Bullet can’t use me as a damage control over Rufftown brouhaha—Ray James cries

Bullet can't use me as a damage control over Rufftown brouhaha---Ray James cries

Bullet can’t use me as a damage control over Rufftown brouhaha—Ray James cries

A gentleman who comes between two ladies signed to Rufftown Records, Ray James has expressed grievances about how Bullet was blaming him for the feud between his colleagues.

According to him, he had no hand in the grudge Wendy Shay and Fantana were having, thus could not be the reason for Rufftown Records’ predicament.

Reacting to allegations levelled against him by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the label, Bullet during an interview, the afrobeat singer explained that his efforts had contributed to the long term peace between the two ladies.

He said if it had not been him the label would have suffered  damage long time ago.

Ray James stated that although Fantana’s mother pledged to invest into his art for him to hit the limelight but it could not be a reason for him to be fuelling a beef between his label mates.

He indicated that he was rather calming Fantana and finding good means for Wendy Shay and Fantana to work peacefully together which Bullet was aware.

Ray James insisted that he tells Bullet about every conversation that goes between Fantana and him and found it quite amusing when Bullet blamed him for fuelling the feud.

He bemoaned that he did not understand why Bullet could stain his name to prove his own point while he is also a signee on the label.

“So is Bullet acting right for mentioning my name as part of the confusion setters while I am one of his signee,” Ray James quizzed.

For him to excel in the industry like his colleagues, the “bounce” hitmaker explained that Bullet had a discussion with Fantana’s mother that he was searching for an investor to invest into his art.

“That made Fantana’s mother showed interest in me. I was there one day and Fantana told me that her mother wants to help me so I told her to talk to her mother to partner with Bullet. Bullet can’t use that as an excuse to say I leak information to Fantana which she stands on to diss Wendy,” he added.

Touching on whether Bullet is still in good terms with him, Ray James stated that Bullet had never received his calls since he demanded the presence of Fantana’s management to terminate her contract.

He regretted that Bullet had abandoned him while he called him from Takoradi for him to travel to Accra to talk about the future of his new song dubbed “Locked up” which the scheduled meeting was mounting to nothing.

The Fante singer, Ray Jay has a five year contract with Rufftown Records and has spent two years out of it.

Currently, he does not know his future with the label as the CEO failed to respond to his calls.


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