Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 350-354

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 350-354 Lucas stages his own an ambush to discredit the Vendetta, Flora packs out of Counselor Gina’s neighbourhood, Cardo ignites Alyana’s feelings for him as they participate in Sto Nino’s festival

Lucas remains confident that Brandon will soon be set free. Marco remains distressed as he still unable to find Alyana. He later receives a visit from the police who are investigating Alyana’s disappearance.

Thinking that Cardo’s family is trying to turn tables on him, Marco storms the De Leons’ house. There, a heated argument breaks up between him and Flora. On the other hand, Cardo and Alyana remain on bad terms.

Vendetta sets out to spy on Renato and his allies. Ramil and his group tail him and Lucas due to the suspicion that the two are cooking up a vile plan. Romulo’s group, on the other hand keeps a close eye on the palace. Unknown to them, Homer is on the move to deliver another threat.

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Cardo gets a chance to show his concern for Alyana. Oscar is horrified after learning that an incident happened at the palace gates. Shocked by what they recently witnessed, the Vendetta speculates over who was behind the attack. Caloy’s family tries to help Cardo reconcile with Alyana. While Ambo comes up with an idea to keep Alyana from leaving, Nita gives her idea about relationships.

Later, Cardo comes face-to-face with Tanggol. There, the feared resident of Sto Nino welcomes the vigilantes with rigorous investigation. Despite being treated in a respectful manner by the ex-SAF officer, Tanggol is determined to show Cardo his true colours.

Oscar’s suspicions on Vendetta intensifies as he takes ahold of the evidence that further implicates the vigilante group. Aware that Cardo is also a member of the Vendetta, the President gives Delfin, the one investigating the incident at the Palace gates, a warning.

Alyana attempts to escape from Cardo once again but her efforts remain fruitless. To add up to her frustrations, she notices that most of the townspeople are acting strange toward her. Later, Doray and Elizabeth give their pieces of advice to Alyana regarding her relationship with Cardo.

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Meanwhile, the De Leons suffer a new setback due to Gina’s shenanigans. Elsewhere, Homer and his group plots another evil scheme against the President and his family. With Alyana still missing. Marco starts to become suspicious of Teddy and Virgie.

Unknown to him, Alyana is trying her best to get away from Cardo. Believing that there is no other way to escape, Alyana resolves to put on act for her husband. Lucas consults William regarding their plans against Oscar. Later, Renato resolves to carry out another vile scheme.

Determined to outwit Cardo, Alyana urges him to have a drink with her. The two then find themselves reminiscing about their past. Later, Alyana makes another attempt to escape. Believing that everyone is ganging up on him, Marco confronts Teddy and Virgie over his suspicions that they know their daughter’s whereabouts.

Elsewhere, Oscar starts to doubt Delfin. Cardo and Alyana help with the preparations for the festival of Brgy Sto Nino. Meanwhile, the De Leons set out to find a new house. Knowing that the President is starting to doubt him, Delfin does his best to reassure Oscar of his loyalty. Oscar, however, becomes more convinced of Lucas’ claims against the Vendetta.

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Later, Lucas prepares a cunning move to win Oscar completely to his side. Lucas accomplishes his vile plan as he and Homer frame Vendetta for ambushing his convoy. In front of Delfin, the Vice President insisted that the vigilante group is behind the attack. The police General’s attempts to get further information, however, only gets the ire of the politician.

Soon, Oscar learns about the incident and immediately checks on his subordinates. Alyana who has become afraid of the spirits after hearing Cardo’s stories, lashes out at her husband for leaving her alone. Cardo and Alyana receive a valuable advice during the feast day mass of Santo Nino. Later, Cardo fails to contain his lingering feelings for his wife. The two then share a light moment as they participate in the festivities.

Lucas shows no sign of slowing down after his staged ambush went according to plan. Elsewhere, Flora’s family turn emotional as they bid goodbye to the house that holds special memories to them. Cardo and Alyana join the festivities in Sto Nino.


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