Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 366

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 366 Marco shòõts Teddy and JP over Alyana’s betrayal, The police prepares for a surprise attack discovering Vendetta’s hideout

While being chased, Cardo wanted to take Marco on, otherwise he would not stop. Alyana reminded Cardo of his promise to her not to engage himself in any trouble. She told him to just lose him for them to go.

Teddy and Flora talked over the phone on Cardo and Alyana. Teddy announced to her that Cardo and his daughter dropped by the house. Flora expressed her happiness that Cardo and Alyana’s lôve prevailed at the end.

However, Virgie said if they ask of her opinion, she was not in favour of Alyana’s decision because whenever the two were together Alyana ends up in trouble. Teddy held back his phone, telling his wife that it was Alyana’s own decision. He apologised to  Flora for what his wife said, stressing that Virgie was only worried about the safety of Alyana.

While Cardo was struggling to escape from the psycho, Andy was also offering to help the Vendetta in their next mission. The group did not want to put her in harm’s way, besides, Rose Marigold and Blossom gave always helped them in their missions, including Andy herself so they wanted her to stay behind.

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Andy said her efforts were not enough. She wanted to help the group but General Olegario, Ramil, and Romulo convinced her not to. Marco did not pull back even with that long chase for Alyana and Cardo.

Cardo drove to the shores, unfortunately for Marco, his car stopped and could not spark it. He was left with no choose than to step out of the car to chase Cardo and Alyana with his guπ.

He fired at them but Cardo drove through the sea to escape with his wife. Fate was not on his side, Marco knelt in tears:

“Curse you Alyana… you betrayed me.”

“Alyana I swear I’m gonna make you two regret what you did to me.”

After they escaped, Cardo told his wife that they were now safe. President Hidalgo had a meeting with General Borja to formally inform him that he set a Special Task force and General Perez was in charge. He expressed his displeasure that he was irritated by how slow the investigation was going so he believed General Perez would be of help.

General Olegario followed Andy out to convince her on the need the group has to refuse her offer. Diana believed Cardo would do the same if he was there. Andy understood. The psycho walked inside the mansion in anguish. His mother called out his name, demanding to know where he was.

“I finally saw Alyana mom.”

“All this time she was with Cardo.”

“I saw them went to their parents house earlier.”

“I was right all along.”

“They were hiding her from me, they lied to me, they all denied it.”

“What ?” Catherine looked surprise.

“Are you sure it was really them?”

“I tried to go after them but they still got away.”

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Alyana was glad that they were able to lose him. Cardo knew Marco would not stop till he get Alyana from him but swore he would not allow that to happen. He said after they greet his comrades they would head back to Santo Niño. Catherine advised Marco not to hunt Cardo, he was already a wanted man. Marco swore to k!ll both Cardo and Alyana and if anyone would d!e it wouldn’t be him.

Andy looked so worried while chopping vegetables. Peng came to ask her what was wrong and he knew she was thinking about Cardo. Becky told her not to worry, if something was for her, it would get back to her. Peng told her to look at him, he wanted to have a girlfriend but he was not getting any. He has grown to believe he was destined to remain in the house to take care of his mother and Andy.

George praised the cooking of Happy. Happy had a new recipe so he cooked for the group. He said being with them made him feel that hos life was meaningful. Becky and the girls gathered around one table to eat. Blossom asked of Cardo and they believed he has gotten back with his wife. Andy hoped not, Becky advised her daughter not to feel that way. She admitted Cardo was a good catch, hence falling in l0ve with him was normal.

However, she wanted a man who would always be there for her to live a brighter future with him together. Aubrey went to talk to her father, she was worried that after he patched things up with Lucas, the Vendetta would target him next. She did not want her father to be in the mess which Lucas went through.

As Borja was telling his team how the President  no longer trust him, the assin also told Camilo that he had seen Diana Olegario and he confirmed it through a picture. Borja charged his team not to get disappointed in their assin since he did not want it to look like they were competing with the other division of the PNP. Perez gloated that the president would be happy with their findings.

He relayed the information to the president in a meeting with General Borja. He said they would attack the group that night.

“General Perez you’ve done a good job,” President Hidalgo hailed Perez.

“The oath I swore meant everything to me,” the two generals exchanged glances.

Cardo and his wife stole their way into the safe house of the Vendetta.

When the meeting was dissolved, Hidalgo made Borja stay, he confronted General Borja for using several months to investigate yet no result. General Perez was able to use few days to discover the hideout of the Vendetta. General Borja asked if he would rather want his team to stay out of it but Oscar said he needed the entire police force for the night operation. He told Oscar that he wanted a successful operation so he should cast his personal interest aside.

Cardo and wife got to the safe house. The flower power girls spotted them and they ran to watch through their window to confirm Cardo was with his wife. Andy was left heartbroken and acted unconcern. Cardo introduced his wife to them, already Alyana knew Olegario so they embraced themselves. Alyana also said she knew Ramil at Cebu and the rest were familiar to her.

