.

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Camille sparks pregnancy rumour

Camille and Rafael’s family decided on family dinner, as they dined Helen offered Edgar and Susan a farm house, saying  it needed upkeep and would help them keep up with their faming lifestyle. Edgar and Susan accepted it but they said that they would pay rent for it.

Camille suddenly experienced some head ache and felt dizzy. A woman only knows this sickness, Helen concluded that she was pregnant. Everyone got excited and Rafael said that he would take her up to her room to sleep. Camille was not pregnant and Rafael helped her break the news to the family. Helen said that it was fine but asked that they have children soon because she wanted to play with them when she still could.

Bianca searches for Marco

As usual! Madam love hunter, Bianca starts a routine check to fish out where Marco has escaped to. All in black, depicting her mood of depression. “Wanting someone who does not want you in life.”

“Love they say makes one a fool”

“Love is definitely wicked” she might be thinking clinging her daughter to her heart.

The Better Half--- Episode 9

Casting all her spirit to find him, She went to their store and met his absent. The thought of Camille has eaten his mind, she wondered the kind of dose Camille gave to Marco. She broke into tears as she runs home.

The Better Half--- Episode 9

Surprise! her face changed, that killer look starts to fade, frown on her face dwindles. She stood in amazement the room is decorated in flowers and balloons.

“What is the bigger occasion?” she wondered.

The Better Half--- Episode 9

Marco Proposes to Bianca

Marco appeared! He smiles a new wind blew… he presented a bouquet of flower, while he helped her by carrying the Julia.

The Better Half--- Episode 9

He laid the baby in her cot and proposed to her.

The Better Half--- Episode 9

Amidst music and dance, Marco’s hand runs through her hair to urge her on for an answer. She has been waiting for this moment for too long she sniffed back

The Better Half--- Episode 9

“Yes!” Her answer swept Marco off his feet. They hugged!

Audit report

Alfredo got the Juancho’s audit report and found out that he had embezzled 200 million from the company.

They were in deep financial crisis and his finance manager assures to find a way to deal with it. Alfredo showed the report to Clarita and told her about how her brother had stolen from them.

Alfredo decided to fly to Colorado for Bianca’s wedding and Julia’s christening to get his mind off their financial problems.

Marco and Bianca’s wedding

Now the wait is over, Bianca and Marco had the wedding well planned. A Garden wedding they opted, something extra ordinary from the usual church wedding!

All white, with her pink flowery hair band, Bianca walked majestically to have her vows. Yes the “Yes I Do” moment that can cripple you down.

The Better Half--- Episode 9

“I, Marco, take you, Bianca
to be my wife,
to have and to hold
from this day forward;
for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish,
till death us do part,
according to God’s holy law.
In the presence of God I make this vow.” Marco and Bianca repeating after the pastor Bianca who is already dying for that moment added,

“I will forever love you”


They ki$$ed as if their life depended on it! Well Marco has married but that one question still stands on his mind, is “Bianca the lady he has been dreaming to help him recover from his amnesia?”

They got an offer from the Cabrera group, Rafael’s company to give them a proposal about having a partnership. Rafael liked the proposal but Luicito who was the CEO then decided that it would not be good to do business with the Buenafacio company due to their financial problems.

Five years later, Rafael was named as the CEO of his father’s company while Camille’s school continued to see massive development.

Marco and Bianca catered for Julia, she got everything she wanted on a silver platter this led her to grow up as spoilt child. She did not want to go to school but Bianca persuaded her and told her about the need for education.

Alfredo collapsed

Alfredo had to result to retrenching his employees to save of cost since his company was yet to recover from its financial crisis. All stressed as he giddies finding solutions to his business problems. He collapsed and he hit the floor.


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