La Vida Lena Episode 46

La Vida Lena Episode 46 Ramona is imprisoned for the deàth of Lukas, Lukas bequeathe Lena with Royal Wellness after leaving behind a whooping sum of debt 

Lena descended down the stairs from the Narcisos mansion to find Miguel comfortably sitting and being served by the servant. She wondered what he was doing there and Miguel said he was there since he felt nostalgic of the place he grew up.

It was quite unfortunate that he was compelled to vacate from the house when Lukas was alive but now he was no more so he has returned. Lena found it amusing and Miguel tried to convince her to not let Adrian bully her. She was the only biological child of Lukas so therefore she had to inherit everything.

Lena thanked him for his concern and talked about the limitations their relationship had when Miguel asked her why she no longer call him. Miguel feared that Rachel would not give him the divorce. He asked Lena how their relationship would be should Rachel does not grant the divorce at the spate of ten years. Lena said he would not make her wait that much if he truly lòved her.

While leaving, Miguel bumped into Adrian and they had a misunderstanding over Lena and his visit to the place. Adrian slapped Miguel with the truth that he was a trickster, greedy and loser. Lena would not lòve such a person so he should stop fõoling himself.

“You sound like you’re jealous!” Miguel said.

“Just give up Adrian, Lena and I have history.”

“You know that unlike you two.”

“Remember she only used you to get back at Uncle Lukas or have you forgotten already?”

“She didn’t lôve you back then and I don’t think she will ever will in her life time.”

“Now get out of my way before I run you over.”

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Adrian came to watch over Lena while she was sleeping. Lena became frantic when she saw some shadows so she turned but never saw anyone. The next day, Vanessa came to the Narcisos mansion with her bags and ordered Lena to leave since it was a conjugal property. Lena reminded her that she lost that when she cheated since that was what she signed on the pre-nuptial agreement.

Vanessa said it was not proving yet that she cheated so she would stay. Lena promised to leave if only she answered her question.

“Why did Lukas k!lled Don Luis?”

Vanessa said it was not true and even if Ramona claimed Lukas did that no one would believe her. She wondered why Lena was living in a luxurious house still she wanted to stain the name of Lukas. Lena made it clear that she and Conrad stained the name of Lukas by cheating and k!lling him. Lena threatened to watch every move of Vanessa to prove her as the guilty person.

Kiko and colleague saw a footage Juan Renoso so they once again called Ramona for questioning. Ramona answered all the necessary questions pertaining to how Lukas confessed to his crime of exterminating his own father to make her stand trial for it. She was provoked, however, she needed Lukas alive to admit to his crimes to clear off her name.

Kiko showed Juan Renoso’s picture to her and she seemed not to know him. Kiko explained that Juan Renoso was an assassin who k!lled his targets through bomb just like what happened to Dr Narciso. Ramona wondered what that had to do with her. They showed her the video and she said she was framed. She only bumped into the man and he dropped that envelope so she picked it up for him.

Kiko and colleague went to Juan Renoso’s hideout to invite him for questioning. The notorious bomber admitted to k!lling Lukas and he claimed Ramona Joaquin gave the order. Lena was surprised that the man admitted the crime so easily and believed it was the handiwork of Vanessa.

Soon, Kiko came to arrest Ramona for Lukas’ deàth but the woman begged since she was innocent and Kiko knew that too. Kiko said he was only doing his job as he spelt out what she has to do and what not to do. Lena and the rest were sad to witness the second murder arrest of Ramona. Lena went to see her at the cell and she had a reflection on everything that went on.

Ramona said if she ever knew that she would be charged with Lukas’ deàth, she should  have done it but Lena reminded her that she was no monster and assured she would get her out of there.

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“You’re right I will get out!”

“I am not going to let Lukas win.”

“I will follow him to hell if I had to.”

Digna was upset that her husband has been sending innocent people to jail. Kiko promised not to sit idle till they found all the necessary evidence to exonerate Ramona from the crime. He said everything suggested Ramona was framed, first they received a photo of Ramona standing there with Juan Renoso and second finding the bomber’s hideout was so easily and third he did not protest his arrest and it was like he was waiting for that.

The Narcisos welcomed the lawyer of the late Lukas to hear his last will and testament. Though Jordan wanted to be Lena’s side as it was being read but Lena refused, assuring that she could handle it since it was only family who were supposed to be present.

As the Lawyer read, Lukas gave all his assets and properties to the charity and Adrian including his personal savings. Vanessa received nothing, due to her infidelity. She protested, claiming it could be a mistake but the attorney confirmed that there was no mistake.

