The Killer Bride Episode 41

The Killer Bride Episode 41

The Killer Bride Episode 41 Fabio falls into coma 

Camila was sent away by inspector Alejandro. At the hospital, Ingrid scolded Vito for being an ally of Camila and his inability to inform them early about the bombing incident.

Camila was questioned by Alejandro and was told to be transferred to Manila since she was a fugitive.

The doctor told Fabio about the health status of Emma. In prison, the inmates gossiped about Camila being the killer bride.

Camila later received a video from Luciano informing her that Vida was alive. He explained that the woman who he made her to set the prison ablaze decided to save Vida.

She asked about the unknown person who placed the phone in prison. As Fabio was arranging with the lawyer to facilitate the process of Camila’s review someone from behind dropped.

Later Camila was exonerated from the crimes levelled against her, even though some people protested against her being set free.

Tatiana who engaged with the media insisted that Camila was not innocent. The news about Camila Dela Torre not guilty broke through out the media.

She was interviewed and her attorney said the court has given its final verdict that she was not guilty.

Emma who watched the news was with Fabio at the hospital. She said the bombing incident made everyone lost a l*ved one.

At the cemetery, Luna together with Mildred went to lay flowers on the grave of their fallen friends.

Meanwhile, Elias at the plantation was sad about the explosion. Luna got there to talk to Elias about her pending birthday. She said she did not want to celebrate but her mom insisted. Elias wished her happy birthday.

Luna was thankful that her family together with Elias were okay. Vito got to the ward of Fabio and the nurse came in. Emma wanted to change Fabio’s attire but was not allowed.

Emma voiced out the mean way the people were treating her. She said someone threw a drink at her but managed to swerve it, more reason their lawyer provided security for them.

Vito lamented that it was because they kept something vital from the people, hence their action. He then advised Emma to get to Manila and leave the life of Las Espadas behind.

The lawyer asked Camila if there was no evidence about her innocence concerning Jack’s death and she said the evidence she had was the one Luciano confessing about the bomb.

As the car was moving she told the driver to stop, someone sent Camila to the jail guard who survived the fire outbreak.

She went to see her and she asked about the nurse who had her daughter. She had crisis and told Camila that her daughter did not make it alive and if she did she would look awful like her and wouldn’t want to see her.

Camila fled, however, during Luna’s party a friend of Tessa complemented her and said single looked good on her.

She was surprised to hear that, the gossip kept on with her nagging. Andres was sitting and had a vision about a corpse with a burnt face.

The gossip at the party told Tessa that she would hook her up with a man named Oliverio. Luna scolded Melissa for her gossip mouth. Antonia also said she did not look like a person who was mourning for her sister Mariana who died from the recent explosion.

Vito approached Tessa to talk to her to understand that he had no hand in Camila and Emma’s plan.

Tessa ended the relationship and asked Vito to respect her decision. Camila went to Dako Paroon to talk to her nanny, Manay Ichu.

She apologised to her but Manay Ichu was upset that she kept her in the dark. She said she was the only person she trusted that was why she sent Emma to her to take care of her.

Elias went to the hospital to look for Carmen, who lost her leg and feeling dramatised a month after the horrible incident.

Elias left there with an encouraging words to Carmen’s husband to pass it on to her that she looked more beautiful even with her state. He promised to present flowers to her everyday.

Manay Ichu kept crying that she blamed herself for the supposed demise of Camila. She said Camila used her and others.

She begged her and embraced her but Manay Ichu pushed her away saying the Camila she raised was different from the Camila who was standing infront of her.

She explained that the Camila she raised would not act like how Camila behaved. Camila knelt before her but she said she did not know how she could forgive her.

Camila stood at the Dako Pa Roon gather and cried. Emma spotted Elias. He did not want to talk to her but she ran after him, explaining that she knew nothing about the bomb.

Adding that she wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt, especially Manay Ichu, Luis and him. Elias did not give ears to her, claiming her words were lies and was a good idea that she kept her distance.

He told her to stay clear away from him.
Camila got to the hospital to inform Emma that she had hired someone to investigate the person who did that to Fabio.

Camila believed one of Luciano’s men did that to him. Emma felt happy that the bullet didn’t not penetrate into his skull, that she said the doctor noted could have killed him.


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