Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 406

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 406 Jordan, JP staged a demonstration with students from various schools, Margie is assaulted to scare Adonis to retract his statement against Brandon

Dela Verga spoke with Hipolito over the phone while in a car with Señor Gustavo. He told Hipolito that they just started their business in the mountains so their shares would be withheld at the moment. Hipolito did not want that since the government was doing its part they wanted Gascon and Gustavo to do their part as well.

However, Señor Gustavo said patience is a virtue. Flora received a call from the attorney and she was informed that her case she filed against Terante was dismissed for insufficient evidence.  Elmo knew it that the newly appointed ombudsman was working in cohort with Lucas. Flora decided to ask help from Mayor Adonis to push on with the case.

She believed he has a good heart. While in a car, Margie queried Dons about what Albert, the vice president discussed with him. Adonis lied that he congratulated him but Margie doubted that he would have a close door meeting with him just to congratulate him. Adonis tried to brush her off but the more he tried, the more Margie suspected there was more to it.

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Hipolito called Homer to gather more men to the mining site to foresee the operations at the mining site. A secretary came to hand over an envelope full of money to him. Terante got there to ask him whether the money was his allowance he received from Lucas. Terante added that Lucas was a very kind hearted person, even when Hipolito was not generating money for them he still goes ahead to give him money.

Hipolito asked where he was driving at and he said he had more men than Hipolito so he could help for them to see the mining site operation so that the profit could be split equally among them.

“Focus on your own business and let me focus on mine. I don’t need your help because I can do it on my own.”

The Captain made rounds and went to a grocery shop and told some familiar people that he came from Counselor Marsing’s house. He informed the people that there were new group causing trouble and one of the man was sure the trouble makers were part of Javier’s group. It seemed Javier was recruiting more people. The Captain said it was the reason he went to Marsing’s house to seek the Cardo’s help.

The Vendetta made plans to help the neighbourhood so they said they would stick together. After the Captain left, the familiar men he spoke to also said they would send food and drinks to Marsing’s place and tell Cardo about the problem they were facing since Javier was recruiting more men just to take over their place.

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The Vendetta was happy that the crops they were planting were growing very faster. They the soil at the place was not polluted, Anton added that planting was indeed a solution to hunger. They planted more and couldn’t wait to harvest them. Aye and Ana were happy that they did no go hungry after escaping their mother’s place.They recalled how their mother finished all the food they cooked while starving them.

Diana went to join Romulo and asked him to teach her how to plant. They talked about Bubbles, Doray and Elizabeth issue and she was glad that they were there on time to save them. Romulo said he was happy that nothing happened to her too otherwise he wouldn’t know what he would have done.

Adonis got cornered by journalists when he went to his office. The media asked him about the case he helped Kanor to file and Adonis said it was done to aid investigation so if Brandon was indeed innocent the court would clear his name. Lucas got upset while watching the news. He called Albert to query him since he had already said he threatened Adonis.

He warned him to resolve the issue quickly and also told Damien that he thought the media was on their side and they would not report Brandon’s issue. Shirline was scared about Margie getting involved but her kid sis was rather proud of Margie. Flora said it was good that Adonis stood at the side of the law to help one of the victims who suffered brutalities of Brandon.

At work, JP’s boss advised him to take care of himself with the movement he and Jordan had set up on campus. Jonathan saw the articles were  being shared and gaining attention on social media.That, Teddy said meant that the public were not blind to the truth. He said he had been  getting more information on others who were also kidnapped and planned to write in his next publication.

The upright officers were happy that Teddy was not slowing down even when the media house he was working for had been shutdown. Teddy was assaulted and threatened when he was heading home. He was warned not to write such articles. The two officers who were on Gina’s tail were happy that their illegal business was booming.

While Teddy arrived home to find Virgie setting up table for dinner, JP was with Jordan who were protesting and announcing the crimes of Cabreras’ administration. They said the culture of silence was enough. The capturing of journalists and all those who talked against Cabrera’s administration and went missing was enough.

