Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 374

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 374 The CIDG receives new intel on Lucas and Hipolito’s dealings with Homer, the Venom fails yet in another bloody mission against the De Leons

Jerome suggested to General Olegario that they should relay the information Bubbles told them to General Borja. Diana saw it as not a good idea as that would make the police general trace their location. Besides, that would strengthen Ramil and Anton’s stance on Jerome  stabbing them at the back.

Olegario thanked Bubbles for relaying that information to them. Bubbles said she was the one who was supposed to thank them for securing her life since she thought that was her end. Diana asked her about her plans, if she would go back to her family. She said she had no family so she wanted to stay with the Vendetta.

Olegario asked her if anything happens would she be able to testify in court in their favour and she said yes. Still at the Vendetta’s camp, Romulo now understood why no one could stop Homer.

His treacherous former group member had the support from the affluents and since Vendetta had gone up against the Vice President’s son, Romulo suggested they become more strong and calculative to retaliate.

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At the City Hall, Margie went to talk to Adonis.  Flora accompanied Yolly to the Mayor’s office to deliver the food he ordered. Grandma Flora thanked the mayor for his unwavering support to her small eatery though there were lots of nasty gossips about her family.

The mayor shared his sentiment on the Vendetta issue and suggested they turn themselves in if they were truly innocent as Flora claimed.

Earthworm asked Cardo if the President was behind everything and Olegario said the President had a good track records, he was a good person and doubted he had a hand in Hipolito and Lucas’ shenanigans.

The Hidalgos thought of means to secure his family. President Hidalgo said they only have two options, that was for his family to travel or they confine the kids in their room.

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Greco believed the corrupt officials, Lucas and Hipolito were manipulating the president to go after them while the president had to concentrate on solving the problems the country was facing. They did not understand why they had to be blamed for the country’s woes so George suggested they get rid of the Oscar as well.

Cardo objected, saying they could not jump into conclusions. Melba and Efren appeared in the scene to give the group something to eat. Efren noticed that the group was discussing an important matter so Tadpole told him that they were wondering why the government pined the blame on them whenever something bad goes on in the country.

Efren explained that people had been identifying them on television and newspapers, since the group has small members they wanted to get rid of them to cover their corrupt acts. Margie talked to Dons that he should not be led by the words of Counselor Gina and the mayor said he does not allow anyone to manipulate him.

He watches TV and analyse the issues himself but Marg believe the fact that people were blaming the Vendetta did not mean Grandma Flora and her family were bad people. She said Gina was acting that way since Grandma Flora’s family had a first hand information about her corrupt act, gambling and other nefarious acts. If that was true, Dons said they should provide evidence to make Gina get prosecuted for it.

Marie went to Noel’s place to ask him to go to the mall with her but the lõver has not received his allowance yet. Marie was disappointed to have a stingy pant as a boyfriend and requested for credit instead since she had not login to Facebook and IG yet but Noel promised to do so once he receives his allowance. She asked of her leave but Noel wanted her to stay for a while. She refused giving excuse that he did not have an AC, his place was hot and left.

Jerome secretly called Borja to give him information about a witness account on the Ligata incident. He said the person was a former escort she was held captive at Homer’s place and once she was there, she saw many politicians who were there to employ Homer to get rid of their enemies.

“Who exactly did she see there?” Borja quizzed.

“Director Hipolito and Vice President Lucas Cabrera,” Girona said.

“If what you’re saying is true then our hunch was right.”

Cardo was so worried and asked Olegario what if their comrades were right all along and the President was working in connivance with Hipolito and Lucas. General Olegario did not want to think of the worse since Oscar was their only hope to straighten the crooked path of the country. Moving forward Olegario suggested they enlist Delfin’s help through Girona.

On phone, Lucas told Oscar that Catherine was affected by the whole thing especially now that Cardo and his group were at large so he sent her to the state. Oscar promised to bring the notorious group to book though the Ligata mission failed.

General Borja told Guzman and his colleagues that he was right to trust Girona as he has given him a vital information about an escort who was held captive in Homer Adlawan’s home.