Vanessa refused to accept the written testament but Adrian calmed her so that the lawyer could go ahead with the reading. Vanessa was anxious to know the person who inherited the legacy of the Narcisos so the lawyer proceeded to read that Royal Wellness was given to Lena. Vanessa was furious after hearing Lucas left Royal Wellness to Lena.

She protested that it was a joke and the attorney reminded her of the pre-nuptial agreement she signed that she wouldn’t receive anything from Lukas if she engaged herself in extra marital affair. Vanessa in fury threatened to contest the will but Adrian said the decision was made by her late husband not the attorney. Vanessa was sad that Adrian was satisfied with the will of Lukas.

Lena was also in shock to learn that her biological father bequeathed to her the legacy of the Narcisos and tried to confirm from the attorney if Lukas himself wrote it. Vanessa quarrelled with her to stop acting like she was surprised to know she inherited Royal Wellness while her own image chalked success for the company over the years. She still felt that Lena did not deserve to inherit Royal Wellness.

Vanessa claimed Lena manipulated Lukas but Lena said she did not need to do that since she could take over the company without the will. Vanessa told her that she had no right to Royal Wellness as that company was hers and her face made Royal Wellness grow and prosper.

“I am Royal Wellness!” She yelled.

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Seeing how desperate Vanessa was over that will, Jordan advised Lena to return to her condo as no one knew what Vanessa could do. Lena was still in disbelief of her father’s kind gesture, since the Lukas she knew would not do that. Jordan believed Lukas reasoned that she was his biological daughter, hence it was the right thing to do.

Lena still doubted since Lukas never treated her as a daughter and only allowed her to stay in the mansion because she forced her way in. Jordan believed it was a way of Lukas making up to her but Lena said he would have given her justice instead. Miguel, on the other hand, was happy that Lena now owned Royal Wellness and he would be able to return to the company.

He offered to help her rule Royal Wellness and sent her to his room to celebrate. He attempted to get intimate with her but Lena avoided him, saying she was tired. Miguel was upset that Lena always comes up with excuses whenever he wanted to make löve with her. He then compared her to Rachel, claiming Rachel never denied him se× even when they had  misunderstanding but Lena reminded him that Rachel was his wife while she was a mistress and left.

Lena visited Ramona in prison to break the news of Lukas leaving Royal Wellness to her. Ramona had similar idea with Jordan on the reason Lukas left Royal Wellness in her care. She reminded Lena of Lukas announcing in front of everyone that she was his daughter. Lena still saw that as not enough for him to give the company to her instead of Adrian, who he lòved.

Ramona then said he might have done that due to the number of times Lena saved him from deàth. Lena now was convinced by that reason. Vanessa visited Conrad in prison to inform him how Lukas humiliated her by not leaving her anything. Conrad told her to be happy since Adrian got something but Vanessa hissed that it was not enough.

She only wanted Royal Wellness since that was the symbol of their power, success and authority. Vanessa vowed to get Royal Wellness from Lens. Rachel after seeing the news about Lena inheriting Royal Wellness got upset. She counted Lena’s success of owning three great companies while she was left with nothing not even a job.

Rachel now lost hope in gaining Miguel, Allison was surprised to know that her sister was still after Miguel. Rachel now revealed that she was pregnant for Miguel. At Royal Wellness board meeting, Adrian tend in his resignation as the COO before the meeting could start. Since Miguel was dyïng for that position, Lena appointed him as the new COO of Royal Wellness.

She now got to know the real problem of the company when the meeting started. Lukas has left behind a huge debt and there was a possibility for the company going bankrupt. Lena then relayed the new information to Ramona, Martina, Betchay and Jordan when they visited Ramona in prison. Jordan then asked of her plans for the company that would save it from bankruptcy.

“Why will I save it?

“I will just let Royal Wellness go down!”

“Wasn’t that the plan?”

“To take over Royal Wellness from the Narcisos?”

Jordan did not agree with Lena but Lena was convinced that running Royal Wellness into the ground meant getting even with Lukas. Jordan raised concern about the workers whose lives depended on the company.

“Lukas only showed me how little I meant to him by leaving Royal Wellness to me. Well, I will show the remaining Narcisos how little they all mean to me by completely destroying their company.”

When Lena was leaving the Narcisos mansion, she overheard Adrian talking on phone and calling the person he was talking to as dad so Lena went to query him who he referred to as dad but Adrian said the person was called Dado just like Lena’s grandpa and he was helping to construct his house. Adrian asked Lena why she was backing out so easily why he could have stayed longer in the mansion to battle on the inheritance since she was the right Narciso.

Lena said she was Narciso by blood but she was not a Narciso and that was her choice. Still not satisfied, the disinherited widow blamed Lena for what transpired in the will but Lena reminded her that her son inherited everything so if she needed something, all that she had to do was to ask Adrian.


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