Jordan also announced to the crowd that Brandon was put under scrutiny for assaulting a security guard who was only fulfilling his duties. He charged them not to allow that to happen.

Lucas looked sad that various students have teamed up to stage a protest to talk about the ills in his administration. JP and Jordan said they have to fight for their human rights. Lucas was upset with Brandon as his act has fueled that protest.

Lucas said the protest was an indication that the government did not have a total control so he set up a meeting with his allies to seek means to get rid of the situation. Terante said he was able to stop the protestors from influencing the rest of the  students. That, Hipolito said was not enough to stop the protestors from going viral on social media. Terante reminded him that he did not have control over social media.

Adonis sent Margie to deliver mr Kanor ‘s complaints to the attorney but Margie was attacked on her way and the criminals took her bag. The Vendetta ate the first meal they made with their home grown foods. Kanor called Adonis to thank him for everything he has done for him after watching the news.

Hipolito and Terante fought themselves again since both were trying to shade each other to the president. Terante believed that Hipolito was envious of him since he held a better position than him. He said Hipolito was doing that because he wanted to steal from the mining deal. Hipolito asked whether he meant that he was double crossing the president and he would betray the president.

“Those are your words not mine,” Terante hissed.

Margie reported the incident to inspector Pantio, the corrupt official who protected Gina’s shoddy businesses. Adonis got there and Margie told him how frightened she was when they snatched her bag which contained her passport, cellphone and everything. Her siblings came and she told Adonis that she was leaving. Adonis wanted to follow her home but she said she was okay, she knew Adonis also needed to rest.

Adonis was so worried and gave her a day off from work but Margie insisted on coming to work the next day. However, the gestures of the officers proved that they were behind the attack on Margie, though they promised to give her justice. The two police officers who were transferred to Camp Crame teamed up with the upright officers to go against Cabrera administration.

Teddy was acting strange and couldn’t eat so Virgie suspected that there was something wrong with Teddy. Teddy tried getting in touch with JP and when Virgie came with medicine, he said he was okay. This made Virgie more suspicious and he said he couldn’t reach JP. Virgie reminded him that he had told him that JP was working overtime.

Finally JP got home and he was equally acting strange. He failed to tell his mother that he joined a protest. Teddy descended down the stairs to find JP and asked him why he could not reach him. Since JP had not eaten, Virgie went in to get him a food.

Meanwhile, when Adonis reached home, before he could open his gate, some men on motorcycle dropped the bag of Margie and warned him to retract his statement against Brandon if he did not want any thing to happen to his secretary. In a car going home, Shirline asked Margie why she would not take the next day off to rest but Margie did not want to get Adonis frightened.

She said as Adonis had not shown any sign of fear while dealing with a powerful person, Brandon, she also would not be consumed by fear. Elsewhere, when Gustavo fell asleep, Madonna tried to seduce Gascon but he didn’t give in. Snooky who witnessed it advised Madonna to be careful about her act, otherwise Gascon would be in trouble.

As Hipolito was scheming with the Venom, Terante was also telling his ally that Hipolito was cunning and he believed that he would not give the President his fair share of the mining earnings. His ally suggested they rat him out to Lucas. Terante believed Lucas would not believe him especially now that Hipolito was trying to make him look bad. He planned to gain evidence against Hipolito to open the president’s eyes to the truth.

Unknown to him, Hipolito has also decided to get rid of him before he digged into his life to gain  information on all his movement against Cabrera. Gascon called Tyson to know how far they have gone with the men his old group leaders have recruited. Baldo, Gapon, Javier were ready to leave. As the Vendetta sat over one table to have breakfast, Gustavo asked Gascon if Tyson was able to find the group which might be a hindrance to his business.

Gascon advised him not to think about that besides Tyson had been able to recruit sizeable army who could easily dispose the trouble seekers. Gustavo hoped so.


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