Blame Sista Afia, if any misfortune befall on me in the industry—Freda Rhymz

Blame Sista Afia for any misfortune that will befall on me in the industry---Freda Rhymz

Blame Sista Afia if any misfortune befall on me in the industry—Freda Rhymz

Fast rising female rapper, Freda Rhymz has called on Ghanaians to blame Sista Afia should anything bad happens to her in the industry.

According to her, Sista Afia allegedly promised to beat her when left one on one with her.

Speaking on United Showbiz on Saturday in Accra, the “You for pay” hitmaker regretted that Sista Afia was going off board for telling her on the show that she was bragging and running her mouth against her.

“You cannot tell me on my face that because people are here I have developed wings to talk to you anyhow which means you will do something worse against me when we are off air. Please blame Sista Afia if any evil thing befall on me,” she angrily spewed.

The rapper claimed that the singer turned rapper, Sista Afia made her lose credibility for being an emotional rapper.

According to her, she disappointed her fans for not granting the interview scheduled between her and tv3.

Freda Rhymz indicated that sister Afia attacked her at tv3 premises for using the word “Abrewa.”

“A member of my team was taking me pictures but a particular pic of mine was not beautiful so I said I look like “Abrewa” which means old lady. Immediately, Sista Afia appeared and wanted to assault me,” she said.

Freda Rhymz stated that she thought the battle between Sista Afia and her was a lyrical  one  not physical but Sista Afia changed the concept to include physical battle.

She maintained that Sista Afia was an emotional person who did not understand rap game, stressing that she should not have exhibited rap skills to prove a point when she did not have the courage to stand in rap business.

Freda Rhymz indicated that she overhead a rapper dissing some female artistes and she being a rapper replied.

“Everything in KMT is for joke. I wanted to entertain my fans and also attract new people to subscribe to my YouTube channel, that’s why I replied her,” she added.

Sister Afia explaining the incident that led to the failure of Freda Rhymz interview stated that Freda Rhymz called her “Abrewa” and that got her pissed off.

“I told my manager that I wanted to speak to Freda before I go into the studios. She is my personal friend but when I was approaching she said they should allow the “Abrewa” to climb the staircase first. Already I was upset with her for calling me Abrewa in her KMT track and that made me do what I did,” she narrated.

Sista Afia admitted that she was not a rapper and was exhibiting signs of emotions since she did not understand the rap game and the beef associated with it.

She however apologised to Freda Rhymz for her misbehaviour and urged fans to keep supporting her.

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