The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 91

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 91 Sandrino’s alter ego defeats him in a fight to make his mission stands, Baristo d!es in a battle to save Gabriel and Pina

Supremo went to the lair to discover the havoc wreak upon his temple and he believed Tristan was behind it so he dared him to reveal himself to face him.

Soraya, Greta and Ellice arrived there so Sandrino urged them to spill out the person responsible for that.

“I need you to tell me who among you has switched sides to betray me?”

“It’s you Supremo!”Soraya uttered.

“Soraya…” Greta chipped in.

Sandrino strangled her to repeat what she said. Greta retorted that she was speaking the truth and they witnessed him doing that to his followers and even followed to record some of the things he was doing.

He watched the video and denied being the one.

“But why will I k!ll my own followers?”

Greta believed it might be the work of the LLU. They used black magic on Supremo and cast spell to make him k!ll his own members.

“Your power has become two entities may be that is it!” Soraya said.

At the LLU camp, Tristan appeared with James to question Malia to explain it to him. Malia turned to Lemuel to ask why James was still a vampire. Lemuel admitted he had been lying but did that to win Tristan for him to be their ally but Malia confronted him for doing the wrong thing. Tristan left and Malia followed him to ask for his forgiveness for the lies of Lemuel and James.

Tristan had built his hopes high that he could finally become human and lead his normal life and the life he dreamt of. Malia said that aim could still be accomplished even if they were immortals. Malia then went to stand under the moon to pray to her mother and father to help and guide her to be more powerful than Supremo so that she could win the battle against the monster creature.

Sandrino in the blood farm, cast out his alter ego to confront him for his act.

“It was you!” Sandrino pointed to his alter ego.

“You were the one who came and k!lled my followers.”

“You just came out without my consent and proceeded to k!ll people.”

“Why do I expect you to answer me?”

“This is just an illusion!”

“Is this really happening right now?”

“It is!” His alter ego replied.

“This is impossible!” Sandrino objected.

“I am the one who is manipulating you.”

“Are you sure about that?” His alter ego taunted.

“Or is it the other way round.”

“I have already k!lled many but you didn’t know it was happening!”

“But how is it possible,” Sandrino wondered.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” His alter ego retorted.

“To be the most Powerful creature in the world?”

“But then you went ahead to k!ll my followers too and that is not part of the plan which I built,” Sandrino hissed.

“We should be k!lling mortals and werewolves.”

“Everyone in this world will be gone soon,” His alter ego gave Sandrino a gist of his plan.

“Everyone except you!”

“Who will be my subject if they all d!e” Sandrino disagreed with his alter ego.

“That does not make sense!”

“My power will serve no purpose if that happens.”

“As for you, you have a thirst for blood of monsters!”

“You and I are different!”

“You really believe that?” His alter ego taunted.

“You are capable of k!lling someone you l0ved…”

” Isn’t that the most evil thing that one could ever do?”

” You and I are one!”

“I am the only one who remains on your side!”

“Why?” “Is your conscience bothering you now?”

“How much does life matters to you?”

“I guess it is not that much because you don’t think of anyone but yourself.”

“That is nothing but a lie,” Sandrino hissed.

“That is right,” His alter ego responded.

“I forgot the world has made you suffer so much!”

“I will be filled with hatred if my own mother tried to k!ll me.”

“You were betrayed by your sister Samantha, by Jacintha and now by Tristan.”

“The world treated you as a monster.”

“You deserved to be pitied.”

“My plans is supposed to give me what I want,” Sandrino objected.

“You want l0ve and acceptance…” His alter ego smiled.

“To fill the void by those who didn’t l0ve and accept you.”

“But no one is going to l0ve you!”

“Everyone will try to use you.”

“I want you to shut up,” Sandrino ordered.

“And that is the main reason you should eliminate all of them,” His alter ego uttered.

“And if you can’t bring yourself to do that then I will….. I will k!ll them!”

Sandrino had enough and fought his alter ego but his evil self defeated him. Malia returned to the camp and Baristo had a talk with her to inform her that he wanted to live a life of happiness and peace just like when she was living a simple life with Mateo and Lia in San Isidro, the time Malia mistook him or a huge dog.

After the alter ego defeated Sandrino, he instructed Sandrino’s followers to spread terror by k!lling people. The minions also did as they were instructed but Tristan and Malia saved many mortals and k!lled the minions.

Tristan after k!lling the vampires who were after some students went to buy a gift for Gabriel since it was his and Pina’s anniversary. Meanwhile, Collin called Apple that he sneaked out of the house to be with them.

Unknown to him, Elise was tracing him and informed Supremo’s about it. Gabriel brought a flower to Pina to remind her of their anniversary and the old woman was happy that her husband was still thoughtful.

Suddenly, the flower was blown away. Gabriel tried to find it and discovered a dead body. Pina who followed him and was stopping him was stunned after her husband’s gestures made her realise someone was at her back. It was no other than Sandrino.

Fortunately, Baristo arrived in time to find Sandrino. He ordered Tilde, James and the rest to secure Apple and Doc and Collin and he fought Sandrino in order to save Pina and Gabriel.

“This is for Malia, Lia and Mateo and for everyone who you have murdered,” Baristo said as he turned into wolf to pounce on Sandrino but was stubbed.

“No matter what you do the prophecy will still come to pass.. ”

“You will be k!lled by Malia.”

Pina and Gabriel cried for Sandrino k!lling Baristo.

Malia after receiving a call got to the camp with Jake and Miriam only to find Baristo’s body. She wept bitterly and recalled all the good moments they shared together, his advice and promise to be with her throughout the battle. She kept crying, later, Tristan returned to discover the bad news.

Malia asked Gael to find Sandrino’s followers to find where Sandrino was hiding. As Tristan was talking to Apple with Doc apologising for Collin being the reason their hideout was found, Sandrino called and James alerted Malia. Malia went in and Tristan put the phone on louder speaker for them to listen to the conversation but Sandrine ended the call.

The LLU television received signals of Sandrino holding Pina and Gabriel as hostages. In a bid to prove the old couple wrong that Tristan could not be good that they earlier claimed. Tristan warned him not to hurt his family since he was his target. But Malia said it all started with her as she was the target due to the prophecy so he should rather take her on.

Sandrino indicated that he did not care about any prophecy and that prophecy mattered not to him. He insisted that Tristan betrayed him and chose the mortals over him.

“The same blood runs through our veins but I never considered you my brother,” Tristan got upset.

“What if I k!ll the people who you consider to be your family?” Sandrino retorted.


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