Viral Scandal Episode 53

Viral Scandal Episode 53 The Sicats and the Ramones get United in a dinner sets for Rica, Axel reveals to the workers of Balai Arkitektura that Rica and Kyle are Couple

Rica came from her room to see her mother, standing and looking outside suspiciously. She asked Kakay what she was doing. Karla seemed to have seen someone, she told Rica it was nothing. Bea came looking lavishly dressed, Nico laughed at her told her that they were not going to red carpet event, it was just a dinner date.

The family were surprised to see Bea dressed like that. Bea said, that was how Raven dressed even at home. The Sicats left to the Ramones mansion and were welcomed in the mansion. They got snapped by the hired photographer for the occasion. Bea asked of Raven. Dan seemed not to like them being snapped but Troy explained that it was part of the strategy for the public to know that they were together.

As Raven was in her room contemplating, Jigs sent her a text pleading with her not to join that dinner with the Sicats. Karla saw it sad that what they have to do in secret now how to be posted for people to know. Audrey lectured her, saying it was the order of the day since now people want prove and if it was not posted online it was like it never happened.

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Bea added her voice into it on how social media has changed the status quo. Audrey said Bea was right and anyone who had contrary opinion was not intelligent. As Bea was looking so lively and snapping pictures when Raven arrived. This made Troy asked Bea whether she was an online influencer. Bea said she wasn’t, she did not have millions of followers like Raven.

Troy encouraged her to keep on at it, she would get millions of followers just like Raven. He asked Nico about his future plans and the boy said he wanted to learn animation to work as a computer game online expert. Troy l0ved the field he chose and said he knew the Dean of Institute of Art and Technology, he could help him gain admission.

Before he could complete his statement, Dan rejected his offer. Troy apologised and explained he was not trying to impose but was saying his doors were opened should they need any help. The discussion of the table changed and Rica told Raven that she has spoken with Ella. She was actually the reason, Archie Leaked her tape with Jigs. Jigs ràped her and did same to Cassandra.

Raven failed to believe it since Cassandra used to be Jigs’ ex girlfriend. Audrey stopped them from talking more about Jigs and directed them to the aim of the dinner. He said what they were saying were all opinions.

“Opinions? Karla questioned.

“Those are not opinions!”

“Jigs is a criminal, he séxúally assaulted Rica and other women.”

“And do you know what they are actually called?”

“They are called facts and not opinions.”

“We are here to be united and this is about Rica,” Troy stated.

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Troy hard a call and he stepped out to pick it, Karla also excused them, saying she was going to the bathroom. It was Attorney Dizon who called Troy to inform him about the willingness of the lady to talk. Karla went to talk to Troy to ask him if he remember Romeo Dumayoga. She said she saw him in Sidero but Troy said he banished him and Romeo knew what would happen to him if he comes there.

He, however, assured to keep her safe. Seeing the ex-l0vers talking, Audrey was burning inside and tried to incite Dan for them not to give the two chance to be united. Dan insisted that his wife would never cheat on him but Audrey knew that looks of jealousy on his face and laughed.

After the dinner was over, Troy talked with Rica and assured to give her the justice she deserved and pleaded her not to give up because he was willing to go any length to ensure she wins the case against Jigs. He would never break his promise and told Rica to have faith, and she never gave up, he would never give up irrespective of the the fact that the antivoyeurism case was dismissed.

At the College, Bea saw Pogs coming and began to style her hair. Once she saw Pogs passing by her, she intentionally dropped her book. Pogs took it for her and she said she had apologised to Brax. She made Bea aware that his opinion mattered to her and even thought that he would not speak with her again. Pogs told her he did not get upset with her, besides he did not know his opinion mattered to her.

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Kyle bumped into Rica at the entrance of the office and she called him “Sir”. Kyle said he should cut the formalities and address him by his name but Rica did not want her colleagues to know they were couple, besides Axel would also feel bad. Since Axel’s feelings mattered to them they decided to keep their relationship hidden.

Mrs Garcia and Rose appeared there, Rica who was holding Kyle’s hands quickly pushed him and Kyle fell, surprising Garcia and Rose. Garcia asked what she did but Kyle jumped to Rica’s defence that she did not push him, he lost his balance. He told Rica that they should go and wanted to put his hand around her. He forgot that there were third parties there, Rose and Garcia saw the two acting so strange.

Brax came to tell Bea and Pogs that they should admit their l0ve for each other but Bea saw that the two were ganging up on her. Two of the students who saw Bea’s post about her and Raven came to talk to her since they were fan of Raven. She told them that Raven was like a model and now would be a face of Bench shop.

Garcia and Rose asked Kyle what he did for Rica to push him so hard. Chino appeared there and was  surprised to hear that. Rica got there and Kyle did not know what to say. Axel appeared there and told them that Rica did nothing wrong, Rica and Kyle were dating. The workers became so surprise and congratulated them. The Mayor, on the other hand, tasked Jay to find Romeo Dumayoga.

He said Romeo was wealthy and influential but once he became the mayor, he exposed the shoddy dealings of Romeo which compelled him to leave Sidero. He told him not to let the information leave the four corners of the office and explained to him that Romeo used to abuse Karla during the day she was an escort.

Now it seemed he had returned to torment Karla so he should find him. Romeo looked at the video and pictures he took with Karla when he used to be her client. Rica went to apologise to Axel for breaking her promise of not choosing between them. Axel interjected that she chose Kyle and he was right that she was inl0ve with Kyle that was the reason she felt so hard to reject Kyle.

Rica said she was sorry and she hoped they would be okay and become friends since he mattered to him as a friend. Axel said he looked at her more than a friend and she knew what he felt about her. He said he needed to keep his distance for a while in order to keep his heart afloat. Axel wished her the best and Rica hugged him.


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