Berla Mundi details why she left GhOne Tv

Berla Mundi details why she left GhOne Tv

Renowned broadcaster, Berla Mundi has finally disclosed why she left GhOne television to TV3 of Media General as opposed to the earlier rumours that she left the EIB network due to the financial crisis challenging the company.

According to her, there was lots of backstabbing and backbiting at the EIB network, making her stay impossible.

Addressing a gathering on her transformational journey, Berla Mundi indicated that things at EIB network were so bad to an extent that she did not enjoy her stay.

She noted that abandoning the station that trained and honed her skills was a very tough decision for her as she felt that she was being ungrateful.

Berla said she felt so much indebted to the station to the extent that she rejected the offer TV3 gave her.

However, things got much more complicated at the station, making her arrive at work a few minutes to her show and it kept going on till it blew out of proportion for her to embrace the offer TV3 gave her.

At that time, she said she told her manager to contact TV3 if the offer they gave her was still available and by the grace of God, she was put into a different spot, taking her out of her entertainment zone to a political zone.

Berla stated that it was a very difficult zone she embraced, emphasising that she was moved out of her comfort zone to host a morning show, dubbed Day Break.

She had to interview politicians, a field that required her to conduct more research, learn more and with time she was able to master the craft as a political show hostess.

Berla Mundi, therefore charged the youth to endeavour to do something out of their comfort zone and they would excel.

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