Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 362

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 362 Cardo and Alyana consumed their marriage after several months of no intimacy, Hidalgo orders all out manhunt for Cardo and the Vendetta

Oscar in his address to the public dissuaded them from condoning the schemes, acts and plots of the Vendetta. He admonished them to report the group to the necessary authorities once they come across the vigilantes. Wally was hit by the news and couldn’t digest the fact that the Vendetta was in trouble once again.

Now the group would not only fight the Vice President and Hipolito but the President as well. Shirline agreed with all those spreading negative rumours about the De Leons and said they had to get Grandma Flora from the neighbourhood to enhance their safety.

Margie disagreed with her. She saw Flora as a good person even for the short while she has known her and believed the old woman had no hand in the act of the Vendetta.

Diana Olegario got inside the safety house to hear the president raising the bounties on their heads, demanding the public to report them. He said the Vendetta were nothing but rébels who were not working at the right side of the law.

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The group became worried hearing the government saying that about them. They thought he might be corrupt as well but Olegario said he could have been swayed to believe in the crimes pinned on them.

Since they did not have evidence to know the actual side of the president they became alert and the Flower Power Girls assured to protect them fully from the government. Andy was however, worried about Cardo. The group wished Cardo would hear the news and protect himself from the president.

The neighbours rushed to Flora’s house to demand the old woman to bring out Cardo. The De Leons did not give into their harassment and told them Hipolito and Lucas were the ones who should be behind bars. Margie went to apologise to Flora and her family for what their neighbours did in the morning. She promised to help the family to explain to the neighbours how good they were, she was sure the neighbours would believe in her.

Flora thanked her and gave her free food. Meanwhile, Dindi came across Gina and the woman wanted to use the criminal who was arrested from the neighbourhood to discredit the work of the captain but Gina said the suspect was a old resident of the place during Gina’s tenure as captain. It happened during her era and that common criminal was arrested.

Counselor Gina said she wanted her to throw out the family of the terrorist since they would bring them trouble. Dindi insisted that Flora had no hand in whatever crook things her grandson was involved in. Lucas lauded the Venom for doing a clean job to sway the president on their side.

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Romulo told the group that their next mission would be finding the real culprits to expose their evil ways in order  to clear their name. In Sto Niño, Cardo and Alyana appreciated their friends for organising a great feast to make their marriage enjoyable. The couple fed each other and the people present at the occasion clapped to cheer them on.

They then danced and Ambo and his wife Elizabeth decorated their attire with money. Caloy lauded Cardo as his efforts has paid off. He also thanked his friends for advising him not to give up. Grandpa Marcin advised Cardo not to make Alyana cry again now that he has renewed his vows.

Alyana, on the other hand told Doray and Elizabeth how good feeling it was to be married for the second time. She felt like walking in the clouds. Doray told her she needed to have her second child and Alyana said it depends on Cardo. The women decided to call Cardo to encourage him to give birth again. Marco received a call from Catherine and he told his mother that he was not fine.

Catherine tried to cheer him up by breaking the good news that President Hidalgo has charged the military and all the security system to go all out manhunt for Cardo and his Vendetta members. Marco said he would be the one to find Cardo and not the military and the police force to get Alyana from Cardo. He hung up, leaving his mother worried. The women of Sto Niño urged Alyana to go and have some rest so that she can have a special night with her husband.

 Alyana went to interrupt Cardo as he was enjoying with Ambo, Caloy, Simon, Narciso and the rest. She apologised and told Cardo that they have to go and have some rest and the guys teased Cardo since they know what Alyana meant, it was something that Cardo has been waiting for so long. As Aubrey was telling her father how dangerous it was for him to have done that, the investigative police at Camp Crame was also scared for the President’s life.

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Chikoy wondered how they would be able to convince President Hidalgo that what he was thinking about the Vendetta was never true.  Judging by what they watched, Borja believed there would be nothing they could do to convince him. Guzman was worried that what Hidalgo has done has rather gotten Hipolito and Lucas out of the hook and they would now be able to do anything they wanted.

Hidalgo apologised to his children that his service has deprived them the chance to live a normal life. Aubrey for instance wanted to work at the US Embassy. Aubrey brought Harold some cookies she helped her mother baked. She asked Harold what motivated him into choosing that job field. Harold said it was his sister who was mugged years ago. He blamed himself for it and decided to do the job to protect others in order for them not to end up like his sister. Aubrey apologised for reminding him of his grief. She told him not to blame himself for what happened to his late sister.

General Borja told his subordinates that they had to find Cardo and the Vendetta first before other groups. He then spoke with Flora and he told her that President Hidalgo has intensified efforts in finding Cardo and his group members. Flora reminded her brother that he already said Cardo was not found during the Celerio’s attack.

That, General Borja indicated dis not mean Cardo had no hand in what happened. Flora was scared that her grandson was in trouble together with Alyana. Borja said Cardo had to face the law, however, he hoped he get the wind of the threats on his life. As Cardo carried his wife after obtaining the license to romantically k!ll her, Javier and his men came to keep an eye on them.

Javier said he would leave the newly weds to consume their night but pretty soon he would come and reply Cardo and take over his wife.

“My l0ve I have waited for a long time for this moment to arrive,” Cardo told Alyana.

“Finally tonight my patience will now be rewarded.”

“Cardo,” Alyana called while still in the arms of Cardo in their hut.

“What exactly are you planning?”

“And now you’re about to experience the passion, and derange I am the ultimate l0ver boy Mr Ricardo Dalisay Aooo,” Cardo howled.

Lucas thanked Oscar for clearing his name. Lucas said there was no need for his apology but was happy that he has realised the truth. He asked the President to help him to get his son, Brandon out since his trial would soon be heard. Oscar said there was nothing he could do, Lucas asked him to give his son less chaotic place since his cell mates were ganging up on him. Oscar objected it he did not want to be seen as bias.

He said the court would prove him not guilty if he was not guilty. The neighbours went to Becky’s place to complain how frightful they were feeling after the President address the media on the Vendetta but Becky crave their indulgence to help the Vendetta. The next morning, the Dalisays made fun of themselves after what happened between them the previous night.

Margie told the Vice Mayor who was now the mayor that the culprit who k!lled Mayor Simon abducted her. The vice mayor was glad nothing happened to Margie. Elizabeth and Doray cane to Cardo’s hut to make fun that they heard a howling dog the previous night. Yolly and Elmo delivered the food Margie ordered to the City Hall. The Vice Mayor was glad to meet them.

As they were leaving, they bumped into Counselor Gina and the corrupt counselor learnt that Yolly and her husband delivered a food to the vice mayor.

“Is the food clean enough?” Counselor Gina quizzed.

“It’s cleaner than your conscience,” Elmo hissed.

Cardo escorted Alyana, Doray and Elizabeth to the market. The two Sto Niño residents revealed to Cardo that Alyana almost bought him a jacket the last time they went there. Alyana now admitted that when she saw the jacket Cardo, came to mind  Doray called her timid for denying it earlier. Oscar gave the police team a week to find the Vendetta.

Javier who was at the market with his lackeys was informed that Cardo, the man who beat him was there with his wife.

“This is your chance Javier get back at him,” one of his lackeys urged him.

“That bàstard,” Javier turned and pushed away his meal.

“He won’t recognise his face when I am done with him.”

“Surround him now, move it!”

Cardo who never knew what was going on was looking through the second hand goods while Alyana was showing him the jackets. Javier shouted Cardo’s name and the latter turned to see who was calling him.


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