Christmas: Why people last longer in bed during the festive celebration

Christmas: Why people last longer in bed during the festive celebration

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 to remember the birth of Jesus Christ who Christians believe is the Son of God.

The name “Christmas” comes from the Mass of Christ. A Mass service which is sometimes called Communion or Eucharist is done to remind Christians of the birth of a saviour who delivered the world.

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Although the Bible suggests that no one knows the birth of this saviour but the remarkable day was believed by many that it was the day the three wise men delivered  gifts to Mary and Joseph.

The “Christ-Mass” service was the only service that was allowed to take place after sunset or the Midnight (and before sunrise which is the next day), later the name Christ-Mass was shortened to Christmas.

However, on that day it is believed that s3x last longer among partners.

Research stated that the top time people last longer was between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

It stated that due to the celebration people get long vacation from work, hence get time for each other to make lòve.

Terence Watts, a United kingdom based psychotherapist who specialises in psychosexual problems once said that “it is easier to have luxurious, unhurried $ex that lasts and lasts during Christmas.”

A new survey done by Mattress Online also revealed that some of the people think Christmas was the best time of the year for sé×.

In fact, the festive season was 50 per cent more popular to get physical than Valentine’s day!

34 per cent of people said that Christmas puts them in the mood the most.

The data also uncovered that 60 per cent would schedule intimacy, proving one does not need spontaneity for a good $ex life.

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In Ghana, many entertainment and marital activities go on within the period of December 23 to January 1.

It is believed that during the festive season many single individuals tie the knot and others find love during the season.

December 26, Boxing day is set aside by lovers to exchange gift, thus people get more physical and intimate.

The season became appropriate time for people to forgive each other for their wrong doings, as they did not want to enter the new year with grudge, love begin to reign in the season.

Studies show that the most common birthday, the one shared by the largest number of people nationwide is September 16.

This means most babies are conceived during the winter holiday season—hey, that is right around now.

When else do couples get lucky? At midnight, during spring break, when it rains and when they have not just lost their jobs, recent research reveals.
Conception rates reach their annual peak in December, with nine per cent of all United States (US) conceptions occurring during that month.

August is the annual “trough,” with the year’s fewest number of conceptions. The University of Texas–affiliated study that yielded this stat confirms similar findings in many other studies showing that most babies are born in late September, while the fewest are born in April.

“Biologic hypotheses include deterioration of spérm quality during summer, seasonal differences in anterior pituitary-ovarian function caused by changes in the daylight length, and variation in quality of the ovum or endometrial receptivity,” the study’s authors write.

Increased in $é×ual activity associated with end-of-year holiday festivities has also been postulated.

Hence, suggests that Christmas and new year is rated the ultimate season for $éx, as the act rife among the people and lòvers.


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