The group was glad that Alyana and Cardo had renewed their vows. They celebrated the moment as Cardo was informed that William Celerio was deàd, he attempted to k!ll General Olegario but Romulo shot him to save Diana. However, they were pinning the blame on the Vendetta. General Borja gave orders to Guzman and his comrades to partake in the night operations.

Guzman told Borja not to worry as they would tell Cardo to surrender if they see him but Borja told him to do his duties and insisted on it when Chikoy also said what Guzman said.

“Your friendship  has nothing to do with this.”

The group told Cardo that Homer and his group were behind all those crimes which the group was blamed for it. Cardo asked update on Hipolito and Brandon and was told the latter was still behind bars. For Hipolito they believed he was working hand in hand with Lucas. General was sure Lucas had a ace up in his sleeves to get his son out of jail.

Ramil asked Alyana about her relationship with Marco. She admitted they dated and Cardo said they ran into him on their way there but he found a way to lose him before getting to the place. Marco had a cold shower to reflect on the earlier encounter with Alyana and Cardo.

“I lóve you Alyana!”

“I gave you everything.”

“But you still betrayed me,” he roared like a lion.

I swear on my life you and Cardo will pay dearly for making a fòõl out of him

If I can’t find you I will k!ll everyone you both l0ve.

Alyana asked if they had no families they could run to Since their lives were in danger. Romulo said they have dedicated their lives for the course. Olegario told Alyana that she earlier was against the method of the Vendetta but once she lost her position and she realised the government was full of corrupt officials.

“Will you continue to help us clean our society just like we used to?” Ramil asked Cardo.

The girls made fun of Andy, saying Andy was having a tough competition since Cardo’s wife was pretty. Andy decided to go to the Vendetta’s room with food to see the nature of Alyana. She acted like she did not know Cardo has returned. Cardo introduced her to Alyana but she did not greet her, instead she told Cardo how glad she was to know he has returned.

She left the food with Cardo and went to her room to sulk. Becky never understood her daughter, she was always picky with men but did not understand why she fell in lóve with a married man. Peng comforted Andy when she confirmed that Alyana was beautiful. They told her she would get through it. Marco took his guπ during the night.

The next day at the Arevalos mansion, JP had a phone conversation with Virgie who was out of town to care for a relative. Teddy told JP that he should have gone with Virgie but JP said Virgie wanted him to stay with Teddy. Teddy said if he knew things would get that messy, he would not have made him return from Japan but JP refer to be home to be with his family in that messy situation to protect them.

Marco hit the road with his car to survey around if he could find his dear Alyana and his rival Cardo.

“I will find you Cardo, you and Alyana!”

“Wherever you go I will follow you even to the depths of the abyss.”

“And while I haven’t found you yet, I will make Alyana’s family pay for making a complete fòõl out of me.”

“Like I said Alyana, if I can’t find the two of you, I will just k!ll and k!ll everyone you löved.”

He was completely losing it as he scratched his face behind the steer. JP brought his father a coffee. Teddy told him that the next day, he should join his mother. JP said he would not go without him but Teddy indicated that he could not abandon his job. Teddy told him not to reason with him, he wanted him to be safe. JP said he should forget about his job and keep his life.

As Teddy sent JP to fetch him some newspapers, Marco stormed in with his guπ.

“Why are you here?” Teddy asked anxiously.

“You’re all liars you will all pay for this!” Marco roared.

“You made a fòõl out of me!”

“Marco what are you talking about?”

“Seriously? You’re going to deny it?”

“You said you didn’t know where on earth Alyana and Cardo were but I saw them here!”

“What did you do?” Teddy quizzed.

“What do you think?” Marco hissed.

“You bustàrd what did you do to them?” Teddy screamed.

“What the hêck did you do?”

“I was about to k!ll them,” Marco replied “but they both got away.”

“Now tell me where they are hiding Mr Teddy?”

“Tell me now!”

JP appeared at the back of Marco and got himself a weapon. Teddy watched JP and Marco realised there was someone at his back. Marco got distracted and Teddy tried to snatch the guπ. Marco strangled Teddy and the man was choking. JP tried to save the life of his father by hitting Marco with the object but Marco booted him for him to fall.

JP ran back to hit Marco with the object. Able to get the guπ from his hands, and Marco was down closer to the guπ, Teddy told JP that they should run. Marco followed them on the street during a broad daylight, shòöting at them. The father and son stumbled on a public store and ran there. There were people there but it did not deter Marco from following them and shòoting.

The passerby seek for cover. Marco set his eyes on a police patrol car, that was when he fled. Elsewhere, Lucas received update from Perez that they would star operation that night as they were able to confirm that the Vendetta was indeed hiding in the garter. Lucas ordered Hipolito to get his group ready for the night operation.

Ramil realised Cardo was there to bid them good bye and he confirmed it that, his purpose of going there was to bid them farewell. He already lost a son and would not be able to bear the pains of losing his wife.



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