The sabotage in Kumawoood collapsed it— Agya Koo

The sabotage in Kumawoood collapsed it— Agya Koo

Veteran actor Alex Kofi Adu known in the industry as Agya Koo has revealed that the sabotage in Kumawood led to its collapse.

According to him, some renowned actors including himself who were good for marketing at a point got sidelined and it affected Kumawood.

He noted that his exclusion at the time deeply affected the industry and dwindled sales since he was the most marketable actor.

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Speaking in an interview, Agya Koo noted that after some key players sabotaged him, they then blamed the emergence of compact discs (CDs) without embracing the fact that Ghanaians could not relate to the new actors they replaced him with.

“They sidelined me, and now they blame the emergence of CDs for the collapse of the industry, which is not true. But they will not accept this fact,” he said.

Agya Koo emphasised that his name was synonymous with Ghanaian cinema, especially among the Ghanaian diaspora, notably in the United States of America.

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He observed that people who inquired about movies from Ghana invariably included a key question: “Is Agya Koo part of the cast?” before patronising.

That, according to him, was evidence of his unmatched marketability and influence at the time until he was sidelined.

“Though I was not the only one acting at the time, any time people wanted to watch Ghanaian movies, they mentioned the name Agya Koo. Why didn’t they ask for someone else’s name?” he quizzed.

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