E-Levy, a dubious taxation that will damage GHAMRO and the country— Rex Omar

E-Levy, a dubious taxation that will damage GHAMRO and the country— Rex Omar

Ace highlife musician, Rex Omar has expressed disappointment in the Akufo-Addo-led administration for imposing a levy that the citizenry are vehemently against.

According to him, the country has witnessed the New Patriotic Party (NPP) rulership before but the current NPP government, he said was “reckless” for using “dubious” means to force the Electronic levy (E-levy) down the “throat” of the people.

“As a serious government that has gone round to seek the opinion of the people, if they care and respect the people who elected them, they will find a different way to make revenue without finding dubious means to force the E–levy down the throat of the people,” he said this during an interview with the media.

The “Abiba” hitmaker further stated that the Akufo-Addo-led administration wanted to use any form and means to get their way through even when they knew it was wrong.

“It is like a clique, which have had their way by tricky means to impose themselves on this country. We have been under NPP before. Kuffuor’s NPP was completely different from this one. This particular NPP is the most reckless. They want to bamboozle their way with all matters. This is dangerous and it is wrong,” he added.

Rex Omar observed that the act of the current administration would cause so damage to an extent that it would take the country a long time to recover.

“Look, something is wrong and the earlier everybody speaks up, the better. The way things are going in the next two years, another government will come. I pity the next government. I pity the next president. There is so much damage that will take Ghana a long time to recover what these people have done within a period of six years to Ghana,” he added.

The recently-passed E-levy, Rex Omar indicated would affect all institutions, including the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) which he chairs.

Instead of imposing the unpopular electronic taxing system on citizens in the informal sector, he urged the government to devise scientific and creative ways to encourage them to pay taxes.

Citizens of Ghana, Rex Omar said, were willing to give up half of their salaries to help rebuild the country provided the political leaders managed it efficiently and transparently.


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