Viral Scandal Finale Episode 64

Viral Scandal Episode 64 Troy resigns from his post as Sidero Mayor, Jigs imprisoned for multiple rape charges while Alberto suffers stroke

At Balai Arkitektura, Rica took her seat and Chino saw that she was not used to not seeing Kyle’s face at the office. Elsewhere, Raven and Troy went to the funeral anniversary of Bobby.

A certain woman called out Troy’s name, addressing him as a mayor but Troy refreshed her mind that he was no longer the Mayor of Sidero and he stepped down a year ago. The woman said Troy was one of the best mayors Sidero ever had.

Axel advised Chino to stop bothering Rica simply because he missed Kyle and told him that Kyle would return soon. For the meantime, he was there to keep Rica company and Rica asked him if he has not invested in someone else. Axel said she would always be special to him. Due to the tease, Rica tried to arm herself with her stun gun.

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Raven asked Troy if Alberto would grace the occasion and wondered if Alberto even cared that Bobby was gone. Troy reflected on how Bobby d!ed. As they were fighting over the guπ, the trigger accidentally pulled but it hit no one. Rica was still frozen while holding the wood.

Kyle managed to get the guπ when Troy who rose from the ground punched Booby. He advised Bobby to surrender but Bobby was not ready to give him the satisfaction of throwing him into jail for him to be by his son’s side in the same cell. He lamented that Troy had always outsmart him and had always been the favourite of their father so he would not make him win.

Bobby threw himself to the end. Untill the very end, Troy said Bobby could not let go of his anger as they were raised by Alberto as rivals. Due to Bobby, Troy said he realised that he did not want to be a politician but Alberto pushed him into it just for him to be cunning like him, thus why he resigned.

Raven was so proud of him, stressing that he would never be like Alberto and it was good enough that he resigned from his position. She believed they could start afresh. Elsewhere, the lawyer and Alberto were at the precinct preparing Jigs for the hearing.

He warned him to stick to the statement to make Rica looks like a dishonest girl who was hating him for no reason. Alberto also reminded the lawyer to discredit Rica if she goes into the box as a witness.

Jigs asked Alberto whether he could remember the day as Bobby’s deàth anniversary. He lamented that until the very end his late father did lõve Alberto and even chose dêàth that to face him for his disappointment.

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Alberto warned Jigs to mind the manner he was talking to him, reminding him that he was the only one Jigs was left with and if he could remember his father, then he should know that Troy was responsible for his demise. Therefore he should brace himself to avenge Bobby’s deàth.

That was their chance to regain everything that Troy and his daughter took from them. Kakay advised Rica to make her voice heard at the court till everyone listens to her to know she never lied. Kyle sent a stuff toy, Baby destiny to Rica and when Rica came to the living room, Bea and Pogs were holding hands while they had their learning materials in front of them.

Dan sacked Pogs to go home since it was late. Bea complained and her father reminded her that the time he allowed Pogs to over stay, he was not her boyfriend but now he was. Pogs told Dan that he was the best dad in the world and promised to take care of Bea the manner he took care of his family.

Kyle texted her to ask if she had received Baby Destiny. He told her to hug it once she did, Kyle appeared. He came from US just to make it to the next day hearing. Rica asked him how he was feeling after the rooftop incident and he said he was okay still he could not get the pains from his heart. However, his questions on his dad’s deàth were answered.

Raven visited Jigs but he reminded her of her betrayal and told her that coming there almost every day would not change anything. Raven told him that he was seeking for his betterment because covering up for him would not save him. She wanted him to change from his ways of disrespecting women, something he learnt from Bobby and Alberto to save him.

Raven said she did not care if she was the only person left by his side. She lõved him unconditionally and believed a good therapy would change his mindset of being a rapist. Jigs teared down after he was earlier protesting against Raven’s advice.

It was the day of the hearing and Rica received so many texts messages from her colleagues as well as Raven, Cassie and Ella. Dan told Rica that they were all there to support her and when her strength was failing, she should look at them to draw strength from them. Rose believed Rica could do it and Ella said girls support girls. Rica hugged Ella, Cassie and Raven.

As Attorney Dizon was telling Troy how determined she was in winning the case, Alberto arrived in time to protest against their winning morale. Kakay warned him to let go of his arrogance and said if Romeo had ratted him out, he would have joined his grandson in jail.

Alberto said insignificant people like the Sicats would not be able to send him to jail. His grandson was a great man, so, therefore, a girl like Rica would not be able to destroy him. He threatened to make them see their place. To his dismay, Audrey appeared in the court room to talk in favour of the Sicats. Raven thought her mother was in Europe but she said she could not miss that important day.

