The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 24-28

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 24-28 Ellice k!lls Francis to bury her past, Gabriel files for divorce, Gelo dies in a bloody encounter with Ellice’s henchmen

Francis surprises Marissa and Ellice when he suddenly drops by the Ceñidoza Pearls’ office. While there, he blackmails Ellice into accepting his proposal in exchange for keeping his silence over her long-kept secret.

Meanwhile, Heidi decides to run away from home after a heated argument with Sonya Ellice tries to keep calm despite learning that her and Caesar’s plan of silencing Francis seemingly went awry. However, Ellice’s predicament is far from solved when she receives a scheduled email from her late friend.

After finally locating Heidi, Sonya unleashes her wrath on Gelo. Elsewhere, Gabriel is filled with rage as he finally learns about his wife’s long-kept secret. Learning about the horrible experience that Marissa underwent, Lucing confronts Ellice for her lies and for abandoning her best friend in prison. Spending time away from his wife after learning the truth, Gabriel finally realises the feelings he has for Marissa.

Meanwhile, Adelina shares a moment of vulnerability with Marissa as she entrusts the latter with valuable files. Elsewhere, Heidi and Sonya begin to repair their relationship as they have a heart-to-heart conversation.
With the help of Agatha, Ellice learns about one of Marissa’s darkest secrets. Coming to terms with his true feelings for Marissa, Gabriel tells Ellice that he wants a divorce.

Elsewhere, Adelina discovers that Francis has perished. Ellice is filled with rage upon seeing pictures of Marissa and Gabriel enjoying a romantic date. Deeming the situation opportune, Caesar takes advantage of the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO’s moment of weakness and convinces her into accepting his tempting offer.

Meanwhile, Adelina reveals her past to Marissa in hopes of persuading her to be her successor. Elsewhere, Sonya finally allows Gelo to court Heidi. Lucing prepares something special for Gelo as he looks forward to his date with Heidi.

While getting ready for her trip with Gabriel, Marissa’s plans are cut short when Adelina alerts her about a hit put out on her life. Meanwhile, Ellice is sent into a panic when she finds out that Caesar pushed through with her spur-of-the-moment request to get rid of her rival.

As Marissa runs for her life, two heartbreaking tragedies come to pass. Seventeen years following the disappearance of Marissa and Jacob, Gabriel and Lucing still cling on to hope that they will see their l0ved ones again. Ellice, on the other hand, hides behind the veil of her power as she carries the consequences of her past decisions.

Elsewhere, Hope meets a cunning young man at a bookstore. Jake and Hope continue to lock horns as they bump into each other in the campus. Both getting into trouble after bickering at the school library, Hope gets surprised by the young man’s sudden actions. Ellice, meanwhile, learns about the arrival of Ceñidoza Pearls’ new competitor.

Gabriel continues to distance himself from Ellice, leaving the latter in latter in grave dismay. Unbeknownst to the couple, the tension between them is already taking a toll on Hope. Meanwhile, Jake’s popularity at the university steadily grows as he defends a schoolmate from a group of bullies. Amidst all the attention he is getting, he begins to take interest in Hope.

Learning about Jake’s application to the League of Business Students, Hope tries to ruin his chances of getting in. However, Jake makes use of his wits to thwart her plans and even manages to find a way to partner up with her for a class project. Meanwhile, Ellice is overjoyed when Gabriel shows her a hint of affection. Later on, Gabriel recognises a familiar piece of jewelry among La Sierra’s collection as Ceñidoza Pearls tries to scout out their competition.

While preparing for their school project, Hope and Jake unknowingly find themselves locked inside their school library. Waiting for help, Jake tries his best to comfort and uplift Hope’s mood after she suffered from an asthma attack. Meanwhile, Ellice is filled with worry as she awaits her daughter’s return.

Following the incident at the library, a rumor about Jake and Hope starts to spread like wildfire in the campus. Feeling betrayed, the young Villarosa confronts and accuses the transfer student of using the gossip to bolster his image as a womaniser. Ellice, meanwhile, underestimates La Sierra as Ceñidoza Pearls prepares for its new collection.

After clearing the air between them, Jake and Hope grow closer as they work on their school project. Gabriel soon meets his daughter’s new friend and shares a small talk about their common interest. Later, the Villarosa patriarch begins to get frustrated with his mysterious client’s unreasonable demands. Ellice meanwhile, only meets mystery after mystery as she tries to dig information about La Sierra.


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