When Love Burns Episode 38

When Love Burns Episode 38 Peterson sends his goons to uninstall the CCTV cameras after Rita discovers, Rita clashes with Peterson in court over a custody suit

After reading the letter in the envelope to win the sole custody of Andrew, Tupe got upset and knew Peterson did that to compel Rita to run back into his arms. Rita was provoked since Peterson almost k!lled her when she was pregnant.

Tupe promised that they would fight till the end and urged her not to allow Peterson to have his way. The hearing of the custody trial was pushed through. Peterson during the hearing lied to the court and after the session, he and Rita had an argument.

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Rita described him as a bad person to have lied before the court. Peterson insisted that he lõved Andrew as he was his son as well and was willing to drag the issue even for years since that could give him an ample time to file adultery case against Rita.

Peterson threatened not to allow Rita to leave with his son to Ireland and would not even allow him to leave Esperanza. Rita in shock told Tupe about it and Tupe wondered how Peterson got to know that since Rita never told her family about it. Rita only told her friends and doubted they would tell Peterson.

Rita deemed it wise to part ways with Tupe at the moment to protect herself and Andrew. She did not want Peterson to have any further on her so she made Tupe avoid seeing her. Tupe told Raymund and the latter believed that Rita might have secret cameras following her just like the American reality show was.

This got Tupe thinking and went to search the house of Rita and saw some hidden cameras. Tupe tried dragging Rita out to talk to her but Rita did not understand what was going on because she warned him not to get close again. Tupe was compelled to switch on the television and increased the volume of the set to tell Rita that there were hidden cameras installed there.

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Peterson who was viewing them did not hear their conversation but could deduce from their action that they had discovered his hidden cameras and he called his lawyer, Eli to inform him. The lawyer did not want anything that could be used as evidence against him.

Peterson called his goons and in disguise they went to Rita’s house as maintenance team. They met Celia since Tupe stepped out with Rita to forge ahead. Rita was in the car with Tupe when Tupe advised her to stay in his house with her family. The maintenance team told Celia that they saw that her signal was bad and were there to fix it.

The team uninstalled lots of the cameras and were two left. One ensured to divert Celia’s attention to enable the rest to uninstall the cameras. Raymund was there as well and was taking care of Andrew when he suddenly had an upset stomach and told Celia he wanted to use the bathroom. He went to Rita’s bedroom and a screw fell.

He wondered where it came from and when he was going for it, he almost pooped on himself and rushed to the bathroom. The team went to the master bedroom to uninstall the one there and was left with the one in the bathroom. Rita called Raymund to alert him and Peterson realised that the disgusting guy had also discovered the hidden camera.

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Rita advised Raymund not to panic. She told him to pretend that he knew nothing. Raymund told her about the maintenance team and Rita called Celia to alert her that they were Peterson’s men and urged her to play along as she called the police to the house. Rita made Tupe pull over and went to Peterson’s house to confront him.

Tupe fought Peterson, giving Rita a chance to scout around for evidence. Peterson kept denying that he had been monitoring her but Rita found the room that he had been sitting to spy on her. She took pictures when Peterson broke from the grips of Tupe to snatch the phone from the hands of Rita.

Tupe also rushed there and when he saw the television connected to the cameras he hit him. Rita told him that they should leave. They went home and Margie and Raymund had sent Kyle, Celia and Baby Andrew to the house of Tupe so that they could temporarily stay there. Tupe was happy about that since Rita was no longer safe in her house.

Hannah was ready to vacate her room for Rita and her nephew. Eli came to see Peterson and called him crãzy for the things he did for lōve. Peterson said he only had Rita and Andrew and was willing to do anything to keep his family. After the family had breakfast, Rita had to go to the court for the custody trial.

Tupe wanted to join them but the lawyer and Rita discussed him from it. Peterson on his way promised to do everything to win over his wife and son. They met in the courtroom. Elsewhere, Kiko liked the painting Hannah made and he praised the art. Hannah explained that the paintings symbolized new beginnings and new hope.

She understood that there were things Kiko could not say to her and did not want to pressure him. In the court room, Eli accused Rita of her inability to take care of Andrew as she should and Rita’s Attorney asked whether his client was able to conclude that based on the surveillance camera he installed in Rita’s house without her conscience.

Eli insisted that Peterson only did that to keep an eye on his son due to how Rita was involved with a drug addict, Tupe. Rita’s Attorney was marveled and told him that the doctor was an addict who his client ordered to have him k!lled but Eli objected to the claim since there was no material evidence to back his claim.

Unlike Jim who had material evidence to back all his claims. The judge raised an objection that Rita’s Attorney could not make claims with no evidence. Elsewhere, Tupe was also thinking about Rita.


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