Rica was grateful to her for defending her. Audrey said it was the least she could do after what they did to ruin her life. Jigs was brought to the court room. Rica was sent into the box to give a witness account. She narrated the internship party which she and her colleagues went to the club but saw a certain guy bothering Rose so she went to grab bottle to drink it herself not knowing it was spike.

She wanted to call her father as what she was feeling, she believed was not right. However, she woke in a hotel naked and bloodied. The lawyer of the defendant, wondered why Rica reported the rape case in six days time while she reported to work two days after the said ràpe. Rica said she was in shock and had no idea who sent her to the hotel until she saw the scandalous video.

Jigs took his stand and said Rica called him to help her out since she was drunk. He said Rica had always liked to drink so she got drunk and he sent her to a hotel. Though she was drunk and they were couple, she gave her consent. Rica was upset by the lies and denied having any relationship with Jigs.

The lawyers from both camps went to a private room to review the unedited video with the judge and Attorney Dizon said everything on the video suggested Rica was unconscious and unaware of the happenings around her. The video even depicted that Jigs positioned her for the camera but the accused lawyer insisted that it was consensual sëx.

Rica went into the box again to react to Jigs words, saying she was not the girlfriend of Jigs and all the witnesses who testified that there was something going on between her and Jigs were all lies, Jigs was lying to them just like he did with the Sidero people. She cried that there were more of the ladies who Jigs did that to and wondered when Jigs would admit to himself that he did that.

Jigs was called into the box again to say he had always recorded Rica whenever they were having sēx. His lawyer asked him where he kept the other videos, looking at Raven and Audrey Jigs got emotional. He could not take it anymore so he broke down and finally spoke the truth that Rica was actually telling the truth, he raped her, surprising the camp of the Sicats and most especially Alberto.

“What did you do?” Alberto roared .

I thought your fõolishness d!ed together with your stúp!d father but I was wrong all along.

“You just a stūp!d as…” He began choking and fell off making Troy and Audrey rushed to his rescue. A news suddenly broke about the surprising statement which the former Sidero counselor stated in court. He suffered multiple charges together with the anti video voyeurism was filed against the Ramones friends.

“Life isn’t simple and that easy even if you’re living in your own bubble, minding your own business, working on your dreams and lōving the people you choose to löve,” a voice over of Rica said.

“You’re still bound to have struggles along the way.”

Audrey knocked on the door of Kakay to deliver some architect books which she saw and bought in Paris for Rica to enhance her work. Kakay thanked her and said she was sure Rica would lōve it. She made Audrey wait since she equally hand some hampers for her.

Kakay asked if there was something they could do to stop her from returning to Paris. Audrey said she was learning some designs in there now that she was divorced. Kakay was happy that she was happy and they vowed to fight as women.

“And there are some days that when simply open your eyes or just breathing seems difficult and painful and you feel like giving up,” the voiceover continued.

“As if the world is on your shoulder.”

Troy cared for his stroke stricken father who was confide in a wheel. As the helper wheeled him to his room, Laura appeared to say he did not need to care for his father especially after what Alberto did to him. Troy was doing that to mark the new beginning of his life and that of Raven and Laura said he was a good man. The words of Laura cheered the heart of Troy.

“But even if life beats you down or knocks you off your feet, despite everything life will always give you joy!”

Bea made Pogs walked five steps behind since he did not like her instapost. Pogs was not online so he took his phone went online to like and comment as well but Nico saw them as being cheezy.

“Life will give you family!”

Troy was running chains of hotels and was able to take care of his sick father and do charity programmes so Raven wondered how he was able to combine everything. Troy said it was simple since he drew his strength from his two girls, Rica and Raven, besides Laura was equally helping him.

Rica asked Raven that she heard someone was Invested in her and Troy asked of who the investor was. Raven said nobody and Rica added that it was their little secret. The said cheese to take a picture.

“Life will give you a new beginning!”

Axel saw Raven in a bar and as usual he was quick to tell her not to be there. The two requested for their juice from the waiter.

“And life will give you lõve!”

Karla told Dan that who would have thought their life would be peaceful and quiet while a year ago everything was chaos. Dan said people used to look down on him and has always viewed his future as blake but Kakay changed it and they have beautiful children. Kakay was still in shock about how she almost lost him the previous year ago but Dan said he was alive and they would continue having a happy life together.

At the rooftop, Rica told Kyle that life was funny and not easy. Kyle admitted that life was not easy and they had to keep fighting and promised to keep fighting for their dreams to come true. He said the Constantino building was the ace they first met and there, held the memories of both emotions and pains.

Rica said after everything that she went through she was amazed that she still had people who still lōved her, of course her family, colleagues and most especially Kyle. She leaned on Kyle and he also held her close to his hear as they sat on the bench at the rooftop.

    The End


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