Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 376

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 376 Brandon sentence to life imprisonment for kidnapping, Oscar enlists Terante help to wipe out Oscar and his entire family for him to become the President

Oscar was busy and told Lucas on the phone that he forgot about Brandon’s hearing. He hoped the truth would eventually come out during the hearing and Lucas said it would, and it would be established that the Vendetta was behind it.

During the hearing, Brandon was asked where he was on that May 7 and he said he was celebrating his birthday which friends threw it for him. He admitted that he went home quite early but upon arrival to his house the Vendetta attacked him. They shōt but once they thought he was deàd that was when Ricardo Dalisay and his comrades left him.

The lawyer of the plaintiff asked if Ronaldo Olano was not in his house. Brandon stated that Bro Lorenzo was not in his house but Brandon said he was set up and had done nothing wrong. The lawyer presented the DNA evidence which the PNP recovered proving that the blood stains in his room matched that of Bro Lorenzo. That in conclusion, Bro Lorenzo was held captive there.

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The court went on recess. Elsewhere, Cardo informed the Vendetta that his cop friends were leaving. He then went to tell his friends to settle their differences with the Vendetta before leaving since they were not bad people. It was just a misunderstanding. Jerome accepted but Rigor was against, claiming he was the one who got hurt.

Alyana and Cardo told Jerome to visit Flora to inform her that they were fine. The journalists asked Vice President Cabrera about the hearing and he said he was not allowed to speak on the verdict but was hopeful that his son would be acquitted. Lucas said the threat in their lives would not stop since the Vendetta remained at large.

He made a call on the citizenry to help in the capture of the Vendetta. The news was aired and Flora together with her family after watching were hopeful that the evidence gathered would be able to send Brandon to jail.

Elsewhere, Cardo presented his two cops friends to the Vendetta to make them say final good bye to the group and to enable them patch things up. Jerome thanked the group for saving their lives and Rigor added that since they owed their lives to them they would never snitch on them. But Anton warned that they better do that.

Romulo surprisingly said he would not allow them to go home. He feared that they would be a victim to their enemies and would be compelled to reveal their location using threats. Diana agreed with Romulo and suggested to the group to settle their differences with Jerome and Rigor for them all to be united as friends.


At the hearing, criminal case number 965-123, People of the Philippines vrs Brandon Cabrera for the charges of kidnapping and serious illegal detention under Article 267of the Revised Penal Code with serious physical injuries and great threats in the absorbed of the charge. Judge Benito Honorio ordered the accused to step forward and his verdict was read:

The accused Brandon Cabrera was declared “guilty beyond reasonable doubts for the charges of kidnapping and serious illegal detention under Article 267 of the Revised Penal Code with serious physical injuries and great threats being absorbed in the charge.”

“The penalty of reclusión perpetua is here by imposed against the said Brandon Cabrera. So ordered by the Honourable Judge Benito Honorio, so ordered!”

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Brandon looked disappointed as he starred his father when he was being whisked away. After Marie went to call Girona and Soriano to go and eat and they didn’t, Tadpole went to call the two cops to join them. Efren was glad that the two even with their respective cause had agreed to see their differences to fight for the common cause of helping the society.

Lucas went to see Oscar to appeal for a presidential pardon to overturn the decision of the court. Oscar turned him down and encouraged Lucas to push through with his appeal to the highest court. Lucas told Hipolito that he would not allow the President and now he would do what he should have done.

He went to see Brandon and told him that he would even k!ll to save him from the cell. Lucas proceeded to call Police Director Terante to enlist his help. He said the only way to get his son from prison was to be the President since the evidence against his son was strong and undisputed.

Terante got to Lucas’ office and the vice president revealed his intentions of owning a private army and for that matter he would need Terante help since he was having a private army to secure his illegal businesses. He offered to give Terante the above security to his shoddy businesses and wanted Terante to k!ll the president since he was the President’s legitimate successor.

“Director if you help me take down the President and I have taken that position those two stars on your shoulders turn it four. I will appoint you as my PNP head.”

“When will you want the President to be put away Mr Vice President!” Terante asked.

Virgie suggested to her husband that they should be in hiding. She feared that if the vice was the one hunting them then the police would not be able to secure them. Now that Jerome and Rigor had patched things up with the Vendetta and they fully trusted him, they told the two cops about their plans of abducting the president just to tell him about the real situation on the ground.

Jerome understood them and offered to help them but advised they ensured that no one get hurt including the President. After seeing Terante coming out of the Vice President’s office, Hipolito questioned Lucas.

Lucas said sorry that he would not be able to follow Hipolito to ruin his ambitions based on what had happened so Terante was the only person who could help him to get to the top.

He, however, promised not to forget his promise to Hipolito and give him a position once he gets to the top due to his loyalty. Hipolito found that as betrayal.

“You’re mistaken Mr Vice President,” Hipolito thought while he was in his car going home.

“I am no longer interested in the position you promised me.”

“It’s your position that I will be going after.”

“There’s no one who can stop me from achieving my very own ambitions.”

“I am going to bring you down just like your plan against the President and I will do everything for me to be able to occupy the palace!”

At Camp Crame, Guzman managed to get a meeting time for General Borja to speak with the president now that Brandon was found guilty in order to expose Lucas and Hipolito. During the meeting, one officer told the president about a crime that was committed and the blame was pinned on the Vendetta.

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Lucas agreed with Borja that not every crime was done by Vendetta. However, he had to take drastic measures to capture Vendetta. As the Vendetta made plans to abduct the President the next day, the first lady and Aubrey went for a tree planting project.

During the project, the first family stumbled on a protest but Herald tried to shield them. The first lady told the protestors to calm down and assured the President support to address their grievances.

Hidalgo addressed the media address the current situation and gave a one-week ultimatum to the PNP to capture the Vendetta. He urged the citizenry to be patriotic and work with the government to bring justice to the thousands of civilians who lost their lives during a recent encounter with the Vendetta.

He told them again that the Vendetta was no heroes and they had to support the country instead of the Vendetta. Flora watched the address and was sad, the Vendetta also looked pitiful in their hideout.


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