Article 247 Episode 10

Article 247 Episode 10 Carmen employs new tactics to f00l Jane and Rose after they almost reveal her secret, Jane decides to use Klaire’s tattoo to confirm Carmen’s identity

Carmen and Elijah after their wedding had their first night together as couple. Hearing what had happened to her daughter, Rose went to the hotel to check on Jane. She bumped into her and Noah but Noah excused them.

Jane said she got carried away the previous night. Rose did not understand why she got drunk. Rose asked whether the person she was talking about was Carmen. Carmen showed up at the place and Rose played along when Carmen asked whether they were talking about her.

Sarah and Elijah showed and Noah who got there introduced them. Sarah supposed Rose was there to send her daughter home after humiliating herself the previous night at the wedding reception. Carmen called Julian to inform him.

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Elijah asked Noah who Klaire was to her and he said MJ said they fought over a guy. Elijah asked Noah how well he knew MJ and he said he knew her well. Elijah could not understand that the lady who helped him to recover from his addiction also was hiding something from her past.

He tried to warn Noah, Noah said perhaps it was time for him to help her out. Rose testified that everything about Carmen is like Klaire what differentiates between both was their attitude. She saw the two people who were posing off as Carmen’s parents and Rose decided to go and talk to them.

She congratulated them first and told them how Carmen had helped her wax business and the two said they raised Carmen to be kind. Rose asked if they knew of Klaire Almazan and they said they did not. The woman and the man used that to blackmail Carmen.

Due to the blackmail, Carmen got upset and gave the money to her supposed mother and told her not to come to Batangas again, there was no need for her to pretend anymore. As Jane was packing, she and Rose overheard the commotion and ran out to listen to them.

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Jane confronted Carmen and asked her to confess why she was paying her supposed mother. Elijah and Sarah got there, Carmen acted like a victim and told them that she was actually pretending and was not being truthful because her family was financially constraints. She said she gave her mother money to settle the bank finances.

Elijah offered to help her out and Carmen cried out that she only wanted to be perfect for him. Sarah said Carmen did not have to explain herself again and warned MJ against her consistent act against Carmen. Noah got to talk to Elijah to apologise.

Elijah said what happened the previous night was understandable because MJ was drunk but now she was not. He said MJ’s action would bring misunderstanding between them so he should talk to her. Noah went to talk to MJ and she promised that she would not do that again.

She decided to go and talk to Carmen but Carmen got startled.

“Oh my god are you blind or you’re just playing stüp!d!”

This reminded Jane of Klaire but controlled herself to make amends with Carmen. Jane kept looking into the eyes of of Carmen and the latter asked her why she was looking at her that way. She asked MJ whether the latter and Klaire had a fight with a man. Jane looked surprise and asked her how she knew.

Carmen indicated that two women would only fight over a man. MJ apologised once again and Carmen said it was nothing she believed that Klaire did something bad to her that was why she always get carried away. She hugged Jane and told her that they were the women of the two Borromeos and soon they would be sisters.

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Tania visited Jane to ask about the wedding and Jane told her what she did. Later, the family had dinner and Noah complemented Rose’s food. Jane was worried since she now has to make up to Elijah and Sarah. She proposed a barbecue dinner at the resort.

Carmen secretly went to meet Julian during the middle of the night and her lõver gave her thumbs up for the good performance she pulled to win over Jane. She gave him money and after they k!$$ed, she told Julian that she would get Jane out of her back. She was now a wife and Jane was just a girlfriend so she would use her position to get Jane out of the Borromeos life.

The next day at Bellega Salon, Rose went there and Carmen offered to make Chichi give her free makeover. Rose kept staring at her and told Carmen that she was beautiful. Rose opted for hair dye not makeover or eye brow tattoo since her daughter might not recognise her.

When Rose went home, she kept watching herself in the mirror and told Jane that Carmen and Klaire were two different people because Carmen was generous and lively while Klaire was something else. Jane told her she should not assume Carmen was a good person just because she got her hair styled.

Rose asked Jane whether she should have a tattoo. Jane asked her mother what she would do with a tattoo since she was old. Rose said that was what she told Carmen but she insisted on her to have a eyebrow tattoo. Jane then recalled the tattoo Klaire was having and made it a point to investigate.


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