Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 382

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 382 Oscar swears to get Cardo and the Vendetta behind bars, Lucas declares Oscar deàd to facilitate his swearing-in as the President

At Camp Crame, General Borja looked worried for being sacked from his post.  Guzman told him not to worry, he has a friend in PSG and he would talk to him to take care of Aubrey.

Hipolito cautioned Lucas to watch out for General Borja, he was stubborn. He added that the stubbornness run through the family. Lucas said he would get rid of him.

Oscar woke up and Nick called out the Vendetta. Seeing their faces, Oscar blamed them for what happened. General Olegario introduced herself to him and he said he already knew her and branded them as criminals who he did not want anything to do with them.

General Olegario told him they were not responsible for what had happened to him and his family. He asked of his family and Olegario said they were all gone. He cried and cursed the Vendetta for what they have done.

As Flora was telling a customer how things had become expensive due to the country’s current situation, the aunt of George also told the rest of the Vendetta how expensive food stuffs had become when George complained about the food being only vegetables.

Teddy sent his story to a publishing house but he was not given a chance to get his story published due to his affiliation with Cardo. His story which he termed as true was returned to him. Lucas was escorted to the palace by the PSG, Terante and Hipolito.

“In just a few hours, I will become the president and I will never leave the palace ever again.”

Once he sat on the seat, Hipolito said the seat suits him. Lucas said he was the acting president and Terante asked him the first agenda on his list if he becomes the president. He said he would grant Brandon presidential pardon, then search for Oscar and declare a manhunt for the Vendetta.

“I am the President I can do anything!”

Ramil asked Cardo what they were going to do since the president did not trust them and was insisting that they were responsible for their attack. Cardo told the group they would not give up. They would continue to protect him to secure him from his enemies while opening his eyes to the truth.

Marie could still not believe that the President was there with them. She planned to take a picture of him to show it to her friends but Jerome advised her against it. He also told Patrick to ensure none of their neighbours hear about it, otherwise they would all be in grave danger.

Wally asked Flora whether they would close their eatery and she said so long as she was strong and they were backing her, she would not. Shirline told her that Wally was right because she was wasting her sister’s money, no one was buying from them. Hidalgo refused to eat and yelled at Melba and Nick that he had to find out what really happened to his family.

Nick in a calmed voice told him that his wounds were not healed and could develop some infections. Olegario told him that they could not allow him to leave, his life was in danger. Lucas addressed the media and announced that Marissa was deàd. Her body could not take the multiple bullets and d!ed in return.

Counselor Gina pleaded with Flora to cooperate with the police for the Vendetta not to k!ll anyone again. Flora asked her how she knew that if she was not a terrorist herself. Teddy came home to inform the family that no publisher accepted to publish his story. Teddy said he would go the next day and he would not back down even when his wife warned him against it.

Virgie feared for her family since the president’s family was not spared, three of his family members were k!lled. She asked Teddy what would happen to ordinary citizen like them but Teddy’s mind was made up. However, he assured to be careful.

The President had an outburst and destroyed everything from Melba and Efren’s house, anything his hands could reach including television, so Cardo and Jerome were forced to hold him. He called the Vendetta criminals and swore to put each one of them behind bars. He broke down into tears as he mourned his beloved wife.

Hipolito reminded Lucas that that the president could come since they did not know whether he was deàd or alive but Lucas was certain that Oscar was in the grasp of the Vendetta. Terante told him not to worry, he would deploy battalions to secure him from any unforseen circumstance.

Olegario said they could not blame the president for his outburst, what happened to his family was sad. Cardo sympathised with him, stressing that those in the palace made the President believe that they were behind all the evils in the country. However, the group took consolation in the fact that the President was still with them and they would open his eyes to his real enemies.

Marie could not believe that the president almost destroyed their only television. Efren equally sympathised with the president and was glad that the Vendetta saved him from his pending deàth. He said the person who was behind it would ensure that he did not set foot in the palace. Romulo set Alyana and Bubbles in charge to take care of the president.

Patrick reached out for his stolen guπ. He came to tell Melba and Efren that he was going out. Efren reminded him not to inform any of his friends that Vendetta and the President were there. He warned him to stay away from trouble. Patrick said he has changed now and would not go back to his old ways.

Elsewhere, Rosa was disciplining her daughter for making the place messy while the girl was keeping the place tidy. Patrick and his gang went to see her and she gave him something to be delivered to Mr Kiko. When they left, Rosa’s boyfriend arrived and the rest was history.

Cardo had a strong hunch that Lucas and Hipolito were behind the president’s assassination attempt. They wanted to assume power and now they would be celebrating that they were in power. The police had a search and found the deàd body which was trapped in the container.

Guzman who had a call went to the location and Terante said it was him and his men who found that out so they would take care of the investigation.

The CIDG officers said they were there to check if the information would help in their investigation. Guzman was told it was a male body and the location was the place where the Vendetta had an encounter with the the president just 24hrs ago. Terante believed the body could be a member of the Vendetta but wished it would not be that of the president.

The Venom was also planning to find the Vendetta  before Terante’s men. Terante went to inform Lucas that Borja’s men were at the location where they planted the body. Hipolito told Lucas that Borja would never stop. Terante assured to keep the CIDG in the dark and Hipolito said he was not doubting his capability but he should remember that his attack on the First family almost went flat.

Terante also said it almost but did not, he restrategised, besides, he also heard the past history of Hipolito and he was far from perfect. General Borja told his subordinates to wait for the forensic result being carried out by Terante’s men. Guzman suggested they do their own investigation.

Alyana, Melba and Efren advised the president to eat and gained strength in order to fight for justice for his family.

“You will pay for what you did to my family, most especially you, Cardo.”

Cardo told the Vendetta they would find a way to make the president see his family who would be buried. The group believed Aubrey would be in danger if their hunch was proven to be right that those closer to the president were behind his assassination attempt.

After begging Efren for his earlier outburst, he went to stand out to watch the Vendetta from afar.

“I will escape from this place but Lucas you have to help me!” Hidalgo thought.

“Save me from the hands of the Vendetta.”

“Figure something out, find me before it is too late, before they do anything.”

There was another announcement from the palace which Lucas said there was tragedy in the past few days which resulted in the deàth of President Hidalgo’s two children and his wife, Maris. And with a great sorrow, he had to report that the remains of President Hidalgo has been found. With the death of their belõved president, per the constitution, he had to replace him as the President.

Lucas said he never wanted it to happen in that way. He said what had happened to Oscar, Marissa, Yohan and Grace, once he was sworn-in as the president he would ensure to go after Vendetta most especially Cardo to make him pay.

“Lucas what are you doing?” Oscar while watching the tv looked so surprised.

“I am alive, I am still alive!” He cried in shock.

All the watchers looked so worried and Paquito was so concerned about his idol Cardo. Virgie and Teddy turned pale. Efren ran to inform the Vendetta that Lucas has pronounced Oscar deàd and Ramil wondered how possible it was since the president was alive.

Efren explained that Lucas claimed to have found a body and it was proven that it was that of Hidalgo and was even blaming the Vendetta for it.

Olegario said it was possible since those in power could manipulate everything and had tempered with the forensic result. Cardo said the president was now in danger more than ever because the perpetrators would ensure he did not get back to his presidential seat again.


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