She had witnessed Hipolito and Lucas using Homer to cause chaos and assigned them, giving Bubbles picture to them to find more information on her. Homer chastised his friends for their inability to obtain information from Virgie. Roldan was sure that Virgie knew nothing but Homer believed she was only protecting her daughter. They decided to shift their attention to the De Leons and if they didn’t gain any vital information from them, they would eliminate them one after the other.

Cardo told Girona that he needed his help to reach out to General Borja. Rigor asked if he wanted to turn himself in but Cardo said he only wanted Girona to relay the information Bubbles told them to General Borja. Girona said sorry to him as he came clean that Borja already knew but assured Cardo that he never betrayed him.

He only gave that information to Borja since he believed it would merit the country and the Vendetta group. Cardo only hoped so that he never ratted them out since he did not want to face off with him. Yolly asked Margie if she had already told Adonis the reason Gina was on their throat and she said she did but knowing Dons, he would need an evidence to believe in the allegations.

Shirline said they did not have evidence, everything was speculations unlike the Vendetta. Wally said he witnessed it himself as he used to work for Gina while he could testify that Vendetta was good. This led to a misunderstanding as the kid sister of Shirline supported the De Leons. Girona told Cardo that it was wrong for him to fight the government, he would d!e trying since he could not totally clean the system.

Cardo admitted it wouldn’t be easy but they would start from the grassroots. Elsewhere, Lucas was scheming on how he would singlehandedly defeat everyone to be the sole government official. He said they may have destroyed his family but he would not allow them to destroy his plans and was hellbent on eliminating everyone.

Ramil saw that Cardo was pretty upset and he said it was nothing.The group told Cardo that they have made up their minds to go out the next day but Olegario objected since they were unaware of the dangers awaiting outside. Greco feared the neighbours could rat them out. George protested since Ligata and the place were different. He said he grew up from there.

Alyana suggested they go to Santo Niño, she believed they would be safe there. Cardo admitted but he said there were unfinished business he had to take care of first. Rigor was worried about Cardo’s plans against the government so Girona decided to talk to Olegario and Alyana since they were the only people Cardo hears their voice.

General Borja visited the Arevalos to tell them he had no information about Virgie’s kidnappers. However, he believed it had something to do with Teddy and JP’s life threatening incident they faced with Marco. Virgie was surprised to learn that Marco shõt at her family. She pleaded with Delfin for protection for her family most especially JP.  They concluded that Lucas would have a hand in Virgie’s kidnap.

Paco was leaving to do night work with the jeepney and told Flora that Captain Dindi said the officials who watch over them had other relevant things to do on that day so they would not be able to come and apologised. Flora said there was no need for the apology since they get that protection for free and was grateful to the Captain.

Unknown to Paco, Homer and his lackeys were lurking around waiting for the opportune time to swing its sting. General Borja called Flora to inform her about how traumatised Virgie was after  being kidnapped and told her that he was sending some officials to watch them. Flora and the family were glad that Virgie was okay.

However, they were scared about what would happen to them. Paco got inside to inform them that he saw a car outside and the people in it looked suspicious. Flora told Yolly to call Delfin but couldn’t reach him. The kids got there and wondered what was happening. Flora urged them to go inside and the found a room to hide. Homer and his lackeys broke in but saw no one.

As they were searching and the De Leons were shaking with fright, especially the kids, the police got there the moment Homer heard sounds in a particular room. The police stumbled on a strange guy at the gate of Flora and asked him who he was. The suspicious guy shōt the police and Margie together with her family heard the guπ shõts. Shirline claimed it was the Vendetta who were there to get them.

Margie called Dons to inform him. Homer and his lackeys, hearing the gunshots took to their heels and went to shõot the police. The police back up arrived which included Delfin and Guzman. They managed to take one of the Venom members down. Homer, Roldan and Spider survived and fled in their car while some police cars raced after them.

Delfin and Guzman went inside to see Flora and the kids. Flora hugged her brother. Girona spoke with Alyana and Olegario to tell them to warn Cardo on his plans to abduct the President.

It was absurd, Olegario said Cardo was a different person now and has failed to listen to reason so she tasked Alyana to talk to Cardo while she would also address the Vendetta against the plans. Alyana talked some sense into Cardo and her husband thanked her for lõving him. They sealed it with a hug.


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