Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 563

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 563 Lily runs the affairs of the state and increases illegal businesses, Cardo is fingered in a bloody scandal

Virgie served her husband with a drink and saw the story that her husband was writing on Oscar and she questioned him. Judge Padua received a call from Raymundo concerning General Borja. Padua also called Lily to inform her that the beating General Borja received had affected him and was now rushed to the hospital.

He stated that his current condition might affect his arraignment. James overheard the conversation and secretly called Diana to inform her. Diana went to inform Cardo and she told Cardo not to go with her. She rather went with Ramil and Greco.

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They learnt from the doctor that Delfin suffered internal bleeding out of physical injury. However, Delfin told him that he fell off his bed. Ramil believed Delfin was being discreet. When they were left alone, they made Delfin come clean.

Elsewhere, Lemuel while strolling at Pag-Asa swore to return to make Cardo pay for every little thing he did to him. Delfin told them that Lily visited with Padua and Raymundo and he incited him so he attacked her only for Lily to order for him to be beaten.

He pleaded with them not to inform Cardo since he might act on his impulse. Ramil who was against the plan finally accepted to keep the development discreet from Cardo at the moment. They reasoned that Delfin should not be left alone. Diana promised to get someone to watch over him.

In the house, Yolly told Flora that her brother was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed in his cell. Flora asked the hospital he was but Yolly had no idea and calmed her. She said Diana was informed and she was already there to see Borja. Elsewhere, Jacob had kidnapped the chemist and sent him to Hipolito.

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Hipolito condemned him and hit him. Jacob saw the beatings as not enough to make up for the current condition of the President and forced into him all the pills he gave to them for the president to make the Chemist swallow for his inability to make drugs that could make them control the President.

Elizabeth and her colleagues were cracking jokes when Lily came to warn them not to get close to her husband. She claimed she did not want them to get her husband exposed to germs as she described them as germs.

Captain Salonga was invited to talk to Major Basco and Opeña and he informed them about the sudden recovery of Oscar which was above his understanding. While with Lily at where the president was kept, Lily said the body double of the President was fine and there.

Padua knew the servants were afraid of Lily but they were nosy and wanted Lily to be extra careful for them not to find out what was going on in the palace. Now that they have their plans in motion, Padua wondered who could sign the signature of Oscar. Lily revealed that she had already found golden hands for that.

They celebrated that they would get money since they were now going to steer the affairs of the state. They claimed that the Philippines was now theirs. The two then talked about the arch enemy, Cardo. Alyana told Counselor Bea about Lemuel being the possible culprit behind the recent shōõtings.

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Ernesto talked to Juan about his obsession with getting his revenge on Cardo. Flora cautioned Alyana to be careful as she was going to work. Alyana bumped into Clarice and she asked her how her husband was doing. Alyana said Cardo was fine and warned her not to draw closer to her husband as they were happily married.

Clarice stated that she wanted someone to be hit by a bullet, unfortunately that person was still living. Alyana knew she was referring to her and they engaged in verbal confrontation. The kids saw it and rushed to inform Flora. Flora made Elmo and Yolly go to settle everything.

As Cardo was walking on the streets, Juan saw him and followed. He pointed gün at him only for him to discover from his face that he was the wrong person. The guy screamed and the police around ordered Juan to put down his gün but Juan shõt them in defense to get away.

Unbeknownst, someone took video of him shōõting people. Lily made Hernan, the person with a golden hand to forge Oscar’s signature and she paid him. She warned him to keep it a secret. Elizabeth called Diana to inform her that Lily had warned them not to draw closer to the president.

Diana told her to find a way to be closer to the president and should not listen to Lily as her lies were piling up. Lily met with Mr Singh and made him believe that she convinced her husband to sign after he got better and demanded for her 5million down payment to her offshore account.

Mr Sing found the amount outrageous and asked for a reduction. Lily refused and Secretary Padua believed he was going against their agreement and told him what was needed of him.

Augustus received the video of Juan’s shōõting spree and got to the office of Lily to find Mr Sing being a problem. He pointed a gün at him and the man immediately transferred the money to Lily’s offshore account. When Mr Sing left, Augustus showed the video of Juan to Lily and she called Juan to warn him to lie low as he acted without thinking.

She said she had plans against Cardo so he should relax since she had a different business for him and Ernesto. Major Basco met with the task force to seek ways to capture Lemuel who was believed to be the suspect of the attack at Cardo’s place.

Greco believed that Lemuel was beyond how they perceived him. He owned high caliber firearms and grenades and was sure his real identity was hidden. Major Basco gave them a mission to unmask Juan. Cardo searched through a trashcan and saw a bag in it. He unzipped it to find the shirt which Lemuel was wearing when he beat him.

Ernesto and Juan met to have a business on Lily’s behalf with Alejandro Galvez, an Independence distributor of the Visayas. However, the meeting did not go well as Juan shõt Galvez and his goons deàd. Ernesto  wondered why Juan could do such a thing and Juan claimed he had to do it otherwise Galvez would stain Lily’s reputation.

Ernesto said he should have given him a heads up before doing that. Raymundo received a report that Cardo used his gün to attack those involved in his grandfather’s case but the man who brought the report doubted the findings since Cardo already submitted his weapon.

Raymundo insisted that he might have stolen it after he surrendered it. Lily schemes against Cardo that she would soon get rid of him. Meanwhile, Cardo in fury was walking on the streets.


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