Blaq Aroma charges artistes to thoroughly check the content of bloggers before patronising their service !

Hip life musical icon, Ebenezer Essuman known in Showbiz as Blaq Aroma has expressed disappointment in the rate most bloggers of the country plagiarise others content without sourcing them.

According to him, intellectual property has to be attributed to its rightful owner without stealing it.

He said woe betides any blogger who steal others intellectual property and blame politicians for stealing state’s owned property as both are criminals.

Blaq Aroma was of the view that some of the bloggers have bad communication and writing skills, hence did not deserve for artistes to contact them  for projection.

He charged management team of artistes to do thorough check of the content produced by  bloggers before patronising their service.

In an interview with yesterday in Accra, the “Nana Nyame” hit maker explained that most artistes fail to include bloggers in their promotional activities due to their inability to develop their own content.

He further stated that most are unprofessional and tagged them as “arm chair” bloggers who only trend on others creative properties.

Blaq Aroma

Blaq Aroma regretted that most bloggers were not practicing ethical journalism and have no tandem style that they presented their stories.

“If blogging is only about stealing people’s stories and publishing them on a website then I bet you I can do that and gain much readers,” he added.

The artiste who is believed to have replaced Castro tasked those who doubt his word to visit blogging sites they knew, saying then you would realise  that all the content were in a mess since they plagiarised .

He underscored the need for bloggers to school themselves and start practicing ethical blogging to attract artistes to patronise their service.

In ensuring sanity in blogging, Blaq Aroma urged the professional bloggers to start taking legal actions against the unprofessional ones “who make blogging so cheap and unattractive.”

He bemoaned that the growth of the nation has retarded due to an act of theft, adding that foreign countries are developing  because they source, respect and pay others for their service.

The rising hip life artiste insisted that 99per cent of Ghanaian bloggers lack knowledge and were just blogging because they saw other good writers doing.

He called on Ghanaians to frown on stealing, expatiating that most of the bloggers started the intellectual bullying right from school, engaging in examination malpractice.

Blaq aroma maintained that even artistes who were regarded by most bloggers as school drop outs were professional.

“Since it is in appropriate to steal your fellow musician’s song same way it is inappropriate to steal your fellow’s intellectual work,” he said.

Blaq Aroma disclosed that he would soon release his fourth track and called on fans and music lovers to keep supporting him.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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