The Stepdaughters Episode 12

The Stepdaughters Episode 12 Isabelle throws Hernan out over his secret marriage with Luisa

Mayumi went for lunch with Francis and told him about her mother’s relationship with Hernan. Francis was surprised to hear about it but Mayumi said they were no longer together as they had already broken up.

They teased each other while eating their noodles. Isabelle saw them as she was passing by the eatery. She decided to teach Mayumi a lesson for continuing to flirt with Francis. She and her friend hired some guys to harass Mayumi when she was going home. The guys harassed Mayumi but she fought back and ended up getting hurt.

Francis rushed to her rescue and Mayumi passed out since she hit her head. Francis sent Mayumi to the hospital and called her mother. Hernan went to the hospital and asked to speak with Luisa. He told her that he wanted them to get back together but Luisa refused. She sent Mayumi home.

Later, Hernan found out that Luisa would be going out of town for a few days. His friend suggested that he follow her and talk to her where they could not be interrupted by anyone. Hernan went after Luisa and asked her to marry him. Luisa said no as she was worried about their children. Hernan insisted that Isabelle and Mayumi were both grown up.

He said they should focus on themselves and asked her again to marry him, claiming that was his way of showing his commitment to her. Luisa finally agreed and they had a secret wedding.

A few days later, Mayumi went to a restaurant since Luisa invited her for dinner. When she arrived, Isabelle was already sitting at the table and they were both upset that their reservations were on the same table. They were fighting about changing tables when Hernan arrived.

Mayumi decided to leave but Hernan asked her to stay. Luisa arrived too and held Hernan’s hand, surprising both Mayumi and Isabelle. Hernan told them that he and Luisa got married which further upset Mayumi and Isabelle.

Isabelle attacked Luisa for going after her father and their money. Hernan however defended Luisa and pushed Isabelle away. Isabelle got angry that her father had chosen to side with Luisa and Mayumi. She stormed out, Hernan went to speak with her but Isabelle wouldn’t listen. She accused Hernan of cheating on her mother, believing that Hernan had always had feelings for Luisa.

Luisa tried to explain things to Mayumi but she was upset that Luisa got married in secret without telling her about her plans. Luisa asked Mayumi not to get upset. Mayumi said she was not angry, but hurt that her mother did something so important without telling her.

When Mayumi went home, she talked to Baby and Sasha. They asked her to understand Luisa and give her support since that was what she needed at the moment. When Luisa arrived home, she was shocked to see Mayumi carrying a bag and she thought that Mayumi was leaving the house.

Mayumi said she was taking back Sasha’s clothes that she had borrowed. She also assured Luisa that she would never leave and would support her marriage with Hernan.
Meanwhile, Hernan went home to speak to Isabelle. Isabelle got drunk and absolutely refused to listen to Hernan.

She threatened to leave but Hernan asked her not to go. Isabelle agreed not to go but then asked Hernan to leave. She said she would not allow him to bring Luisa and Mayumi to leave in the same house with her. Hernan got upset when Isabelle talked ail of Luisa and he almost hit Isabelle. He therefore decided to leave the house like his daughter asked.


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